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Italian Propaganda Posters. "One For All, All For The Duce"

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1 Italian Propaganda Posters

2 "One For All, All For The Duce"

3 "Mameli, Italian Hero of the Past Leading The Fascist Troops to Victory.

4 Fascist Poster Depicting the Allied Soldiers as Barbarians.

5 Depicting the Allies as Death and Destruction

6 Italian SS Warrior Asking You to Enlist.

7 Conquer-For the New World Order

8 Fascist Black Shirt Attacking The Symbol of Russia.

9 Italian Tanks on the Way to Egypt

10 Italian Heroes Building Bridge

11 Italian Navy shooting Down a Hurricane

12 Italian SS Battling on the Russian Front

13 Italian Warrior Guarding The Homeland

14 SS Legion Heroism

15 The Advance Continues!

16 The Italian Soldier Fights for Territory

17 6th Artillery Division - Many Names and Much Honor-

18 The Italian Nobles are ready for their Destiny

19 We want to keep quiet. Silence.

20 Women giving their wedding bands of gold to the country.

21 The Italian Woman is willing to make sacrifices for the Fighting men

22 Lottery to Supply Bread for the Troops

23 With the approach of another winter of war, Italian women are urged to knit and sew for their men at the front

24 Female Patriot Kissing the Fascist Flag

25 Depicting Patriotic Workers

26 Good Blood Doesn't Lie! Racist Poster Depicting Fascist Warrior with Machine Gun.

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