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How can we identify bullying?

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1 How can we identify bullying?
Freak The Mighty How can we identify bullying?

2 What is Bullying? “Bullying is a learned behavior. It is when a person or group tries to hurt or control another person in a harmful way.”

3 Characterization - Max
“stupid”, “dumb”, “slow” physically big people are afraid of him lonely “never had a brain” Gets into fights “Kicker” = nickname Doesn’t like being hugged Angry “Mad Max” = nickname LD class Looks and acts like “Him” Father is scary Low self-esteem “butthead” 8th grade

4 Characterization - Kevin
“Freak” = nickname weird physically small very smart talkative teaches Max “fierce” uses crutches leg braces “hooked on robots” blond hair “scowling”/”death-ray eyes “cripple” van lives with Mom 8th grade

5 Bullying in the novel Max is called names in school (p.3).
Tony D, or Blade, calls Kevin and Max names: “Frankenstein and Igor” (p. 29) Tony D, or Blade, chases Max and Kevin into the pond on the Fourth of July (p. 37).

6 Bullying in the novel Loretta makes fun of Kevin when the boys first visit the Tenements. She calls him a “midget man.” She also teases Kevin about his father being a “magician” and doing a disappearing act (p. 71).

7 How do Max and Kevin respond to bullying?
Kevin uses his brain, instead of violence The boys become Freak the Mighty Max has a place where he can relax and feel safe Kevin acts proud and stands up to the class as Freak the Mighty. Kevin teaches Max and gives him confidence.

8 Suggestions for dealing with bullying
Supervision by adults in and out of school Consequences for bullies Environment where bully behavior is not tolerated. Communication between teachers and parents Rewards and recognition for positive behavior. Teach about bullying in school

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