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Tungsten, W The new, eco-friendly way to transport Orff instruments.

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1 Tungsten, W The new, eco-friendly way to transport Orff instruments.

2 Product Distribution Options

3 Products move from the Factory to Tran, To Transport products to Locomotives or Airports (For National Or Global Distribution) When products arrive in the general vicinity of the final destination, they can be brought to stores or private buyers by electric trucks

4 Eco-friendly Cost Friendly Transportation: Electric Locomotives Currently run underground in London Can be wired to run from factories to warehouses Can run 24 hours on one charge Recharge in two hours Zero Emissions Runs on 1080 batteries First created in 2005 Costs are not available on the internet Top Speed between 110-124 mph

5 Electric Locomotives

6 Eco-friendly Cost Friendly Transportation: Hybrid Locomotives (Diesel & Electric) GE introduced to the US 80 years ago All railways are already in use, cost of building track would be decreased, no need North America could save $425 million dollars in fuel costs each year if all railways converted Reduce fuel consumption by 15% Reduces emissions by 50% of what is used Began being produced in 2001, will begin operation in 2010 Every time the Engine breaks, the energy is moved into the battery to recharge it Costs are not posted

7 Hybrid Locomotives (Diesel & Electric)

8 Eco-friendly Cost Friendly Transportation: Smiths Electric Delivery Vans Used to run product from warehouse to stores or customers Run on Electric batteries inside vehicle Use electric motors versus internal combustion engines Currently are used in Europe Total cost between $50,000 and $55,000 No gas is required for this to run Only daily maintenance to run would be recharging battery Fully charged can reach up to 150 miles Breaking recharges battery Travel at top speed of 50mph – Would be used locally, no need to reach top speed USA will produce 10,000 vehicles per year after 2010 In the UK some companies are already signed on: DHL, Starbucks, the Royal Mail, TK Maxx, and CEVA Logistics

9 Electric Delivery Vans


11 Eco-friendly Cost Friendly Transportation: Boeing X-48B The new X-48 unmanned plane has been developed by NASA It is extremely quiet, fuel efficient, and spacious, so it can hold lots of cargo The design of the plane allows the whole body to provide lift, instead of just the wings, and this helps to conserve fuel Exact costs are not available, but the final models are expected to be on the market before the year 2015 The first test flight of the Boeing X-48B took place in November 2006, and was completely successful

12 Boeing X-48B


14 Eco-friendly Cost Friendly Transportation: Sky Tran Cars would get the equivalent of 200mpg Not effected by traffic All deliveries would be on time Cost $10M per mile, ¼ the cost of a railway system, 1/5 the cost of interstate highway systems Powered by magnets Can be remodeled for cargo rather than passengers Already in use in Dubai

15 Sky Tran

16 Company Car Options

17 Eco-friendly Cost Friendly Transportation: Electric Company Cars Nissan has created purely electric vehicle has zero emissions sophisticated for any man of work go up to 100 miles on a charge is expected to cost between $10,000-$24,000 monthly cost of this car will be far less than the average cars monthly cost in gasoline

18 Nissan LEAF

19 Eco-friendly Cost Friendly Transportation: 2010 Mazda3 Starting Price $16,045 25-33mpg Passenger Volume 94.1ftsq Cargo Volume 11.8ftsq Xenon headlights Bluetooth capability Heated Seats Navigation System

20 2010 Mazda3

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