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The 1900s Decade Project! By Chris and Deion.

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1 The 1900s Decade Project! By Chris and Deion

2 The famous Wright Brothers have a pre-plane business where they would manufacture and repair bicycles. 1900s…… A horrible Plague was brought to the United States by a ship from Hong Kong with rats carrying the Bubonic Plague. A brand new Model T Touring car comes out and costs 850 dollars. The Caterpillar Track is invented to fix the muddy tractor dilemma. The first electric washing machine comes out and has a mighty name, The Thor !

3 1910s The air conditioner is invented to stop the expanding and contracting of ink because of the crazy heat! Invention of the time-lapse camera by Mr. Pillsbury saves the wildflowers of Yosemite National Park The influenza pandemic kills more people than World War I. Invention of the military or army tank is passed to Winston Churchill by a Colonel in the British army. 705 out of 1522 passengers are saved from the sinking of the Titanic.

4 Wonder bread is created and “It’s better than sliced bread.”
A mechanical television is invented be Jenkins laboratories with short wave frequencies. Wonder bread is created and “It’s better than sliced bread.” Charles Lindbergh flies across the Atlantic Ocean. The radio is invented and brings the nation together. Disney cartoons are the only to have synchronized sound.

5 1930s James Chadwick co-wins the Nobel Peace Prize for the discovery of the neutron. Nylon replaces synthetic and is used for parachutes and flak vests. “Jumbo trucks,” are created to simultaneously drill holes in canyon walls for blasting powder. The Pheonicians and Egyptians used fiberglass in ancient times. Amelia Earhart flies to Paris from Newfoundland.

6 1940s The atomic bomb is created using the research and production of the Manhattan Project. ENIAC is invented and can perform calculations 1,440 times faster then math by hand. Candy bars and kettle corn are experimented in microwaves for melting and heating capabilities. Velcro is created when a Swiss inventor’s dog’s hair stuck to a plant’s hooks. Artificial kidney is made from a scientist’s work in the field of medicine.

7 1950s X-ray images are used to take a look at DNA by the King’s team.
Flatbash National Bank of Brooklyn in New York issues the first credit card in the United States. 1950s Polio disease attacks the United Stats President’s nervous system and causes paralysis. The IBM 305 RAMAC hard drive is invented and weighs a ton! 3D movies are introduced and let you see different wavelengths of movies.

8 The first computer mouse is created by Doug Englebart with a sensor that moved across the lines.
Magnavox video game company has a marketing downfall because it didn’t make its consoles very well. 1960s Gabor comes up with the idea of a holographic laser. 11 megawatts of net power is produced just by geysers in California. Sony launches its first cassette tape that can record a full 60 minutes.

9 The first email system was the Mailbox used at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
The Atari VCS comes out with 9 library titles for a cost of $199. Small Pox is identified and is handled with max containment. People walk down the streets of Japan to promote the new walkman. The first ever cellular call is made in 1973 by Dr. Martin Cooper.

10 1980s The Mac 128k stays on market one year and nine months. The Ipod is born in October of 2001! 1,314 feet of mountain are removed from St. Helens during its volcanic eruption. Prozac drug comes out and helps patients feel not as depressed. It also is used by 4.5 million patients in the first five years that it is out. Bill Gates is threatened with a lawsuit for illegally copying Apple in 1985.

11 1990s For the ISS to be completed, 15 to 100 remaining flights will be needed for the station. Dolly the sheep is cloned and her DNA is older then her body. Ethical debate over the cloning of human beings and stem cell research. The Avian Flu creates eye infections, pneumonia, and severe respiratory diseases. GPS is invented and applies a lot of help to anybody who uses one.

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The End Made by Chris and Deion Decades! with the help of the internet and Ms. Slifka HA-HA! ->

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