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Percentages Practice Questions. Change 0.08 to a fraction.

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1 Percentages Practice Questions

2 Change 0.08 to a fraction.

3 Convert to a percentage.

4 Find 30% of 2500 m.

5 Express 35 minutes as a percentage of 2 hours.

6 A farmer increases the output of her farm by 15%. If the previous output was 6500 tonnes, what is her present output?

7 A shop is having a sale. It sells a set of tools costing $130 at a 15% discount. Calculate the sale price of the tools.

8 $60000 is borrowed with 4% p.a. simple interest. Calculate: a)the total interest after 5 years, b)the total amount paid back after 8 years.

9 An apartment is bought for 75 000 and then resold for 87 000. Calculate the percentage profit.

10 Shares in a company are bought for $600. After a year the same shares are sold for $550. Calculate the percentage depreciation.

11 $4500 is invested at 9% p.a. compounded yearly. Work out the total value of the investment after 10 years.

12 A boat is sold for a profit of 28%. If the boat is sold for $15360, work out how much it originally cost the seller.

13 In a geography textbook, 35% of the pages are coloured. If there are 98 coloured pages, how many pages are there in the whole book?

14 A farmer takes 250 chickens to be sold at a market. In the first hour he sells 8% of his chickens. In the second hour he sells 10% of those that are left. a)How many chickens has he sold in total? b)What percentage of the original number did he manage to sell in two hours?

15 The population of a town increases by 5% each year. If in 2007 the population was 86 000, in which year is the population expected to exceed 100 000 for the first time?

16 In a test Valeria H scored 88%. If she got 3 questions wrong, how many did she get correct?

17 A one year old car is worth 11 250. If its value had depreciated by 25% in that first year, calculate what its price was when new.

18 A company increased its productivity by 10% each year for the past two years. If it produced 56 265 units this year, how many units did it produce two years ago?

19 Answers 1.225 2.0.375 3.750 m 4.29.2% 5.7475 tonnes 6.$110.50 7.a)$12000 b)$79200 8.16% 9.8.33% 10.$10653.10 11.$12000 12.280 13.a)43 b)17.2% 14.2011 15.22 16.15000 17.46500

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