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1 Master Information Science Theo van der Weide Institute for Computing and Information Sciences Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen.

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1 1 Master Information Science Theo van der Weide Institute for Computing and Information Sciences Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen

2 2 Logbook 7-3-2013 –Theo vd Weide, Marko v Eekelen 11-11-2013 –Theo vd Weide, afstemming met IC

3 3 Characteristics IS@RU High quality research Master information science very close to research Typically 10-20 students per course Research projects individually or in small groups Informal atmosphere International

4 4 Not the biggest institute, but the best! Nijmegen 4.83 Delft 4.64 Leiden 4.25 UvA 4.23 Eindhoven 4.21 VU 4.18 Twente 4.05 Utrecht 4.02 Groningen3.78 Okt. 2012: Europese ERC Advanced Grant for Prof. Bart Jacobs April 2013: Dr. Elena Marchiori receives Europese EvoStar Award for contributions to evolutionairy algorithms

5 5 Relevancy NL

6 6 Relevancy EU

7 7 Institutional Pillars Research: –Institute for Computing and Information Sciences (iCIS) Intelligent Systems Model-Based System Development Digital Security Education: –Instituut voor Informatica en Informatiekunde (III) –Master Programs: Computing Science (Informatica) Information Science (Informatiekunde) Information Science Intelligent SystemsModel-Based System Development Digital Security

8 8 CustomerArchitectEngineerBuilder imagesquestionnumbers material Information ScienceComputing Science Information and Computing Science

9 9 Motivation Large and ambitious construction projects require experts with a background at an academic level in the following topics: –Problem analysis in a realistic context. –Design of constructions that contribute to the solution of that problem. –Quality control during construction. –Support of its implementation in practice. –Making adaptations related to a changing environment and evolving requirements.

10 10 Difference Master and Bachelor Research now plays a central role Research: trying to expand the boundaries of our knowledge

11 11 Academic professionals realisation construction plan model problem communicate analyse model design implement steer justify innovate!

12 12 International program (1) Master programs fit in the international context They also prepare for an international career The program therefore is taught in English

13 13 International program (2) Courses with an international component Extra options: –Exchange programs (Erasmus, IRUN) –Master thesis abroad

14 14 Program components Basic knowledge and skills working at an academic level doing research core topics Master thesis

15 15 Two study variants Starting in Fall semester: –Security –Formal reasoning with Business Rules Starting in Spring semester: –Data science

16 16 Starting in Spring Semester Spring start: Spring Semester Spring start: Fall Semester I00035: Foundations of Information SystemsNWI-IMI002: Architectural System Design I00041: Information Retrieval Master Thesis IMI001: ICT in a Different Culture (*) OR IMC021: System Development Management I00037: ICT&S2 I00152: Research Methods Free Choice: for exampe the course not chosen in (*) Data science

17 17 Starting in Fall Semester Fall start: Fall Semester Fall start: Spring Semester NWI-IMI002: Architectural System DesignI00037: ICT&S2Free Choice I00153: Security in organisations Master Thesis IMC006: Law in Cyberspace IMK004: Reasoning with Computer Support IMK003: Business Rules Specification Free Choice I00152: Research Methods - Security - Formal reasoning with Business Rules

18 18 Free choice See course catalogue of the Radboud University. Suggested courses: –Cognition and Representation (6 ec) –Bayesian and Decision models in AI (6 ec) –Business Service Innovation (3 ec) (cancelled for 2013-2014) The following courses can be selected as free choice when they are not part of the compulsory programme: –ICT in a different Culture (6 ec) –Foundations of Information Systems (6 ec) –Information Retrieval (6 ec) –Security in Organisations –Law in Cyberspace The "Huygens colleges”

19 19 Master thesis projects Within industry –Digital intelligence –Automating notary document processing –Analyzing user profiles –Future energy consumption Within our institute –Supporting the stock market Abroad –Bridging the Digital Divide in Zambia –The attractiveness of an outsourcing provider

20 20 Braille in Mathematics Education Linking Business/IT alignment interventions to organizational culture, structure, strategy and change readiness

21 21 An argument based approach for easier process modeling using dialog games A new approach to structured document building

22 22 Beyond Smart Meters Legal compliance of Home Energy Management Systems Impact Telecommunication Law on online interaction

23 23 Questions?

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