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Rope-making at Bridon -Willington Quay, “Then and Now”.

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1 Rope-making at Bridon -Willington Quay, “Then and Now”.
A brief history of rope-making at Willington Quay, from 1789 to the present day.

2 1789 First fibre-rope making factory established at W.Q. by William Chapman.

3 1843 Site taken over by Robert Hood Haggie.
He developed the business and expanded the site to 5 acres (20,200 sq.m.)

4 1885 Demand for higher BL’s and longer lives, especially for mining – led to start of wire rope production on site.

5 British Ropes. 1924 British Ropes.
Amalgamation to form “British Ropes”. R.S.Newall & Son. Thomas & Wm. Smith. Bullivant & Co. Haggie Bros. D.H.& G. Haggie. George Craddock & Co. Craven & Speeding Bros. TyneWire Drawing Co. British Ropes. British Ropes. N.B. R. Hood Haggie still remained independent.

6 1959 1986 R.Hood Haggie becomes part of British Ropes.
Awarded registration to BS.5750 – now ISO.9001 – the internationally recognised standard for Quality Management Systems.

7 World Records - the “Largest” and the “Longest”.
282 mm – largest diameter wire rope ever manufactured. 25,000m – longest single length wire rope ever manufactured.

8 Bridon 1989 Bri tish Ropes Don caster (H.Q.)
Company name changed to Bridon Ropes. Bri tish Ropes Bridon Don caster (H.Q.)

9 2008 Where we are today. Output - approx. 26,000 t.p.a.
Employees working 3 shifts. Rope diameters - from 10 to 140 mm. Wires per strand - from 7 to 52. Constructions - round, Dyform, triangular. Strands per rope - 6, 8, 18 and 34. Wire tensiles - from 1370 to 2260N/mm². Finished weights - from 0.5t to 137t.

10 26,000t - Where does it all go? 4% - Cable belt systems. Mining. 14%
2% - Aerials. Anchor and drilling lines. 33% 17% Fishing. 30% Cranes and Industrial.


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