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WELCOME! Turn in WWII Begins Review Worksheet

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1 WELCOME! Turn in WWII Begins Review Worksheet
Get out Study Guide = #1-16 You’ll need #56 SSS A Few Notes: ASP—next Saturday Nov. 13th Goal 10 Test—next Friday Nov. 12th

2 What acts prevented the sales of arms and weapons to nations at war
What acts prevented the sales of arms and weapons to nations at war? What was the United States official policy before the outbreak of WWII? What was the speech that Roosevelt gave arguing that it was the United States’ duty to contain fascist aggression? Did Americans like the ideas proposed by Roosevelt to contain fascist aggression? What three countries were showing aggression in the 1930s and attempting to expand?

3 Give the leader of each country:
What term describes a gov’t that glorifies the nation above the individual, is headed by dictator, and has severe economic and social restrictions? Give the leader of each country: Germany: Italy: Russia: Japan: Great Britain: United States: What was the policy of giving into demands that nations like France and Great Britain adopted to avoid war with Germany? What event was an example of this policy?

4 What event officially sparked WWII
What event officially sparked WWII? What date did the event that sparked war occur? What countries had Japan invaded (2)? What did Germany and the Soviet Union agree to in 1939? What is the new “lighting” warfare used by Germany called? What was the massive allied evacuation in France known as? After France surrendered, what country faced Germany alone?

5 U.S. Prepares for War -”Cash and Carry “ policy begins: helps Allies temporarily -Axis Powers formed Germany, Italy, Japan -Selective Service begins draft process -Roosevelt seeks third term and wins Four Freedoms: want, worship, speech, and from fear -Lend-Lease policy begun to help supply allies-Arsenal of Democracy -Atlantic Charter signed between U.S. and Britain resembles 14 points of Wilson, foreshadows US involvement in war

6 Hitler’s Mistake -Battle of Britain has stalled: RAF holds off Germany -June Germany attacks Russia breaks Nazi-Soviet Pact Why?? Russia wanted to expand = direct threat to Germany -early success but then stalemate -Russian winter sets in and halts advance -Now war is on two fronts: Eastern and Western Europe Begins to strain German forces

7 U.S. enters the War -U.S. has embargo on Japan for actions in the Pacific: limits what Japan can buy, eventually cuts trade off angering Japan -U.S. had warning of a possible Japanese attack somewhere Why Pearl Harbor? Easy access and home of the U.S. Pacific Fleet -Dec. 7th, 1941 Pearl Harbor is attacked “day that will live in infamy” FDR addresses nation -U.S. declares war on Japan and then Germany, Italy declares war on U.S.

8 Pearl Harbor is Attacked
December 7, 1941: Pearl Harbor is Attacked

9 Americans in the Service
-millions volunteered and millions more were drafted (Selective Service Act) 16 million serve as GI’s -GI’s went to basic training for 8 weeks Knew they were fighting to keep freedoms -Women’s Auxiliary Corps thousands volunteered (350,000) but they couldn’t serve in combat -Minorities served in segregated units Tuskegee Airmen: first African American flying force

10 Life on the Home Front -War Production Board industries were retooled to make war materials -Scientists are mobilized to create new technologies radar, sonar, penicillin, atomic bomb (Manhattan Project) -women stepped into many war materials jobs “Rosie the Riveter” working woman of WWII -Entertainment propaganda -newsreels -posters and advertisements





15 Government Control -Inflation controlled by price freezes Office of Price Administration -many products rationed to conserve resources fair distribution of scarce items -income taxes increased: to help finance war -War Bonds sold: help fund war, Liberty gardens reemerge -Japanese Internment: Jap-Americans were put into camps in the United States Korematsu v. United States discriminatory policy??? Made segregation of Japs temporarily legal

16 The US Enters WWII Review

17 __________________________. this event occurred on Dec
__________________________ this event occurred on Dec. 7, 1941 and led the US to declare war on Japan 2. __________________________ this group was the first and most well remembered African-American flying force 3. __________________________ this organization was responsible for transforming industries into producing war materials 4. __________________________ this was the primary method used to fund the war 5. __________________________ this group of citizens were sent to internment camps during the war 6. __________________________ this act allowed the U.S. to provide the Allies with weapons and supplies without them having to pay for them 7. __________________________ this act was passed in 1917 and allows the U.S. gov’t to enact a draft 8. __________________________ this event was considered Hitler’s big mistake and split the German forces into two fronts

18 9. __________________________
9. __________________________ this group was made up of over 350,000 women that provided supportive services to troops like nursing 10. _________________________ this agreement was between Britain and the U.S. and foreshadowed US entry into WWII 11. _________________________ this project aimed to develop the first atomic bomb so that a land invasion of Japan could be avoided 12. _________________________ this term describes the working woman of WWII 13. _________________________ this court case ruled that temporary segregation of a group of citizens during times of war or crisis is constitutional/legal 14. _________________________ this organization was responsible for freezing prices to prevent inflation 15. _________________________ many scarce products were __________ to conserve resources during WWII

19 Activity Complete “US in WWII” section of Goal 10 Study Guide

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