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Biomarkers of Wellness.

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1 Biomarkers of Wellness

2 1. Body Mass Index (BMI) BMI = Weight (in kg) Height2 (in meters)
Lbs/ inches2 x 703 A BMI of <25 = desirable 25 – = overweight >30 = obese

3 2. Waist/Hip Ratio Waist/Hip Ratio
Ideal: <.80 Woman and <.95 Man Adipose Tissue is the largest endocrine gland in the body and produce: Inflammatory chemicals Estrogen Cortisol

4 3. Blood Pressure & Resting Pulse
Systolic less than or equal to 110mm-Good Diastolic equal to or less than 70mm-Good Greater than 130/85mm is Mildly Hypertensive Resting Pulse 55-60 Athlete 60-70 Good 70-80 Average >80 Poor Medications??

5 4. Bioimpedance Analysis
Phase angle Intracellular Water Body Fat

6 5. Sugar Biomarkers Fasting Glucose 80-100 mg/dl
HbA1C- Glycosylated Hemoglobin Normal range is %. In poorly controlled diabetes, its 8.0% or above, and in well controlled patients it's less than 7.0% The predictive value of HbA1C for total mortality was stronger than that documented for cholesterol concentration, body mass index and blood pressure.” Khaw, K-T, et al, BMJ, 2001, Vol 322: 1-6 Fasting Insulin Increased insulin production causes insulin resistance Sign of Insulin Resistance with levels over 15 uU/ml

7 6. Lipid Biomarkers Lipids, fractionated lipids
Total Cholesterol-under 200 Triglycerides-under 150, preferably under 100 HDL-over 50 (male) and over 60 (female) LDL-under 130 Trig/HDL ratio- under 2.0 Chol/HDL ratio- under 3.0 Inflammatory C-reactive protein

8 7. Core Flexibility Newtown 1st law of Physics An object in motion….
Use it or… Computerized Inclinometry and Core Flexibility Testing Increased spinal motion (proprioception): Decreases Sympathetic tone (stress response) Increases cognition (learning) Increases visceral function Increased muscle tone and posture

9 8. Posture Somatic Retraction, Increased Sagittal Balance, Anterior Weight Bearing occurs as C7 moves anterior to the sacral base Every inch of increase10 fold increase in posterior cervical muscle activity (hello tight traps!!) Resistance to compression: R= N2 + 1 Positive Sagittal Balance reduces blood flow to the brain and senses by 30% “All measures of health status show significantly poorer scores as C7 plumb line increase” Spine 2005:30(18):2023-9 Digital Postural Evaluation (posture pro)

10 9. Systems Evaluation Identifies symptoms in most body systems
Medical Symptoms Questionnaire (MSQ) Identifies symptoms in most body systems Quantifies patient’s level of symptoms Provides a simple metric to track patient improvement

11 10. Chiropractic Biomarkers
X-ray EMG Thermography HRV Inclinometry Muscle testing Palpation

12 #1 Biomarker of Aging “. . . no decline with age is as dramatic or potentially more significant than the decline in lean body mass.” Here’s another nutrition scientific journal reporting on the tendency to loss muscle mass as we age and pointing out how this is not a health-promoting situation. J Nutr 127:990S-991S (1997)

13 “What Gets Measured- Gets Managed”

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