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U NIT #9: Y ES /N O AND W H - Q UESTIONS ENGLISH 101 Prof. Everson.

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1 U NIT #9: Y ES /N O AND W H - Q UESTIONS ENGLISH 101 Prof. Everson

2 Use the list on next slide to prepare a questionnaire about using learning strategies. Write yes-no questions, using this format: Do/doesSubjectBase form of verb DoI we you they work? Doeshe she It work? Affirmative short answerNegative short answer Yes, I you we they do. No, I you we they dont. Yes,she he it does.No,he she it doesnt.

3 G OOD LANGUAGE LEARNERS … 1.Think about how to learn. 2.Speak their native language a lot in class. 3.Ask questions about the new language 4.Are afraid to make mistakes. 5.Practice the new language. 6.Stop and listen when they dont understand. 7.Guess the meanings of new words and expressions. 8.Give up when they cant say things correctly. 9.Think about how to be better language learners. 10.Study the grammar of the new language.

4 IN CLASS WORK: Write 12 yes/no questions for each sentence in the paragraph above. Answer 6 of the questions about schooling Puerto Rico, and write 6 full sentences. 20 points – in class assignment Have Prof. check before you leave (1)In the United States, a child usually starts kindergarten at age 5. (2) In public schools, boys and girls study together. (3) Children go to school five days a week. (4) They dont go to school on Saturdays. (5) They usually go to school from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm. (6) They dont usually wear uniforms. (7) In public school, children do not study religion. (8) In high school, some students take difficult exams to enter college. (9) A private college costs a lot of money. (10) The government doesnt pay for private colleges. (11) Many parents pay for their childrens education. (12) Many students work after school to pay for college.

5 W H - Q UESTIONS Wh-wordDo/ does SubjectBase verb Rest of sentence WhatdoIwantto do in my life? Wheredoyoucomefrom? Whendoyouworkon your hobby or interests? What timedowefinishthis class? Whydoeshewantto be a rap artist? Howdoesherecordhis music? How oftendoyoulistento rap music? Whomdoesheworkwith?

6 W ATCH THIS VIDEO ABOUT A RAP ARTIST - THEN WRITE 10 QUESTIONS TO INTERVIEW HIM ABOUT HIS WORK AND LIFE beaten-path/ beaten-path/ (Link is on the Home page of the class Wiki) Finish for homework if not enough time. 20 points


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