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Urbanization As Seen Through Late 19c - Early 20c Architecture.

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By: Susan M. Pojer Horace Greeley HS Chappaqua, NY.

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1 Urbanization As Seen Through Late 19c - Early 20c Architecture

2 Characteristics of Urbanization During the Gilded Age
Megalopolis. Mass Transit. Magnet for economic and social opportunities. Pronounced class distinctions Inner & outer core New frontier of opportunity for women. Squalid living conditions for many. Political machines. Ethnic neighborhoods.

3 The City as a New “Frontier?”
New Use of Space New Class Diversity New Architectural Style New Energy New Symbols of Change & Progress The City as a New “Frontier?” New Culture (“Melting Pot”) Make a New Start New Form of Classic “Rugged Individualism” New Levels of Crime, Violence, & Corruption

4 CHICAGO: "The Windy City"

5 William Le Baron Jenney
1832 – 1907 “Father of the Modern Skyscraper”

6 W. Le Baron Jenney: Central Y.M.C.A., Chicago, 1891

7 Louis Sullivan 1856 – 1924 The Chicago School of Architecture
Form follows function!

8 Louis Sullivan: Bayard Bldg., NYC, 1897

9 Louis Sullivan: Carson, Pirie, Scott Dept. Store, Chicago, 1899

10 D. H. Burnham 1846 – 1912 Use of steel as a super structure.

11 DH Burnham: Fisher [Apt.] Bldg, Chicago, 1896

12 D. H. Burnham: Marshall Fields Dept. Store, 1902

13 DH Burnham: Railway Exchange, Chicago, 1904

14 NEW YORK CITY: "Gotham"

15 New York City Architectural Style: 1870s-1910s
The style was less innovative than in Chicago. NYC was the source of the capital for Chicago. Most major business firms had their headquarters in NYC  their bldgs. became “logos” for their companies. NYC buildings and skyscrapers were taller than in Chicago.

16 Western Union Bldg,. NYC - 1875

17 Manhattan Life Insurance Bldg. NYC - 1893

18 Singer Building NYC

19 Woolworth Bldg. NYC

20 Flatiron Building NYC – 1902
D. H. Burnham

21 Grand Central Station, 1913

22 John A. Roebling: The Brooklyn Bridge, 1883

23 John A. Roebling: The Brooklyn Bridge, 1913

24 Statue of Liberty, 1876 (Frederic Auguste Bartholdi)

25 “Dumbell “ Tenement

26 “Dumbell “ Tenement, NYC

27 Jacob Riis: How the Other Half Lived (1890)

28 Tenement Slum Living

29 Lodgers Huddled Together

30 Tenement Slum Living

31 Struggling Immigrant Families

32 Mulberry Street – “Little Italy”

33 St. Patrick’s Cathedral

34 Hester Street – Jewish Section

35 1900 Rosh Hashanah Greeting Card

36 Pell St. - Chinatown, NYC

37 Urban Growth:

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