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Unit One My classroom.

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1 Unit One My classroom

2 Let's talk A: Hey, Zhang peng . We have a new classroom .
B: Really ? What’s in the classroom ? A: Let’s go and see ! B: It’s so big ! A: Look ! My picture ! B: Where is it ? A: It’s near the window .

3 Let's play A : I see a “c” . B : Where is it ? A : It’s in a desk . B : It’s a crayon .

4 What’s in the classroom ?

5 door two doors open the door

6 the door open the bag the book the … the pencil-case

7 light turn on the light two lights

8 window many windows clean the window

9 Close the …

10 picture two pictures put up the picture

11 blackboard clean the blackboard two blackboards

12 Clean the …

13 window door picture black- board light classroom

14 A: What’s in the classroom ?
B: One blackboard ,one TV, many desks and chairs .

15 Open the door . Turn on the light . Close the window. Put up the picture. Clean the blackboard.

16 Thank you.

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