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CMC/CC A Information Visualization Master IK, CIW, MMI L.M. Bosveld-de Smet Mon. 20/11/06; 16.00-18.00.

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1 CMC/CC A Information Visualization Master IK, CIW, MMI L.M. Bosveld-de Smet Mon. 20/11/06; 16.00-18.00

2 Information visualization for the general public IV is moving out of research laboratories IV is reaching users Examples:

3 Information Visualization Tools IV is still a novelty for many users Potential and limitations Reports of usability studies and controlled experiments  Faster task completion  Reduced error rates Measurable benefits Current evaluation practices

4 Current evaluation practices Plaisant (2004) Controlled experiments comparing design elements Usability evaluation of a tool Controlled experiments comparing two or more tools Case studies of tools in realistic settings

5 Three tree visualization tools SpaceTree Hyperbolic Window Explorer ml ml

6 Challenges Matching tools with users, tasks and real problems Improving user testing Addressing universal usability

7 Users, tasks and real problems Controlled experiment Users: linguists with more or less knowledge of a specific domain Task domain: linguistics, esp. syntax Real problems:  Are users able to identify constituents, dominance relations?  Do users see that constituents are coordinated, are in comparable positions? Research question: Which visualizations are suitable for representing “3D natural language phenomena”?  2D tree visualizations  3D tree visualizations  Pseudo 2D tree visualizations

8 Constituent In syntactic analysis, a constituent is a word or a group of words that functions as a single unit within a hierarchical structure. A constituent is a string of words such that there is one node that dominates those words and no other words.  Sam climbed up the ladder.  Sam picked up the ladder.

9 Coordination and movement tests Applying the coordination test  Sam climbed [up the ladder] and [out the window].  *Sam picked [up a ladder] and [out some new boots]. Applying the movement test  [Up the ladder] Sam climbed.  *[Up a ladder] Sam picked.

10 Coordination Coordination involves the syntactic linking of two or more elements of equal status:  [John] and [Mary]  [up] and [down]  David [sings] and [plays guitar]

11 Coordination and conjunction reduction  John found the letter and Bill signed the letter.  I gave a book to Mary and gave a letter to Sue.

12 Right Node Raising SYNTAX: operation of reduction on coordinated clauses whose rightmost constituents are identical. EXAMPLE: Right Node Raising derives the structure in b from the underlying structure in a by adjoining one copy of the identical constituents (the book) to the right of the sentence, and deleting the identical originals (indicated by e).  a [[John saw the book] and [Bill bought the book]]  b [[John saw e i ] and [Bill bought e i ]] the book i

13 The 3D phenomena in Dutch Coordination  De directeur bevordert Jansen of de Boer of de Vries.  Zowel de zusjes Jansen als Joop en Klaas spijbelden. Right Node Raising  Joop haat, Piet bewondert, en Klaas verafgoodt partijleider Bos.  Ik constateer dat Jansen een boek, Vos een CD en de Boer een plant koopt. Non-constituent Right Node Raising  Joop wil voor, maar Piet na het ontbijt douchen.  Jansen heeft drie en de Boer heeft vier doelpunten gemaakt.

14 The visualization types 2D tree 2D tree + meaningful color 3D tree 3D tree + meaningful color Pseudo 3D: D-plane

15 Syntactic analysis main clause

16 Syntactic analysis subordinate clause

17 Syntactic analysis coordination Voor nevenschikking maken we gebruik van een zogenaamde coördinatorgroep (CoP). In een haakjesstructuur: [CoP XP1 [Co' Co XP2]] bv. Jan en Piet. Hierin is XP1 nevengeschikt aan XP2. (Voor de duidelijkheid: XP1 is Jan, Co is en, XP2 is Piet.)

18 2D tree

19 2D+ tree

20 3D tree

21 3D+ tree

22 2D plane

23 Visualization assignment Beyond tree structures What are other possible (non tree) visualizations for “3D natural language phenomena”?

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