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Department of Astrophysics

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1 Department of Astrophysics
Partner in NOVA White dwarfs Astroparticle physics

2 Secr: Cisca Custers Chair: Prof. Jan Kuijpers

3 1. Galactic white dwarf binaries
Charting the Galactic population of white dwarf binaries How: - Wide field camera surveys * INT (La Palma): Faint Sky Variability Survey & Hα Survey of Galactic plane (IPHAS) * VST (Paranal): Omegawhite & UVEX - Phase resolved spectroscopy & photometry - Population synthesis Who: Paul Groot, Luisa Morales-Rueda, Gijs Nelemans, Gijs Roelofs, Else van den Besselaar, Wilbert van Ham, Richard Hijmering.

4 White dwarf binary

5 Discovering WD binaries
Dr. Luisa Morales Rueda Discovering WD binaries Colour diagrams of FSVS: non-variable, variable point sources and their ratio

6 Drs. Else van den Besselaar Unravelling binaries SDSS spectrum
Combined red + white dwarf Single white dwarf Single red dwarf

7 The Galactic Population of Compact Binaries
Drs. Gijs Roelofs The Galactic Population of Compact Binaries A Hot Spot The VLT The data Mass transfer in a binary star

8 Dr. Gijs Nelemans Veni-recipient GWs from binaries

9 The next generation cryogenic detector for X-rays and UV-VIS
Drs. Richard Hijmering DROIDS Spectral imaging with Distributed Read-Out Imaging Devices The next generation cryogenic detector for X-rays and UV-VIS Noordwijk: Science Payload and Advanced Concept Office ESTEC/ESA When: 2007

10 Drs. Wilbert van Ham Eclipse mapping of accretion discs with S-Cam
Superconducting Josephson junctions

11 X-Shooter Dr. Paul Groot VIDI recipient
The world's most advanced spectrograph on the world's most advanced telescope: the ESO-VLT 0.3 – 2.5 micron, simultaneously Netherlands: Near infrared arm (2 Meuro) Nijmegen: Astrophysics + Technocenter: Cryostat of the nIR arm When: On the telescope in 2008

12 2. Astro Particle Physics
High Energy Astrophysics of cosmic rays, neutron stars, pulsars, black holes and gravitational waves How: - WSRT, LOPES, LOFAR, AUGER - Theory: plasma astrophysics, general relativity - Cooperation EHEF & ThHEF Who: Jan Kuijpers, Heino Falcke, Martin van den Akker, Stijn Buitink, Andreas Horneffer, Sven Lafèbre, Joachim Moortgat, Andreas Nigl, Jelena Petrovic, Roy Smits.

13 High energy astrophysics
Gravitational wave ripple in fabric of space-time

14 Pulsars observed with WSRT and GMRT
Drs. Roy Smits Pulsars observed with WSRT and GMRT Drifting sub-pulse caroussel

15 Radio pulsars explained
Drs. Pui-Kei Fung Radio pulsars explained Free-Electron Laser Simulation of pulsar emission

16 Drs. Joachim Moortgat Interaction GWs with matter: Observing GW with LOFAR

17 Drs. Martin van den Akker CERN muon detector as muon telescope
Sky distribution of muons: no point sources

18 Dr. Jelena Petrovic Monte Carlo simulations of CR radio pulses

19 Drs. Sven Lafèbre CR detection with LOPES Radio emission dependence on
primary particle energy

20 Thunderstorms and CR radio emission
Drs. Stijn Buitink Thunderstorms and CR radio emission Enhanced radio emission during thunderstorms

21 Ir. Andreas Nigl LOFAR: Jupiter 22.06.04 15:37:34 + ~3.5s Observatory
28 Io-induced emission with s-bursts Observatory Nancay 25 Frequency (MHz) Io-induced emission, s-bursts (10MHz/s), IPS – interplanetary scintillation (1MHz/s) Nancay: 144 antennas consisting of 8 wires, half of the antennas is wounded LH and half RH, MHz 28 beam direction towards Jupiter Initial Test Station LOFAR :37:34 + ~3.5s 25 1 Time (s) 2 3

22 Detectors for CR radio emission
Dr. Andreas Horneffer Detectors for CR radio emission Enjoying his first nature article!!

23 Radio emission from CRS
Prof. Dr. Heino Falcke Recipient of Ludwig-Biermann-prize Geosynchrotron Radio emission from CRS Nature, 435, 313, 2005

24 Astrobiology Prof. Dr. Pascale Ehrenfreund Recipient of 1st
Producing life in a bottle? Prof. Dr. Pascale Ehrenfreund Recipient of 1st vernieuwingsimpuls

25 Prof. Conny Aerts Music from the stars Looking into
the heart of a massive star for the first time ever! Music from the stars

26 High-velocity clouds in the Galaxy
Dr. Ulrich Schwarz High-velocity clouds in the Galaxy Galactic fountain or Extragalactic accretion?

27 Masters projects 1 Magnetars Alfvenic heating Extrasolar planets
Lianne Muijres, Eveline Schaekens, Marnix Theijssen, Vincent Klein-Breteler, Haili Hu Knot in Crab Gravetars?

28 Robotisering 35cm telescoop
Masters projects 2 Erik Rijshouwer TUE Robotisering 35cm telescoop Pictures with 35 cm reflector by Harm Schoorlemmer Ring nebula Orion nebula Pinwheel galaxy

29 Studenten-bachelorsprojecten 1
Polarisatie CR radio straling: Pim Schellart; Calibratie radio antennes: Andra Versteeg, Sandra Petrovic, Jaap Kroes; Magnetische lusantennes: Karel Kok, Stefan Jansen; Kosmische straling: Ralph Breuer.

30 Studenten-bachelorsprojecten 2
Hoge-snelheidswolken: Lieke van Spaandonk, Daniel van Wassem, Bart Buijs Sterspectrograaf Hans Coppens, Former vd Ploeg Zonnespectrograaf Kars Verbeek en Harm Schoorlemmer

31 Bachelor colleges Jaar 1
Optica en Sterrenkijker 1 & 2 (3 ec) prof. Kuijpers et al. Kaleidoscoop Sterrenkunde (3 ec) prof. Kuijpers Observationele Sterrenkunde (3 ec) dr Groot Newtoniaanse Kosmologie (3 ec) prof. Kuijpers Jaar 2 Planetenstelsel dr Groot ec Sterevolutie dr Groot ec Astrobiologie prof. Ehrenfreund ec Project ec Jaar 3 Project vervolg Kosmische magneetvelden prof. Kuijpers 6 ec Asteroseismologie prof. Aerts ec ART + Vroege Heelal prof. Kleiss + Kuijpers 6 ec

32 High Energy Astrophysics
Graduate Programme in Astrophysics High Energy Astrophysics 60 ects Thesis project (observ./theoret./abroad) 6 ects Accreting compact objects 6 ects Radio pulsars 6 ects Black holes 4 ects Telescope observing 6 ects New windows on the universe 6 ects Interacademiae course

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