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Children During World War II Lizzy

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1 Children During World War II Lizzy

2 Where were the Children evacuated to?
Smaller towns Some sent to live with outside relatives Kids were evacuated to the country. No Idea who the people were. Would wear tags for the people who took them in.

3 Who were evacuated? Women and children 300,000 children and women
No one knew if they made it to their destinations

4 Effects on evacuated children
Alone Tired Hungry

5 How did it feel for the children being evacuated?
Some were feeling happy that they left Some were frightened Kids were abused

6 Supplies for Boys Two vest Two pairs of pants Pairs of trousers
Two pairs of socks Six handkerchiefs A pullover or a jersey

7 Food and more Boots and shoes Apple Barley sugar Toothbrush
Face towels Soap A towels A comb An overcoat Apple Barley sugar Dry biscuits Packets of nuts and raisins Sandwiches

8 Supplies for Girls Vest Pair of knickers A petticoat
Two pairs of stockings Six handkerchiefs Slip A blouse Cardigan

9 After the War Soldiers returned to their families

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