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Module3 Unit 1 Warm up 1. When was the 29th Olympic Games held? How many golden medals did we get? Who is your favourite player? Why? Do you feel proud.

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2 Module3 Unit 1

3 Warm up 1. When was the 29th Olympic Games held? How many golden medals did we get? Who is your favourite player? Why? Do you feel proud about China?

4 Can you speak out the names of sports as many as possible? basketball cycling dancing skiing football

5 Match the words with the pictures: swimming gymnastics surfing boxing volleyball

6 Talk something about the pictures


8 Say something about Yao Ming 1. When and where was Yao Ming born? 2. How tall is he? 3. What did he do in 1998, in 2000 and in 2005? 4. How many points did he score in his first game in NBA? 5. Who coached him? 6. Do you think he plays well? These questions may help you:

9 Yao Ming was born in 1980 in Shanghai. At 226 centimeters he is one of the tallest men in the NBA. In 1998 he joined the Chinese National team. In the year 2000 Yao joined the All-Star team of Asia. In 2005 YaoMing was selected first in the NBA Draft by Houston. He scored 19 points in his first game. He is coached by former NBA All-Star Patrick Ewing. He plays well,

10 Talk about the photos Listening and vocabulary

11 Look at the photos on Page 18 and describe them. You can use some of the words in the box to help you. allow competition defeat fan hold point season score stand for team win

12 Listen and number the words you hear. allow competition defeat fan hold point season score stand for team win


14 Competition Teams against Next Match Last match score Bettys favourite team to win Basketball HAS BIG Next Saturday HAS 98 points to Globetrotters 52 BIG Listen and complete the following table

15 Listen and complete the sentences. 1.Tony looks tired because ______________________________ _____________________________. 2. Betty is coming to the match because_______________________ ________________________________. he is training with BIG for the Schools Basketball Competition she is going to write a report for the school magazine New Standard

16 3. Betty has seen HAS play this season and she thinks ___________________. 4. Tony and Daming think they will _______________________. 5. Betty and Lingling say they think that BIG will lose in order to _________________________________ ___________. HAS is brilliant win the match this time make Tony and Daming try harder to win

17 refer to Read the sentences from the conversation. Say who the underlined words refer to. 1. You look tired. 2. You were defeated last time. 3. Are you coming? Tony the Beijing International Globetrotters Betty ( Lingling, maybe )

18 4. And if you want my opinion … 5. … youve got no chance! 6. … you wont be allowed to watch with our fans … Tony the Beijing International Globetrotters Betty and Lingling

19 Important and difficult points 1. Dont let them get to you, Tony!, ! get to sb. to make someone feel upset or angry,,, get to,, :

20 1) The heat was beginning to get to me, so I went indoors.,, 2) The smell of her old book really gets to me after a while!,

21 3) His honesty got to me at last.,. 4) Did you get to the airport in time? ?

22 2. Whos it against ? ? against : prep. ….. / be against be for 1). Our team played against Class Three. 2) ? Are you against or for this plan? 3). The soldiers fought against the enemies fiercely.

23 3. Youve got no chance! chance n., get / have a chance by chance,, 1),. If you have a chance to go abroad, take it. 2). I met him in the library by chance.

24 3). Its a good chance to learn from heroes. 4) ? May I get a chance of taking part in the game?

25 4. allow + sth. + allow + doing sth. allow + sb. to do sth. + allow + to do sth. 1) Teenagers dont allow smoking. 2), We cant sit by and allow a quarrel between classmates.

26 3). His father doesnt allow him to go on line for more than two hours. 4). Cheating isnt allowed to go unpunished 5). Smoking isnt allowed here. 6). In the early Olympic Games, only men were allowed to compete and watch the games.

27 5. What does HAS stand for?,, 1) What does PIN stand for? 2) NBA stands for National Basketball Association.

28 Listen and repeat. Make sure you pause between each sense group. Yes. / Im training / with BIG, / the Beijing International Globetrotters, / for the School's Basketball Competition. / It's the big match / next week.

29 Say the sentence. Well, you wont allowed to watch with our fans if thats what you think! Now listen and check. Work in pairs. Talk about your favourite sports team or sports star this season. I think... will win a gold medal at the Olympic Games. And I think... will be defeated.

30 Now work with another pair. Talk about your favourite sports team or sports star. Do you agree or disagree with each other? I agree I think youre right. Its true. So do I. I dont agree.

31 a tough match Youve got no chance! What do you reckon? Dont let them get to you! Nice work! / !


33 Complete the following using everyday English Did you watch the basketball match between CBA and NBA ? ---Yes. It was a ______________ Ive read the first part of the story. --What _____________? --Its fantastic and Id like to read the next part. 3. Make up your mind to try hard, then difficulties will never _______. tough match do you reckon get to you

34 4. You will ______________ of winning if you dont practice this season Had you finished the task before you went on line? ---Yes, I had, though it took me a long time. --- __________, my boy! get no chance Nice work

35 Unit 2 Liu Xiang was trained for gold.


37 Watch and talk about Liu Xiang. Liu Xiang became the champion of male 110m hurdles at 2004 Olympic games in Athens. It was Lius first Olympics and he won the gold medal. After that he became very famous in the world. Almost all the Chinese are proud of him. Liu Xiang is always energetic. When he was a Grade Four student in a primary school, he was chosen by the junior sports school to practice jumping. In 1998 Liu Xiang, aged 15, met the famous coach Sun Haiping. Sun.wmv.wmv believed Liu Xiang was a rising star and he let Liu practice the 110m hurdles.

38 Name: Liu Xiang Sex: Male Place of birth: Shanghai Birthday: Height: 188 cm Body weight: 74 kg Project: the high jump, 110 m hurdles Talk about something Liu Xiang advise choose compare encourage help medal notice overnight success record set up symbol train

39 Read the passage and choose the sentence which best expresses the main idea.

40 Complete the time line with the notes Future plans a. won an Olympic gold in Athens b. hurdling skill noticed c. training programme changed d. appear in films, adverts etc, record music e. born in Shanghai f. won in Switzerland and Korea g. started training at a sports school e g b c f a d 39

41 making notes learning to learn

42 a. He won an Olympic gold in Athens. b. His hurdling skills were noticed c. The training programme was changed d. He will appear in films, adverts etc, and he will record music. e. He was born in Shanghai f. He won races in Switzerland and Korea g. He started training at a sports school. Rewrite the notes in Activity 3 in full sentences.

43 Answer the questions. 1 As a symbol, what does Liu Xiang represent? He s a symbol of China s international sporting success. 2 Why isn t Liu Xiang an overnight success ? Because he started training when he was very young.

44 3 What was Liu Xiang advised to do in 1998? He was advised to train at hurdling in What was the special programme set up in 2001? It was set up in 2001 to help young sportsmen.

45 5 what will he be encouraged to do in the future? He will be encouraged to go for more medals for China.

46 Look at the sentences. A special programme helped Liu Xiang. Liu Xiang was helped by a special programme. His skill at hurdling was noticed by his coach Sun Haiping. His coach Sun Haiping noticed his skill at hurdling.

47 Unit 3 Language in use

48 Match finishing line award marathon Italian turn champion Taekwondo belt

49 Work in pairs. Ask and answer. when / the next Olympic Games / hold? When will the next Olympic Games be held ? 1 who / choose / represent China / the next Olympics ? the best sports stars / choose / represent China Who will be chosen to represent China the next Olympics ?

50 The best sports stars will be chosen to represent China. 2 what / Liu Xiang / ask / to do / in the future? he / ask / appear films and record music What will Liu Xiang be asked to do in the future ? He will be asked appear films and record music.

51 3 how / Liu Xiang help / by a special prgramme in the past ? his races / record / and his performance /compare / with best sports sports stars How was Liu Xiang helped by a special prgramme in the past? His races were recorded and his performance was compared with best sports stars.

52 4 how many gold medals/win/China at the Athens OlympIcs? thirty-two gold medals/win/China at the Athens Olympics How many gold medals were won by China at the Athens Olympics ? Thirty-two gold medals were won by China at the Athens Olympics.

53 5 where / ten – year– old Zhang Yining / train ? she /train /at a famous sports school Where were ten – year – old Zhang Yining trained ? She was trained at a famous sports school.

54 Complete the passage with the correct form of the words.

55 Millions of people around the world (1) _____________(watch) the last Olympic Games. And the next Olympic Games (2)________________ (see) by millions more. Some stars of the last Olympics (3) _________ (train) at special schools. Special programme was set up help them. watched will be seen trained

56 There, students performance (4) _____________ (record) and (5) _____________ (compare) with the world's beat sports stars. The coaches (6) _________ (use) the information to chaining programmes. The same programmes (7) ___________ also ____________ (help) to make the stars of the future. was recorded compared used will be helped

57 Look at the pictures and put them in the correct order.

58 Now work in pairs and discuss the true event of the Olympics in London, 1908, Use the words under each picture.

59 Complete the conversation with the correct form of the words in the box. compare competition defeat encourage fan match point team train win

60 Ted: Did you watch the match on Saturday? Bob: Yes, I did. I'm a big (1) ________ of BIG. Ted: Oh, BIG is my favourite (2) _______, too. Bob: I'm very happy because they did so well in the (3) _______________ Ted: Yes, they have scored so many (4) ________this season. fan points competition team

61 Bob:They've(5)_______every match so far... Ted: And that must have (6) __________ them a lot. Bob: Do you think they'll (7) _________ HAS ? Ted: Yes, I do. They've (8) _________very hard this season. Bob: Yes, and I think BIG play very well (9) __________with HAS now. encouraged compared trained defeat won

62 Choose the best answer. 1 Xu Haifeng won the first gold _______ in Olympic Game for China. a) medal b) symbol c) prize d) point 2 Liu Xiang _______ by his coach to train regularly. a) told b) was advised c) was defeated d) compared a b

63 3 The team played well, but they didn't _________ the competition. a) score b) do c) win d) succeed 4 Mr Li ________ to represent the new computer company because of his great contribution. a) were noticed b) was chosen c) set up d) help 5 Our team entered the _______ after we won 50 matches. a b c

64 a) competition b) season c) medal d) training 6 BIG ______ Beijing International Globetrotter. a) makes b) spells c) stands for d) looks like 7 Our team lost ! They _____ by the champions. a) noticed b) were defeated c) won d) were encouraged b c

65 Listen and check the true statements. 1 She found her training difficult when she fist started doing taekwondo. 2 She trains without a coach. 3 She is a very tough person, even when she isn't doing sports. 4 She didnt win a gold medal at the Athens Games. 5 Chen Zhong wont be in the next Olympic Games.

66 2 Who encouraged her to continue with her training? a) Her coach and her. b) Her friends. c) Her fans. 3 How does she change when she is in a competition? a) She becomes tough. b) She becomes shy. c) She becomes happy. Listen again and choose the correct answer.

67 4 What does Chen Zhong want to do in the future? a) To set up a taekwondo school. b) To encourage people to take part in the Olympics. c) To win another gold medal in the next Olympic Games.

68 Put the sentences in the correct order to complete the conversation. a) Well, don't stop looking. It's important to find a club that has been set up by WTE. b) People say I've got no chance of getting a black belt in less than five years. What do you reckon? c) I want to find out whether I am too old to start taekwondo.

69 d) Of course not ! People of all ages can do Taekwondo. First of all, you need to find a club. e) The World Taekwondo Federation. f) There's one near my school, but I dont think its good. g) Well, it usually takes about five years, but it can be done in about two or three years, so go for it ! h) What does that stand for ?

70 The Paralympic Games In 1948, Sir Ludwig Guttmann, a doctor at a hospital in England, began using sport as part of his patients' treatment. He set up a competition with other hospitals at the same time as the

71 London Olympic in that year.Over the next ten year, the competition grew bigger and bigger with more hospitals in England taking part. In 1960, at the Rome Olympics, Guttmann brought 400 athletes to compete. The modern parallel Olympics (or "Paralympics") were born.

72 More and more people take part in Paralypics, and at the Paralympics in Sydney. a total of 125 countries took part.Crowded stadiums and enormous media coverage across the world made this the beat Paralympics ever. Module task: Making a class sports survey

73 Work in groups. Write questions to find out about the sport people like to watch and do. * What sports do you like? * How often...? * Do you like to...or...? Carry out your survey. * Ask as many students as you can to answer your questions.

74 Write the results of your survey. Say how many students you asked the questions were. We asked...student What...? Compare their answers. … students said... and... students said...

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