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World War Two and New York

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1 World War Two and New York
Presented By Kenneth T. Jackson Jacques Barzun Professor of History and the Social Sciences and Director of the Herbert H. Lehman Center for American History, Columbia University Brian Carlin Teaching American History Project Director, NYCDOE







8 David Smith, Medal for Dishonor: Death by Gas

9 Empire State Building, N.Y.C

10 Andreas Feininger storefront photographs



13 German-American Bund rally at Madison Square Garden

14 Friends of the New Germany Membership Card

15 Bund Members hailing The Swastika

16 Italian Americans Celebrating the conquest of Ethiopia
Text Italian Americans Celebrating the conquest of Ethiopia

17 Fur Workers Protesting Krlstalnacht

18 Anti-European Involvement Group carrying signs
in NYC


20 Casualty,by Thomas Hart Benton, part of his Year of Peril series

21 Brooklyn Navy Yard workers volunteer for Pearl Harbor service


23 Sinking of freighter by WW-II German U-boat (Tom W. Freeman, Artist)

24 New Yorker June 13, 1942

25 Volunteers Swamp Recruitment Offices


27 Collecting the Salvage on Lower East Side

28 New York City Boys Organize Tin Club


30 USS Missouri 1944 Launching at Brooklyn Navy Yard

31 Aerial View of Brooklyn Navy Yard,1944

32 Norden Bombsight

33 Brooks Brothers uniform

34 F3F-2 Fighters at The Grumman Factory,1938

35 The former French luxury liner Normandie lies on its side following 1942 blaze.

36 Cyclotron

37 Women at work

38 German and Italian Americans detained on Ellis Island, December 24, 1943

39 Segregated Showers

40 American Jewish Committee protest at
Madison Square Garden, March 15, 1937

41 Embarkation (Prelude to Death) by Thomas Hart Benton

42 Brooklyn Army Terminal

43 Stage Door Canteen, NYC

44 Irving Boyer’s, Prospect Park, ca. 1942–1944

45 Soldier consoling his weeping wife as he says goodbye at Pennsylvania Station

46 End of an Era, New York

47 Allied Convoy

48 D-DAY, June Normandy




52 War Series: The Letter by Jacob Lawrence (1946)


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