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Subscriber Study PennWell April 2010 Print – 12,929 Digital – 11,815.

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1 Subscriber Study PennWell April 2010 Print – 12,929 Digital – 11,815

2 1. How soon do you read your issue after you receive it? DigitalPrint Immediately 6%5% Same day 29%19% Sometime that week 51%55% I wait for a reminder email 2%N/A Sometime during the month 10%19% Other 2%1%

3 2. How do you prefer to view your digital issue? Online27% Download to computer40% Both33%

4 3. How much time, on average, do you spend reading or looking through an issue? DigitalPrint Less than 15 minutes 13%8% 15 to 30 minutes 44%37% 30 to 45 minutes 27%32% 45 to 60 minutes 11%16% More than 60 minutes 5%7%

5 4. How do you read your issue? (check all that apply) DigitalPrint Read table of contents and articles of interest 52%32% Read articles of interest and look through remaining pages 58%67% Read cover-to-cover 10%17% Skim or look through quickly 19%16% Other 1%

6 5. How do you use your issue? (check all that apply) DigitalPrint Identify potential products or services 61%62% Get information to do my job better 79%81% Obtain essential product information 45%46% Get information that helps me make purchasing decisions 28%32% Other 5%

7 6. What actions have you taken as a result of reading an article in this publication? (check all that apply) DigitalPrint Saved the magazine for future reference 65%74% Discussed an article with others 55%71% Emailed/sent an article to a friend or colleague 50% Incorporated a new technique/medium/product 56%39% Contacted editorial team 2%3% Clicked on a link in an article 64%N/A Other 4%5%

8 7. What actions have you taken as a result of reading an ad in the publication? (check all that apply) DigitalPrint Clicked on a link in an ad60%N/A Visited company websiteN/A78% Recommended the purchase of a product or service 28%35% Contacted advertiser to get more information 36% Purchased product or service15%29% None of the above20%10% Other2%1%

9 8. When reading or searching past issues, what information do you look at? (check all that apply) DigitalPrint Specific articles 84%86% Specific advertisements 20%28% Contact information 27%32% Industry links 23%24% Specific byline or column 7%11% I dont read past issues 10%8% Other 1%

10 9. What functionality would most likely make you want to read an ad and/or take action? (check all that apply) Digital Link to specific information on advertisers web site60% Link to advertisers home page38% Use of video19% Use of audio6% Use of Flash images10% Special offers/incentives19% Technology-focused message62% Product-focused message39% Brand-focused message7% Other2%

11 10. How important is it to you to be able to access all or part of your digital magazine on a mobile device? Digital Very important10% Somewhat important31% Do not want to receive on mobile59% 11. If your magazine was available in a mobile format, would you be interested in receiving it on a mobile device? Yes18% No82%

12 12. How likely are you to buy an e-reading device? (i.e. iPad) DigitalPrint Very likely10%7% Maybe31%25% Probably not45%51% Definitely not14%17% DigitalPrint 1 to 3 months8%7% 4 to 6 months11%9% 6 to 12 months19%14% 1 to 2 years12%11% Dont know50%59% 13. If very likely or maybe, how soon do you plan to purchase such a device?

13 14. On what type of devices do/would you prefer to read your digital magazine? (check all that apply) Digital Desktop computer67% Laptop computer65% iPhone5% Blackberry5% Other mobile device4% Tablet PC3% Sony Reader1% Amazon Kindle3% iPad3% Other eBook reader2% Other1%

14 15. Do you value rich media enhancements to the digital magazine content? YesNo Audio clips41%59% Video clips68%32% Animation29%71% Animation that looks like pages turning 38%62% Interactive surveys40%60%

15 16. From what other sources do you seek information? (check all that apply) DigitalPrint Industry Events or shows62%66% Webcasts31%27% Online product information63%61% Magazine website43%39% Whitepapers41%28% Buyers Guides24%27% E-newsletters41%37% Blogs9%8% RSS feeds6%3% Podcasts7%5% Professional books42%43% Community/peer web sites15%14% Industry/portal web sites34%28% Vendor websites42%52% Print/digital magazines55%30% Social Media7%8% Other1%2%

16 17a. What format do you prefer/use most for the following types of news & information? (digital) PrintDigitalWeb Industry & job information 17%49%34% Industry news15%66%19% Business news15%58%27% Product news15%58%27% Supplier news12%53%36% In-depth technical features 33%49%18%

17 17b. What format do you prefer/use most for the following types of news & information? (print) PrintDigitalWeb Industry & job information 65%12%23% Industry news65%19%16% Business news56%21%23% Product news61%15%24% Supplier news55%16%29% In-depth technical features 80%8%12%

18 18a. How has your use of the following media changed in the last year? (digital) DecreasedStayed the sameIncreasedN/A Print54%39%5%2% Digital magazines1%12%37%0% Magazine websites3%45%41%11% Industry/community websites3%49%40%8% Other websites3%47%41%9% Video sites8%41%25% E-newsletters6%41%45%7% Webcasts8%35%29%28% Podcasts9%27%13%51% Wikis7%27%22%44% Digital whitepapers5%42%30%23% Blogs8%28%17%47% RSS Feeds8%24%10%58% LinkedIn6%20%25%49% Twitter8%15%8%69% Facebook7%17%20%56% YouTube6%27%30%37% Technical Books9%55%29%7%

19 18b. How has your use of the following media changed in the last year? (print) DecreasedStayed the sameIncreasedN/A Print18%70%12%0% Digital magazines8%36%38%18% Magazine websites6%50%30%14% Industry/community websites4%52%33%11% Other websites3%47%40%10% Video sites7%39%21%33% E-newsletters7%45%35%13% Webcasts8%35%24%33% Podcasts9%25%11%55% Wikis6%24%13%57% Digital whitepapers6%38%16%40% Blogs8%25%12%55% RSS Feeds7%21%7%65% LinkedIn6%19% 56% Twitter7%15%6%72% Facebook7%16%21%56% YouTube5%27%26%42% Technical Books6%59%22%13%

20 19. Why do you subscribe to this publication in digital format? (check all that apply) More timely than print42% Easy to save61% Environmentally friendly63% Easy to forward43% Prefer reading on my computer33% Ability to search issues44% More convenient than print37% Only available in print format10% Other5%

21 20. Which of the following best describes your occupation? DigitalPrint Corporate Mgmt (CEO, President, etc.)12%15% Engineering or Technical46% Operations/Project/Facilities Mgmt11%18% Sales & Marketing8% Research & Development/Academia10%6% Consulting7%6% Other6%>1%

22 21. How long have you been in your industry or profession? DigitalPrint Less than 5 years7% 5 to 10 years10% 10 to 15 years11%10% 15 to 20 years14%13% 20 to 25 years15%14% 25 to 30 years16% 30 years or more27%30%

23 22. Which best describes your age range? DigitalPrint 20 – 251%2% 26 – 305% 31 – 357% 36 – 4010%8% 40 – 4924% 50 – 5933%35% 60 and over20%19%

24 23. What country do you live in? DigitalPrint USA45%75% Rest of World55%25%

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