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Day Topic: Spark Timer Analysis & Reflection

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1 Day 6 2-7-11 Topic: Spark Timer Analysis & Reflection
Objective: I will analyze the data and graph created by the “Lab”. Science Starter: Which chunk of wood will hit the ground first. Explain why. Use the words acceleration, gravity, and mass in your explanation. 7 kg 5 kg 5 kg 3 kg

2 Monday's Agenda 1. Starter – Objects of differing masses will accelerate toward the ground at the same rate of acceleration due to gravity (7 min) 2. QUICK review of analyzing graphs (2 min) 3. Analyze and reflect on what we observed during the spark timer lab (15 min) 4. Peer Presentation & Assessment of a partner's graph and written response.(20 min) 5. *Ongoing Assignment: CPO Text Questions

3 Recall: Interpreting a Graph
Observe the curved XT graph and the corresponding VT graph below. Observe: 1. Slope of XT gives VELOCITY 2. Slope tangent lines are increasing. 3. Therefore, VELOCITY is increasing

4 Spark Timer Lab Reflection
What 2 variables are represented by the axes of the graph? This graph represents the relationship between... What does the slope of an X-t graph tell us? The slope of an X-t graph... What does the slope of a V-t graph tell us? The slope of a V-t graph... What does the graph indicate about the velocity of the object you dropped? The graph indicates that...I know this because... What does the slope of this graph represent about the rate of acceleration of the object? The slope represents how the acceleration of the object...I know this because... What is responsible for the acceleration of an object in free fall?Acceleration of an object in free fall is due to...I know this because...I could prove this by...

5 Peer Presentation & Assessment
Partner 1 (window side): Display your graph Read each question Read your response to each question Partner 2 (door side) Listen respectfully & carefully Ask 1 or 2 appropriate questions “How do you that... … ...” Complete the Assessment/Grading Rubric SWITCH ROLES

6 Spark Timer Lab Scoring Guide Instructor: Mr ________
PRESENT (0-3 pt) ACCURANCY (0- 3) PRESENTATION (0-3) TOTAL (1) Title Axis Interval Labels Scale Peer Teacher Peer Teacher Peer Teacher Peer Teacher

7 Read section 2.3 p.39-42 COPY the questions into your NOTEBOOK 1ST; Then respond in complete sentences. 1. Describe the motion of a freely falling object. Use the words speed, acceleration in your answer. 2. What is the difference between mass and weight? 3. If you drop a feather and a baseball in a place where there is no air (a vacuum), how will their motions compare? 4. Can an object have a speed of zero while it has an acceleration that is not zero? Explain. 5. An astronaut carries a rock from the moon to Earth. Is the rock’s mass the same on Earth as on the moon? Is its weight the same? Explain. 6. What is the direction of air resistance on a falling object?

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