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Company Overview –Executive Summary –Client Presentation –Contacts.

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1 Company Overview –Executive Summary –Client Presentation –Contacts

2 …built, patented & proven

3 Executive Summary QuadraScan Technologies has developed a patented* technology that targets a significant quality, production and manufacturing related problem, leak detection and location. The Problem, intrusions, leading to the passenger compartment can result in water leaks, wind and road noise issues. Detection of intrusions and/or build variation is an integral part of Quality Control (QC). Manufacturers have traditionally relied on test processes such as the water booth, which are potentially damaging, costly, and raise environmental and plant safety issues. Traditional subjective noise evaluation is not only time consuming, but relies on favorable ambient conditions to conduct the testing, and can only be performed on a select few vehicles. The Solution, the QuadraSonic ArrayTM identifies and locates intrusion points and/or build variation in a non-destructive fashion. Our technology utilizes ultrasound to test the sealed effectiveness of closed compartments. This technology provides an accurate, repeatable, and unbiased data instrument empowering the manufacturer to adopt a quantitative scale of measurement The QuadraSonic Array is Built, Patented & Proven * patent #6983642

4 What The Array Does… Tests for Intrusions, leading to the passenger compartment –The QuadraSonic Array utilizes ultrasound energy to test the sealed effectiveness of all types of closed compartments. Tests build variation –During the design phase of new makes and models and variations during production providing quantitative data. Compares vendor/ supplier products –Focus on Sealed Effectiveness Creates an archived UltraSound Fingerprint –Can be used in analysis of quality standards and referenced in the case of future warranty problems Real-time remote Quality Test Auditing –All information archived

5 The Benefit Provide an immediate return on investment by; –Increased sales from improved JD Power and Associates ratings. –Enhancing the plants quality control process –Reducing wind and water related after-market warranty costs –Opening valuable plant floor space. –Eliminating water booth maintenance costs. –Eliminating rework to vehicles damaged by water booth testing. –Eliminating water and chemicals; thus having a positive impact on environmental and safety standards

6 Graphical Display of Test Results

7 O.E.M. Product Comparison (ACTUAL) New seal shows a 22.5% improvement over the current seal at G.M.s Moraine Assembly Plant

8 Current R & D Project Underway- Gen II Array – QuadraSonic Array Customized solution for Nissan & Mercedes Benz

9 Less Cost and More Quantitative Data QuadraSonic Array Water Booth Cost Equipment Install $, 50,000 Test Per Vehicle Fees (year) $ 300,000 Employee Staffing (2 e.f.t.) $ 140,000 Plant Floor Space (8 feet) $ 28,000 Total Cost YEAR 1 $ 518,000 Total Cost YEAR 2 $ 468,000 Construction Cost $ 2,500,000 Annual Maintenance $ 700,000 Employee Staffing (8 e.f.t.) $ 560,000 Plant Floor Space (50 feet) $ 180,800 Total Cost YEAR 1 $ 3,940,000 Total Cost YEAR 2 $ 1,440,000

10 The QuadraSonic Array is tested and proven Nissan- Smyrna, TN GM- Hamtramck, MI

11 Industry Experience General Motors - Hamtramck Assembly plant (MI) test –Next Steps; Gen II to be tested at GM Proving Grounds. Nissan - tested summer of 2006 –Next Steps; Continued testing of production vehicles from TN plant. Mercedes Benz - proof of concept testing in Germany 2006 –Next Steps; installation of Gen II Array in Sindelfingen PACCAR - (Kenworth and Peterbilt Trucks) –Next Steps; Gen II Array in Renton, WA assembly plant.

12 For additional information contact; – Warren Brown 615 497-6650 The QuadraSonic Array is Built, Patented & Proven… QuadraScan provides quantitative data for leak location, prediction and prevention, as opposed to subjective leak detection

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