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1 He served as the Soviet Unions first Commisar of war Trotsky The Bolsheviks controlled this part of Russia in the civil war The Heartland or center.

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2 1 He served as the Soviet Unions first Commisar of war Trotsky The Bolsheviks controlled this part of Russia in the civil war The Heartland or center around Moscow Which of the following countries did not intervene in the Russian civil war 1918- 1921? America,Germany,Japan Germany

3 2 Finland, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania gained their independence as a result of the Russian civil war. What act/event led to Russia regaining these territories? The Hitler/Stalin non-aggression pact August 23, 1939 Which economic policy produced greater economic production in Russia, War Communism or the New Economic Policy? New Economic Policy The New economic policy was said to be a compromise with what? Capitalism Which of the following men would have most supported the NEP? Stalin/Trotsky/Kirov Trotsky

4 3 A revolt by the sailors at this naval base led Lenin to believe that he needed to change from war communism to the NEP. Kronstadt Naval base in Petrograd Name one area of the economy controlled by the government under the NEP. Large industries, foreign trade, transportation The true political power in the Soviet System was found in this group which consisted of the Communist partys top leaders. Politburo He argued for the doctrine of permanent revolution. Trotsky

5 4 If Stalin did not believe in permanent revolution then what did he believe in? Socialism in one country Who wrote Problems with Leninism in 1924? Stalin If I believed in the NEP, would that make me a left or right Bolshevik? Right Ultimately, would Stalin have been a left or right bolshevik? Left

6 5 What was Stalins economic policy called? 5 year plan What the two key areas of production focused on in the 5 year plans? Industrial output and Agricultural output Which aspect of the economy improved the most? Industrial The soviet economy was put under the direction of this agency? GOSPLAN This group most resisted the collectivzation of agriculture Kulaks

7 6 In the second 5 year plan, Stalin made concessions to the Peasants that were very similar to those of the ______. New Economic Policy The assassination of this man led to the great purge by Stalin. Sergei Kirov What group was targeted in the purge? Old Bolsheviks Stalins use of Kirov for emergency powers was similar to what event for Hitler? Burning of the Reichstag

8 7 In 1922 the Soviets signed the Treaty of Rapallo, a treaty of friendship with which country? Germany He was the king of Italy that appointed Mussolini as the Premier. Victor Emmanuel

9 8 What type of job did Benito Mussolini hold before he became a politician? Editor of newspapers Avanti, Il popolo dItalia Who is Benito Mussolini named after? Benito Juarez Would a fascist be to the political left or right? Right Name two things that characterized fascism: Nationalistic,militaristic,anti-marxist

10 9 The fascists followed strong leaders. What was the Italian and German name for leader? Il Duce, Der Fuhrer If you went to a party with a squadistri, what would he be wearing? Black shirt Legend has it that Mussolini took power in Italy when his black shirts did this: Marched on Rome 1922 What happened first; Mussolinis march on Rome or the Enabling act? Mussolinis march on Rome

11 10 What do Hitler and Mussolini have in common for how they came to be Prime Ministers for their country? Both were appointed This moderate socialists murder caused a political crisis for Mussolini Giacomo Matteotti Mussolini developed these as means of carrying out an economic policy that blended private ownership in and government control of the economy. Syndicates or corporations

12 11 Who was the Lateran accord an agreement between? Mussolini and the Pope Karl Liebknicht belonged to which German political party? Social Democrat With what name did he sign some of his letters? Spartacus Did the Sparticist revolt in 1919 Germany succeed? No

13 12 Who were the only two Presidents of the Weimar Republic? Friederich Ebert and Paul Von Hindenburg To stop this Putsch, the workers of Berlin shut down the cities utilities and transportation Kapp Putsch What did France do to help cause German hyper inflation? Occupied the Ruhr Valley Which two countries signed the Locarno pact Germany and France

14 13 In the Locarno pact Germany promised to permanently demilitarize the Rhineland. Who broke this promise? Hitler Who was the leader of the SA or brown shirts? Ernst Roehm On what night will Ernst get killed by Hitler order? Night of the long knives –June 30, 1034 What did Erich Ludendorf help Hitler try to do in 1923? Munich Beer Hall Putsch

15 14 Where did Hitler spend most of 1923/1924? In jail While in jail what did Hitler write? Mein Kampf What was Lebensraum to Hitler? Living Space Where did Hitler propose to get this Lebensraum? Soviet Union

16 15 This event on February 27, 1933 caused President Von Hindenburg to suspend freedom of speech, the press and other civil liberties. The Reichstag fire What did the Reichstag pass by 2/3 vote on March 23, 1933 The enabling act What did the enabling act give to Hitler? Dictatorial powers for 4 years What right did German Jews lose in 1933? The right to hold government jobs.

17 16 These laws defined a person as a jew if they had at least one Jewish grandparent? Nuremburg laws What did the Nuremburg laws deprive German Jews of? Citizenship and the right to marry non- Jews This event followed the assassination of a German official in Paris by a Polish Jew. Kristalnacht

18 17 In 1924 France signed an alliance with Czechoslovakia-when would France fail to live up to this alliance? When Hitler took the Sudetenland in 1938. We know that Hitler issued the Nuremburg laws in 1935, what did he do in that year in violation of the Versailles treaty? He declared he would rearm Germany Where was Italy aggressive in 1935? Ethiopia Who was the leader of Ethiopia? Haile Selassi To what organization did Haile Selassie protest this? League of nations.

19 18 What did Hitler remilitarize in 1936? The Rhineland What two agreements did this violate? Versailles and Locarno What group won the Spanish parliamentary election in 1936? The left wing popular front party He led the conservatives in the Spanish Civil war against the liberal govt. Francisco Franco

20 19 Who aided Franco in his war effort? Mussolini and Hitler In 1938 Hitler completed an anschluss with this country. Austria What did Neville Chamberlain give to Hitler in 1938 to appease him. The Sudetenland The meeting between Hitler, Chamberlain and Daladier is known as the: Munich Conference

21 20 What two aspects of the newly created Poland did Germany seek to change? Germany wanted the free city of Danzig back and more routes over the Polish Corridor. What did Hitler get before he invaded Poland? Non-aggression pact with Russia. What did Russia get as a result of this agreement? A sphere of influence in Eastern Europe

22 21 What happened on September 1, 1939? Hitler invaded Poland, starting WWII What happened on Sept. 3, 1939? Great Britain and France declared war on Germany

23 22 He organized the SS Heinrich Himmler Who became the Prime Minister after Franz von Papen in 1932? Kurt Von Schleicher Who appointed Hitler to be Chancellor in 1933? Paul Von Hindenburg Who was Hitlers Vice chancellor? Franz Von Papen

24 23 World War II Review

25 24 Was English Economist John Maynard Keynes for or against the harsh war reparations charged to Germany in the treaty of Versailles? Against

26 25 German inflation shot up after the French occupied this German region in 1923. Ruhr

27 26 Which came first: Mussolini seizing power or Hitlers beer hall Putsch Mussolini seizing power

28 27 According to this plan from 1924, German war reparations were reduced and put on a sliding scale. Dawes Plan

29 28 Which came first: The Locarno treaty or the Kellogg-Briand Pact? Treaty of Locarno

30 29 What agreement outlawed war as a national policy choice? Kellogg-Briand Pact

31 30 In March of 1936, Hitler rearmed this territory in violation of the Treaty of Versailles. Rhineland

32 31 Which two countries withdrew from the league of nations in 1933? Germany and Japan

33 32 What countries made up the axis powers in 1942? Japan, Italy, Germany

34 33 Which countries belonged to the Grand Alliance in 1944? France, England, America, Russia

35 34 In October 1935, Mussolini successfully invaded this country. Ethiopia

36 35 These laws deprived German Jew of all rights of citizenship Nuremburg Laws

37 36 Who appointed Hitler Chancellor of Germany? Hindenburg

38 37 After what event was the enabling act passed in Germany? Reichstag fire

39 38 Who talked Hindenburg into appointing Hitler to Chancellor? Franz Von Papen

40 39 Which came first: the beginning of the Spanish civil war or the Anschluss? Spanish Civil war

41 40 Who said we are 100 years behind the advanced countries. We must make up this distance in 10 years. Either we do it or we shall go under Stalin

42 41 Hitler took this country in 1938 to complete the outlawed Anschluss he desired. Austria

43 42 Czechoslovakia had to lose this in order for England to gain Peace in our time Sedetenland

44 43 Who said: I bring you Peace in our time? Neville Chamberlain British Prime Minister

45 44 After what meeting did Chamberlain get the paper which brought Peace in our time Munich Conference 1938

46 45 Arguably, the Munich agreement between Chamberlain and Hitler was historys best example of this: Appeasement

47 46 The first crisis on the way to world war II occurred when Japan took this territory in 1931. Manchuria

48 47 This was signed 8 days before Hitler invaded Poland Non-Aggression Pact between Russia and Germany

49 48 Who made the following statement: Everything in the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state Mussolini

50 49 This country actually separated Germany from East Prussia? Poland Polish Corridor

51 50 For which country was this true: It was bitterly disappointed by its modest territorial gains by the treaty of Versailles Italy

52 51 What did Stalin receive as a result of the German invasion of Poland? 1/2 of Poland the right to reclaim the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

53 52 What was the code name to Hitlers invasion of Russia? Operation Barbarosa

54 53 Which of the leaders was able to increase industrial output by 250% before 1933? Stalin

55 54 He abolished divorce and told women to stay at home and produce children. Mussolini

56 55 The better-off peasants that Stalin sought to liquidate were known as: Kulaks

57 56 According to one young Russian: there was no capital in Soviet Russia except_____________. Education

58 57 You could identify Mussolinis private army because they wore: Black shirts

59 58 In 1922 Mussolini did this to force King Victor Emmanuel III to give him power. March on Rome

60 59 Mussolini accelerated the pace of Italian fascism after the death of this socialist leader. Matteotti

61 60 Hitler sought power through democratic means after the failure of this event. Beer Hall Putsch

62 61 According to Hitler, how did Germany lose world war I? They were stabbed in the back by communists and Jews

63 62 What was the name of the German government that followed the German Empire? Weimar Republic

64 63 What event inspired Hitler to launch the Beer Hall Putsch?. Mussolinis march on Rome

65 64 In Mein Kampf Hitler outlined his basic themes: Anti-semitism living space leader dictator

66 65 In a room full of dictators, who would answer if you called out il Duce? Mussolini

67 66 He was Hitlers minister of Propaganda. Joseph Goebbels

68 67 According to your text, no factor contributed more to Hitlers success than this. The economic crisis of the Great Depression

69 68 This agreement saw the Pope accepting the government of Benito Mussolini Lateran treaty 1929

70 69 On the night of June 30, 1934 Hitler eliminated the storm trooper leadership, this night was later called: The night of the Long knives

71 70 He was the leader of Hitlers secret police the SS Himmler

72 71 What painting describes one event of the Spanish Civil War? Guernica

73 72 This French government was a puppet to the Nazis after 1942. Vichy

74 73 What was the first battle to be lost by the army of the German third Reich? Battle of Britain

75 74 Hitlers plan to kill all of the Jews was referred to by this term: Final Solution

76 75 Broad based Russian nationalism, as opposed to narrow communist ideology, became the powerful unifying force in what was appropriately called Great… Great Patriotic war of the Fatherland

77 76 He was the leader of the Free French movement Charles De Gaulle

78 77 The Germans were turned back at this battle in Southern Russia. Stalingrad

79 78 German General was defeated at this battle in North Africa only 70 miles from Alexandria, Egypt El Alemein

80 79 On June 6, 1944, american and British troops under ________ landed on the beaches of Normandy. Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower

81 80 The Japanese lost this battle just off the coast of Australia. Battle of Coral Sea

82 81 Victory in Europe came in this month in 1945. May

83 82 Victory over Japan came in this month of 1945 September

84 83 What country created a greater co-prosperity sphere? Japan

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