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Atty. Heidi A. Marquez-Caguioa

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1 Atty. Heidi A. Marquez-Caguioa
Republic Act 9482 The Anti Rabies Act of 2007 Atty. Heidi A. Marquez-Caguioa AKF

2 Purpose : An Act Providing for the Control and Elimination of
RA 9482 The Anti Rabies Act Purpose : An Act Providing for the Control and Elimination of Human and Animal Rabies xxx Creation of National Anti Rabies Committee National Anti Rabies Program Multi Sectoral- promotes cooperation among Government Agencies, NGO’s and PO’s in the implementation of the national anti rabies program AKF

3 Mass vaccination of dogs
Component Activities of the Anti Rabies Program (Sec 4) Mass vaccination of dogs Establishment of central database system for registered and vaccinated dogs 3. Impounding, field control and disposition of unregistered stray and unvaccinated dogs 4. Provision on pre-exposure treatment to high risk personnel and post- exposure treatment to animal bite victims 5. Free routine immunization or pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) of school children aged 5-14 in areas of high rabies incidents 6. Encourage responsible pet ownership AKF

4 Agencies Tasked to Implement
Department of Agriculture Department of Health DILG DepEd LGU Assisted By: DENR POs NGOs AKF

5 Section 5 - Responsibilities of Pet Owners
Salient Provisions Section 5 - Responsibilities of Pet Owners Section 6 - Responsibilities of Government Agencies - Department of Agriculture - Department of Health - Department of Education - Local Government Units Section 8 - Assistance of NGOS & Academe Section 9 -Impounding, Field Control and Disposition Section 10 - Dog Population Control Section Penalties AKF

6 Responsibilities of Pet Owners
Regular vaccination of dogs against rabies Registration of dogs with the LGU Vet Services Keeping control of dogs and not allowing it to roam in the streets or any public place without a leash - leash 5 meters length - dog tag attached on the collar or harness -aggressive dogs muzzled in public places -collect feces Provide proper grooming, food and clean shelter - Consistent with animal welfare law AKF

7 Sec. 11. (1), (2), (5) (1). Pet owners who fail to have their dogs registered and immunized Fine of P2,000.00 (2). Pet owners who refuse to have their dog vaccinated against rabies liable to pay for the vaccination of both dog and human (5).Pet owners who refuse to put a leash on their dogs while outside Fine of P for each incident AKF

8 Responsibilities of Pet Owner
Immediate reporting of dog bite incident Within 24 hours LGU Vet Services Place dog under observation 14 days DO NOT KILL DOG! If dog dies within observation period, submit dog for rabies laboratory examination Unvaccinated dogs bitten by a rabid dog shall be euthanized immediately & disposed properly dog bitten by another dog- 6 mos veterinary supervision Sec 11 (3)- Pet owners who refuse to put their dogs under observation after a dog bite incident shall be meted a fine of P10,000. AKF

9 Responsibilities of Pet Owner
Assist dog bite victim and shoulder medical expenses incurred Sec.11 (4). Pet Owners who refuse to put their dog under Observation and do not shoulder medical expenses shall be Meted a fine of P25,000.00 AKF

10 Responsibilities of the LGU
Proper immunization, registration, issuance of dog tags -Annual registration and vaccination -adherence to a standard dog tagging system -verification requirement on the ownership and registration records of dogs during transport -Enforce dog impounding activities and field control to eliminate stray dog -establishment of dog pounds AKF

11 Responsibilities of the LGU
Ensure dogs are leashed/ confined within the owners premises -consistent with Pet owners responsibility Allocate funds to augment the anti rabies program Ensure enforcement of RA 8485 ( Animal Welfare Act) Enact additional ordinances to support the National Rabies Prevention program -Model ordinance to be made available to LGU AKF

12 Ordinance includes provisions on:
a. Registration/ vaccination b. RPO c. Regulation of Tandok d. control of strays, leashing and confinement e. establishment and operation of animal control facility f. dog population control g. Information, education and communication campaign h. fund sourcing and generation i. incentives and penalties j. LGU Vet appointment and Vet Office k. prohibition on trade of dogs for meat AKF

13 AKF Prohibit the trade of dogs for meat
-enforce ordinance and other regulations prohibiting trade of dogs for meat Establishment/maintenance of dog pound in cities and 1st class municipalities Prohibit use of electrocution as a euthanasia procedure Appointment of veterinarian and establish a veterinary office in every province, City & 1st class municipality Requirement for petshops to post information regarding rabies and RPO Collection of fines imposed under Sec. 11 of RA 9482 AKF

14 What is trading of dogs for meat?
include but not limited to buying and/or selling of dogs, dog meats and carcasses, dog farming, collecting, and /or slaughtering of dogs for commercial consumption. AKF

15 Any person found guilty of trading of dogs for meat shall
Section 11 (7) Any person found guilty of trading of dogs for meat shall be fined not less than Five thousand (5,000.00) per dog AND subjected to imprisonment of one to four years. Section11 (8) Any person found guilty of electrocution as a method of euthanasia shall be find not less than Five Thousand pesos ( ) per act AND subject to imprisonment for one to four years. AKF

16 The horrors of Dog Meat Trading - inhumane act to treat and kill dogs
this way - filthy, putrid meat unfit for human consumption - can be fatal if dog is rabid AKF

17 Section 9 Impounding, field control and disposition of stray,
unvaccinated dogs -Guidelines: Impounded in LGU designated dog pound Placement for adoption of unclaimed dogs after 3 days After 3 days the dogs are considered abandoned disposed consistent with the provisions of RA 8485 immediate euthanasia if: Dangerous to retain Dog is suffering from pain/discomfort Diagnosed with contagious/communicable disease Proper isolation and disposal of rabid dog

18 Section 10 Dog Population Control
The government agencies concerned together with the NGOS and Pos shall IEC campaigns on RPO, including the option of spay and neuter Incentive program by giving discounts to pet owners availing the spay and Neuter services for their dogs Mandatory spay and neuter for dogs impounded 3 times before release Fine for impounded dogs P but not more than 1,000

19 DILG Commitment AKF

20 Pursuant to the provisions of the DILG-DOH Joint Memorandum Circular No , DILG MC Nos and , all local chief executives are enjoined to strictly observe the following: 1. Appointment of Veterinarian Officer which is mandatory for Provincial and City Government as provided under Section 489 of the Local Government Code. 2. Enactment of an Ordinance aimed at protecting and promoting animal welfare 3. Conduct of a sustained info drive about the provisions of RA 8485, animal rights and the hazards of eating dog and cat meat which may be infected with rabies and heat-resistant parasites; and 4. Apprehension and prosecution of those engaged in the illegal trading of animals. 5. Prior to the issuance of a Mayor’s Business Permit, an Animal Welfare Certificate of Registration from the Bureau of Animal Industry shall be required for all animal facilities used for breeding, treatment, sale or trading and training of animals. AKF

21 Memo Circular 2011-30 Dated March 3, 2011
DILG Commitment Memo Circular Dated March 3, 2011 Strict implementation of RA 9482 “Toward this end, all provincial governors, City Mayors And Municipal Mayors are hereby advised for the full compliance of the requirements of RA 9482, and to give Emphasis on the prohibition of the trade of dog meat, as set Forth in Section7 (7) of the abovecited law.” Jesse M. Robredo Secretary AKF

22 Rabies is preventable if only we are responsible!!

23 The End AKF

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