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Winning the QC game with ConAd Mark Mackenzie +61 (0) 2 8883 4667

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1 Winning the QC game with ConAd Mark Mackenzie +61 (0)

2 Winning the QC game with ConAd 2 What is ConAd? Influences on ConAd Development ConAd design philosophy Types of specifications Benefits of Conad Return on investment Future developments – Additional value Introduction

3 Winning the QC game with ConAd 3 Fully integrated system –Internally Concrete Aggregates Raw Materials –Externally Designed to be fully integrated with other key business management systems, currently interfaces with Command Series & SAP Benefits –Ensures information is transferred efficiently, accurately & effectively –Significantly reduces or eliminates the need for duplicate data entry –Saves time –Ensures all required information is available to the users –Significantly improves data integrity What is ConAd?

4 Winning the QC game with ConAd 4 –Externally (Cont.) Examples of information which can and should be transferred electronically: –Customer & project (contract) details –Personnel details –Raw material details – codes, descriptions, availability, costs, etc. –Product details –Delivery & production data – ticket (docket) details, batch quantities SSD & revised targets, actual batch quantities, etc –Mix designs Additional interface data available on request What is ConAd?

5 Winning the QC game with ConAd 5 Primary functionality includes: –Concrete Real time batch & exception analysis Efficient laboratory management system Comprehensive raw materials management – Cementitious, Aggregates & Admixtures Accurate performance predictions from early ages Performance analysis – allowing the analysis of all variables individually or combined with drill down capabilities Reporting tools – standard e.g. certificates & powerful user configurable, reporting and analysis. Includes ability to export to MS excel Trial mixes Mix management Mix submittals What is ConAd?

6 Winning the QC game with ConAd 6 –Aggregates Laboratory setup – Lab Details, Default sieves (screens), equipment, sieve (screen) sets, etc. Aggregate setup - Rock types, Weather conditions, Sampling procedures, etc. Quarry setup - Quarry plants, Plant setups, Sampling locations & Quarry origins Products & specifications - Product tests, Products, Product groups, Grading & Other specifications Data Entry - Sample & Test registers, Completed worksheets Analysis & reporting - Grading, Other test type, Grading variance analysis, Certificates & Certificate register –System setup and configuration What is ConAd?

7 Winning the QC game with ConAd 7 Dynamics and demands of our industry Acknowledge that customer expectations continue to rise Understanding that businesses are continually striving to achieve optimization: –Whatever the environment – Prescription or Performance –Common goal is to consistently meet customer expectations at the lowest possible cost. That QC managers & their teams have very busy lives & limited time QC teams are dealing with and need to consider extremely large quantities of interrelated data For concrete the risk to the producer of under or over performance is large, due to: –Period required to obtain indication of performance –And verification of compliance Influences on ConAd Development

8 Winning the QC game with ConAd 8 Key criteria specific to deliveries, samples, etc. needs to be associated to test data, to allow analysis and issue resolution Specifiers & customers are becoming more risk averse – require more information and greater levels of assurance More QC people is not the solution & more time not an option The current systems & processes used by companies are significantly influenced by current system capabilities & experience Influences in ConAd Development

9 Winning the QC game with ConAd 9 To achieve full concrete optimization requires the focus of the entire business not just the QC team Develop an understanding that good decisions are made and actions taken when key people: –Have the capability and time to do the important things e.g.: Fully analyze and understand trends & issues Determine & implement required changes Fulfill customer (internal & external) expectations –Have a high degree of confidence: In their decisions In their actions In their ability to identify & respond to changes quickly ConAd Design Philosophy

10 Winning the QC game with ConAd 10 That unless –Quality management functions / responsibilities –Can be carried out easily well within the time available –Then these tasks/responsibilities are either: Not going to be carried as frequently as required Or are not going to be carried out It would be unreasonable to expect key business & quality objectives to be achieved ConAd Design Philosophy

11 Winning the QC game with ConAd 11 Subscribes to & promotes the following statements: –You can only manage what you measure –You show me how you measure and I will show you how I perform In terms of quality management both of these are extremely relevant & important Provide you the client with the capabilities: –To eliminate or minimize time spent on routine functions which add little or no value e.g. data entry –To increase effectiveness in all areas, within current or targeted time constraints –To manage by exception –To reallocate time and focus on areas of the business which add more value –While maintaining focus on entire area of responsibility ConAd Design Philosophy

12 Winning the QC game with ConAd 12 Performance –The customer specifies the performance criteria – What they would like to achieve –The suppliers are responsible for: Designing products which are capable of meeting or exceeding the specified performance Consistently producing & supplying concrete which achieves the specified performance If necessary providing the customer with relevant information to verify performance and provide peace of mind. –The supplier assumes most of the risk –While we broadly refer to theses as performance specification, they often contain some form of prescription Types of Specifications

13 Winning the QC game with ConAd 13 Prescription –The customer / engineers, specify: Performance criteria e.g. Compressive Strength, Workability, etc. Prescriptive criteria e.g. –Water / Cement Ratios –Cementitious contents Min or Max –Coarse / Fine Ratios –Etc. –The supplier is responsible for designing products meeting or exceeding the specified criteria: Generally carrying out trial mixes and tests to verify performance Providing the customer with detailed mix submittals –If approved by the customer, then: Producing concrete in accordance with the approved submission –The performance should be the customers responsibility/risk Types of Specifications

14 Winning the QC game with ConAd 14 It is often argued that: –Performance & cost optimization –The benefits of comprehensive quality management –And the benefits of systems like ConAd Are primarily for customers who operate in markets which mainly use performance specifications While we acknowledge that there may be more potential to achieve benefits with performance specifications For prescriptive specifications: –The potential benefits are very significant and well worth pursuing –They are just in other areas Types of Specifications

15 Winning the QC game with ConAd 15 We will look at the value of ConAd: Relative to both Prescriptive & Performance Specifications Address some of the misconceptions Highlight potential areas in which benefits and ultimately a ROI can be achieved Benefits of ConAd

16 Winning the QC game with ConAd 16 From the Concrete producers perspective, while each is different, in reality the implication, in terms of: –Volume & breadth of data to be managed –Business & process management requirements – laboratories, personnel, etc. –The requirements and ability to access data –The analysis requirements – raw materials, production, performance, etc. –Reporting capabilities certificates, business reports, mix submittals, etc. –The ability to identify and react to issues quickly and with a high degree of confidence –The ability to achieve required levels of control Basic principals of Quality Management & Technical Service remain relevant and important. Benefits of ConAd

17 Winning the QC game with ConAd 17 All that really changes is the emphasis that each method puts on the various aspects of the business Benefits of ConAd

18 Winning the QC game with ConAd 18 ConAd provides you with the ability: –To record & correctly associate all relevant information: Raw materials details & pricing Production (delivery & batch information) Concrete test results, etc. Other relevant details –Accurately predict performance from an early age –Analyze all data individually or in combination, identify trends and cause –Determine required changes e.g.: Mix design changes Address batching, delivery issues Raw material issues –Accurately and with a high degree of confidence communicate and implement changes Benefits of ConAd – Performance

19 Winning the QC game with ConAd 19 –Do this while meeting and exceeding your customer (internal & external) expectations –Do this within the time you have available and as often as required –With the knowledge and confidence that you can identify issues and react quickly Ultimately it gives you the ability to achieve personnel, performance & cost optimization Benefits of ConAd – Performance

20 Winning the QC game with ConAd 20 So how does ConAd benefit under these circumstances? The following are some examples Benefits of ConAd – Prescriptive

21 Winning the QC game with ConAd 21 Mix Submittals –Requirements Are compilations of interrelated and relevant data from numerous sources Have to be produced in a short period of time To a high degree of accuracy To one or more formats Contain Mix Designs Need to be stored & recalled at short notice –ConAd Stores all of this information Has a comprehensive, extremely powerful and fully integrated mix submittal module Will save you significant time Ensure consistency, full compliance & improve customer service –Affected modules – Mix Submittals, Raw Materials, Trial Mixes, Mix Management, Test Results, Analysis and Reporting Benefits of ConAd – Prescriptive

22 Winning the QC game with ConAd 22 Trial Mixes –Requirements A detailed understanding & record of requirements Capability –Have easy access available up to date & full details and compliance certification on all raw materials –The ability to easily access and use raw materials in trial mixes –Record and report on all relevant data –An auditable process to configure, carryout and store trial mixes Once approved the ability: –To link and compare trial mixes to production –Prevent changes to production mixes based on compliance with approved mixes –ConAd Has a comprehensive, extremely powerful and fully integrated trial mix module –Affected modules – Raw Materials, Trial Mixes, Mix Management, Test Results, Analysis and Reporting Benefits of ConAd – Prescriptive

23 Winning the QC game with ConAd 23 Mix Management –Requirements, ensure that all mixes can be: Consistently adjusted to achieve optimization in terms of: –Performance –Cost – Raw material combinations, selection, etc. –Fit for purpose requirements e.g. workability, pump ability, setting time, etc. Controlled to always comply with related approved mix submissions Controlled within the time available, efficiently & with minimal effort Efficiently, effectively and with a high degree of confidence implemented in the business Controlling other key factors which could impact quality & compliance e.g. max batch size, etc. –ConAd Has and is developing a comprehensive, extremely powerful and fully integrated mix management system capable of achieving all of the above –Affected modules – Mix Manager, Mix Submittals Benefits of ConAd – Prescriptive

24 Winning the QC game with ConAd 24 Batch Exception & Analysis –Requirements: Compliance with statutory &/or business batching tolerances Full compliance and adherence with approved submissions Ability to prevent the delivery of out of tolerance products Ability to identify issues and address these before they affect one of the above. –ConAd Has a comprehensive, extremely powerful and fully integrated batch exception module, capable of: –Identifying & notifying personnel of out of tolerance deliveries before they arrive on site –Carrying out detailed analysis of batching consistency & accuracy, identifying the areas of concern and potential issues –Affected modules – Batch Watcher, Batch Analysis Benefits of ConAd – Prescriptive

25 Winning the QC game with ConAd 25 Reporting –Requirements Ability to fully meet customer requirements & expectations in- terms of: –Quality, format and relevance of information –Frequency of issue To do this efficiently & effectively within the time available –ConAd Has a number of comprehensive, extremely powerful and fully integrated batch reporting modules –Affected modules – Batch Analysis, Analysis, Reporting Benefits of ConAd – Prescriptive

26 Winning the QC game with ConAd 26 Return on Investment

27 Winning the QC game with ConAd 27 Scheduled value adding developments: –Automatic exception notification Raw material information – compliance & frequency Concrete test data & information –Aggregate blending Future Developments

28 Winning the QC game with ConAd 28 Questions? Return on Investment

29 Winning the QC game with ConAd 29 Please Complete Your Evaluation Card Be sure to circle the session you are evaluating on the back of your card –Management Track (Track Name) –MGT-008 (session code) –Winning the QC Game with ConAd (session title) Thank You!

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