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Decades 1900’s.

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1 Decades 1900’s

2 1900’s A brand new model T cost $850 in 1909
The Wright brothers owned a bicycle company called The Wright Cycle Co. 1903 A brand new model T cost $850 in 1909 The first washing machine introduced in1908 Ehrlich finds the cure fore syphilis on accident in 1909 The caterpillar track is invented 1904

3 1910’s cellophane invented with cellulose from cell walls 1911
Titanic sinks lost 1912 Influenza epidemic strikes America 40 million affected 1918 Introduction of Poison Gas on the 22 of April 1915 Pillsbury invented the first time-lapse camera 1912

4 1920’s Mickey Mouse cartoon is on television for the first time 1928
Wonder bread becomes Americas first sliced bread The Lindberg’s son Charles gets kidnapped Families use the breadbox radio for cheap and easy news 1922

5 1930’s Amelia Earhart flew 29,000 miles
James Chadwick and Rutherford won the Nobel peace prize Nylon replaces silk parachutes Hubble discovers new galaxies Empire state building was constructed in 1931 it took 14 months and 3,400 workers

6 1940’s In 1948 30,000 calls were made using the wireless network
A radio transistor is 2 radios Emile Cayman & Captain Jacques Cousteau created the aqualung The ENIAC performed calculations of a factor of 1440 times faster Napalm was used as a controversial weapon in world war 2

7 1950’s The first type of snowmobile was the snow boogies
The IBM 305 RAMACA hard drive weighed a ton The first company to issue the credit card in the united states was the Flatbush national bank of Brooklyn Frankly D. Roosevelt was infected with polio The mike test was 100 miles wide and 25 miles high

8 1960’s Electricity plants were the main source of energy in the 1960’s
The DRAW disc recorder was released in history The 1968 ATM would the credit card and you would have to get a new one In 1964 Sony launched there first cassette tape Electricity plants were the main source of energy in the 1960’s 47 pounds of lunar land were collected from the moon

9 1970’s In 1971 the “Busicom LE120A Handy-LE” coast $395
Gore Tex sold there fabrics in early winter catalogs 1971 In 1973 the first cell phone call was made by Dr. Martin Cooper In the 1970’s the floppy discs were to large for the computers The ATARI VCS coast 199 dollars and had nine titles

10 1980’s Mount St. Helens erupts blowing the entire top of the mountain off The Mac 128k staid on the market for over a year Bill Gates robbed an apple store in 1985 Jeffers used DNA finger printing for law enforcement 4.5 million Americans were using Prozac

11 1990’s 90% of base par units have been mapped
The Hubble telescope ranged 360 miles above the earths surface 100 international space flights will take it to the ISS to be completed Lars and Milton filed legal disputes against Napster Everyday application for the modern GPS coast 100 dollars less 90% of base par units have been mapped

12 Credits By Steven and Alexis

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