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A Problem a Day, While Youre Away Revere Public Schools summer math review program For students who are ENTERING 4 TH GRADE.

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1 A Problem a Day, While Youre Away Revere Public Schools summer math review program For students who are ENTERING 4 TH GRADE

2 Directions for Students: As you answer each problem, make sure you show your work. When you return to school, you will receive credit for completion, and some of the problems will be used on your first math test. Do an exceptional job, and you will be named a Summer Math Superstar. Need help with a tricky problem? your question to Make sure you give the date of the problem and your grade! A math teacher is waiting to help you succeed!

3 Day 1 (3.MD.2) Mr. Millers class is doing an experiment. To perform the experiment, each group of students in the class needs 3 liters of water. There are 6 groups of students in the class. How much water is needed for all of the students to conduct the experiment? Day 2(3.OA.7) Amanda has 63 books in her bookcase. Her bookcase has 7 shelves. The same number of books is on each shelf. How many books are on each shelf of Amandas bookcase? Day 3 (3.MD.2) Carla and Monica brought their prize pumpkins to the Topsfield Fair. Carlas pumpkin weighed 18 kg and Monicas pumpkin weighed 14 kg. What is the total weight of both pumpkins? Page 1 Day 4 (3.NF.2.b) Show where is located on the number line: 01

4 Day 6 (3.NBT.1) Isabella says that 395 rounded to the nearest hundred is 400. Paulo says that 395 rounded to the nearest ten is 400. Who is correct? Show your thinking using a number line. Day 5(3.OA.9) Write the next 4 numbers in this pattern. Explain how you know. 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, _____, _____, _____, _____. Page 2 Day 7(3.MD.7.a) Draw a rectangular model to show why 3 x 4 = 12 Day 8 (3.OA.9) Julia was reading a book. She began on page 86. She then read 7 pages each day for one week. Fill in the table below to show what page she ended on each day BeganDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7 86

5 Page 3 Day 10(3.OA.4) Complete the number facts below: x= x= x= = = =

6 Day 12 (3.NF.3.d) Name the fractions represented by the shaded region of each circle. Compare by filling in the circle using the >, =, or < symbol. Write this comparison in a sentence. _________ _________ _______________________________________________. Day 13(3.MD.5.a) If = 1 square inch, how many square inches does this rectangle have? Page 4 Day 14(3.NBT.1) Round the number 384 a) to the nearest ten b) to the nearest hundred Day 11(3.NF.3.c) How many equal parts are in the square? ___________ How many equal parts are shaded? ____________ What fraction does the shaded parts of the square show? ___________ What whole number does the shaded square show? ____________

7 Day 15(3.G.1) Draw 4 different examples of quadrilaterals and name the shapes you drew. Day 16(3.G.2) Draw a circle. Partition it into 8 equal areas. What fraction does the area of each part represent? Day 17(3.OA.5) Rafael wants to solve (4 X 3) X 2. His teacher told him to change the grouping of the factors without changing the order of the factors to help him multiply. Write another way that Rafael can group the factors. _______________________________ What property allows Rafael to change the grouping of the factors? ______________________ Find the product of (4 X 3) X 2. ______________________________________________ Day 18 (3.MD.5.b) Mr. Costas office is a square with side lengths of 10 feet. He wants to tile the floor with tiles that are 1 square foot. How many tiles will he need? Draw a picture to show your work. = 1 square foot Page 5

8 Day 19(3.NF.3.a) What fraction on the second number line is equivalent to ½ on the first number line? Day 20(3.MD.1) Jessica studied her spelling words for 24 minutes. She then studied her multiplication facts for 28 minutes. How many minutes did she study altogether? Use this open number line to show your work. Day 22(3.NBT.3) Monica delivers newspapers to 60 customers every day. How many papers does she deliver in 7 days? Day 23 (3.OA.5) Dixon says that 6 X (3 + 5) is equal to (6 X 3) + (6 X 5). Is he correct? Draw a picture to prove it. Page Day 21 (3.OA.3) Tabitha bought 3 packages of pencils. She purchased 24 pencils in all. How many pencils were in each pack?

9 Day 24 (3.MD.8) What is the perimeter of the rectangle below if each square has side = 1? Draw another rectangle with the same perimeter but a different area. Day 25 (3.NF.3.b) Using the model below, name a fraction that is equivalent to 1/3. Color the amount equivalent to 1/3. Day 26 (3.MD.7.b) Evan drew a rectangle with 7 rows and 8 squares in each row. What is the area of Evans rectangle? Draw the rectangle and find the area. Page 7

10 Day 27 (3.MD.7.c/3.OA.5) A rectangular blanket is 9 feet long and 6 feet wide. Find the area by using the Distributive Property (*Hint: Break the rectangle into smaller rectangles) Day 28 (3.OA.6) A group of 36 people want to rent cars. Each car holds 4 people. How many cars should the group rent? Write the division problem. Rewrite as a multiplication problem with a symbol for the unknown factor. Solve it. Day 30 (3.OA.8) What is the value of N if N + 3 = 46 What is the value of D if 4 X D = 28 Ashley had some stickers. She had 62 after Adam gave her 4 of his stickers. How many stickers did Ashley have at first? Write an equation using the letter F for the number of stickers Ashley had at first. Solve it. Page 8

11 Day 31 (3.MD.7.d) The ninth hole at the Route 1 Miniature Golf Course is shaped like the figure below. What is the area of the ninth hole? *Hint: Break the figure into 2 rectangles. 7 ft 8 ft 7ft. 3 ft Day 32 (3.OA.2 and 3.OA.8) Jo and Mo each got 2 new CDs. The total price was $28. If each CD cost the same, how much did each CD cost and how much did each of them pay? Day 33(3.MD.1) It is 12:42 A.M. What time was it 15 minutes ago? It is now 12:42 A.M. What time will it be 18 minutes from now? Draw a number line to help you solve. Day 34(3.MD.1) Ill be home in 45 minutes, José said. It is now 5:10 P.M. What time will José be home? Day 35 (3.MD.6) If each = 1 square centimeter, what is the area of this figure? Page 9

12 Day 37 (3.MD.1) What time is it according to Clock 1? How many minutes have passed if the actual time is now displayed on Clock 2? Day 36(3.OA.7) Carly picked 24 apples. She gave 4 apples each to some friends. She does not have any apples left. How many friends received apples from Carly? Day 38 (3.MD.3) The bar graph below shows how many minutes Kevin spent reading each night this week. Which night did he read for the longest amount of time? Which night did he read for the shortest amount of time? How many more minutes did he read on Tuesday than he read on Friday? Kevins Reading Time Days Page 10 11:45 Minutes

13 Day 39 (3.NBT.2) In July, 496 people visited the New England Aquarium. In August, 387 people visited the New England Aquarium. How many people visited the Aquarium in July and August? Show 2 ways to solve. Day 40(3.OA.1) Ilianna has 3 bunches of flowers. Each bunch has 9 flowers. How many flowers does she have in all? a. Draw a model of the problem. b. Write a multiplication sentence for the problem and solve. _____ X ______ = _________ Day 41(3.NBT.2) Pamela has two puzzles. The lighthouse puzzle has 432 pieces. The Constitution puzzle has 368 pieces. How many more pieces does the lighthouse puzzle have than the Constitution puzzle? Show 2 ways to solve. Page 11 Day 42 (3.NF.1 and 3.NF.2) Write a fraction to represent the shaded region of each bar: __________ ___________ Represent these fractions on this number line.

14 Day 43(3.NBT.3) There are 30 slices in each loaf of bread. If Marla bought 9 loaves of bread to make sandwiches for the school field trip, how many slices of bread would she have? Show or explain your thinking. Day 44(3.OA.8) If you have 20 apples, 16 bananas, and 28 oranges, and you give away 29 pieces of fruit, how many pieces of fruit will you have left? Page 12 Day 45(3.OA.5) Is the number sentence below true? Why or why not? 2 x 3 x 5 = 3 x 2 x 5


16 The Revere School Committee Mayor Thomas G. Ambrosino, Chair Dan Maguire, Vice Chair Ann M. Raponi, Secretary Michael A. Ferrante Donna Wood Pruitt Frederick A. Sannella Carol A. Tye Superintendent Paul Dakin, Ed.D. Deputy Superintendent Dianne K. Kelly Director of Mathematics, K-12 Matthew Costa Math Coaches Sandra Chesna Candace Conley Moe Coyle Diane Czyzewski Beth Delaney Maureen Flynn Jill Morris Bianca Quirk Special Thanks to: Robert LaSala Brunella Loiacono

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