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West Wyalong Community of Schools (WW CoS) 2011 CAP Network Initiative Cheryle Glyde Principal Weethalle Public School.

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1 West Wyalong Community of Schools (WW CoS) 2011 CAP Network Initiative Cheryle Glyde Principal Weethalle Public School

2 Schools Involved West Wyalong High School West Wyalong PS Wyalong PS St Marys West Wyalong Tallimba PS Beckom PS Weethalle PS

3 Development of West Wyalong CoS Systems Map Planning workshop with Michael King Quality Learning Australia Monday 28 February and Tuesday 1 March Held at West Wyalong High School Representatives from all schools present

4 What is a System Map? It is a pictorial representation of the elements that comprise an organisation/system. It allows us to identify and explore the specific elements that make up a system (eg. school, classroom, office, community of schools) It helps to identify the complex interrelationships that exist within, and that impact beyond, the system. These are the relationships that we must actively manage for the system to be most effective.

5 The System Map and Organisational Direction The first three elements of the System Map – Purpose, Vision and Values – articulate the direction of the organisation. The development of a shared direction was a key dimension of developing a common understanding of the system, building ownership and aligning effort. When Purpose, Vision and Values are developed in consultation with the key stakeholders, they create a shared direction. The use of tools allow us to develop shared direction by providing access to the views of key stakeholders Obtaining the input of all stakeholders was critical to ensuring the direction was supported and shared by those required to make it happen.

6 Quality Characteristics of West Wyalong CoS System Map Created with the input of key stakeholders Concise, descriptive, informative and reflective of our collective effort and agreements Describes who we are, what we do, critical relationships, and what we are working together to create Reflects the role and contribution of everyone in CoS Used to guide planning, decision-making and improvement Regularly reviewed and updated to reflect growth, improvement and current thinking

7 Thirteen Interrelated Elements of the System Map Systems stakeholders as: Clients, People, Suppliers, Other Stakeholders Purpose Vision Values Inputs Outputs and Outcomes Process Critical Success Factors Results Measures

8 Definition of Terms Clients- are the recipients and beneficiaries of the products produced or the services provided by the organisation. Clients define quality and form perceptions. People- are those who work within the system. Suppliers- are external people or organisations that provide input to the organisation. Other Stakeholders- Stakeholders are people and organisations with an interest in the activities and results of the system. Sustainability requires management of relationships with stakeholders. Purpose- tells you and the world why your organisation exists.

9 Definitions – contd Vision- is a picture of our desired future; and is holistic and meaningful to the key stakeholders and creates challenge and strengthens commitment. Values- are fundamental beliefs that guide decision- making and behaviour. Inputs- are the products, services, information and other resources needed from outside the system to enable the systems purpose to be achieved. Outputs- are the products of the system.

10 Tools for System Mapping Structured Brainstorm P3T – Paper passing (underlining significant words) Affinity Diagram –sorting ideas Hot Dot (Multi-voting) – prioritisation process


12 Most importantly, the process of creating a System Map involves the key stakeholders. This builds ownership and commitment. The West Wyalong Community of Schools has now been formalised.

13 Skills Audit of all Staff Each school presented System Map to staff and sought feedback. All staff were surveyed to compile a collective list of strengths and weaknesses (areas for former development). Term 2 SDD afternoon – met at WWHS to collate and analyse skills audit results and prioritised focus of future professional learning opportunities. Schools to engage in professional learning activities that share the skills and knowledge of our members for the benefit of all. There is a strong focus on literacy, numeracy, technology and engagement through partnerships. (VISION)

14 Staff Technology Training – Glogster Tuesday 31 May 4-5pm Training conducted via Video Conference and Bridgit utilising the expertise of Anne-Maree Moore, and guest presenter Mitchell Squires from Epping Heights PS. Numerous staff members from member schools joined in at West Wyalong HS, Wyalong PS and Weethalle PS. Staff then used program in the classroom. Feedback indicated a preference for face-to-face sharing and training for our next meeting.

15 Hawker Brownlow Teaching for Learning Conference Melbourne Attended conference on Saturday 21/Sunday 22 May with Anne-Maree Moore using my school CAP funds. Interest in strengthening our Community of Schools. On Saturday, we attended Cassandra Erkins Professional Learning Communities at Work workshops. Session 1 An Introduction. Session 2 Creating a Culture of Collaboration. Session 3 Leading in a Collaborative Culture. On Sunday, Anne-Maree attended the final PLCs at Work session : Interpreting Common Assessment Data. Valuable and insightful experience to help support this initiative.

16 Covey Great Leaders, Great Teams, Great Results Training offered to staff member from each school Training September 6, 7 and 12 at Yanco Not taken up by many schools for a variety of reasons.

17 Term 3 Meeting Scheduled for the Wagga CAP Development Day Monday 19 September. Purpose: to discuss future directions and set date for our term 4 get together. Term 4 – sharing session and planning meeting for 2012.

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