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CCSSO 2012 National Conference on Student Assessment Minneapolis, MN June 26-29, 2012 June 20121.

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1 CCSSO 2012 National Conference on Student Assessment Minneapolis, MN June 26-29, 2012 June 20121

2 Kentucky Performance Rating for Educational Progress (K-PREP) Blended Criterion/Norm-Referenced (Stanford 10) Test Reading and Mathematics Grades 3-8 Science Grades 4 and 7 Social Studies Grades 5 and 8 On-demand Writing Grades 5, 6, 8, 10 and 11 Language Mechanics (Stanford 10 only) Grades 4 and 6 K-PREP High School End-of-Course ACT QualityCore® Algebra II, English II, Biology and U.S. History Alternate K-PREP (1%) Attainment Tasks (multiple-choice) Transition Attainment Record (checklist) June 20122

3 ACT Educational Planning and Assessment Systems (EPAS) EXPLORE® Grade 8 PLAN® Grade 10 (Used for high school Editing and Mechanics) The ACT® Grade 11 ACCESS for English Language Learners June 20123

4 College and Career Readiness College-Ready Measures COMPASS® (ACT Computer-Adaptive College Placement Test ) KYOTE (Kentucky Online Testing) Career-Ready Measures ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) ACT WorkKeys® KOSSA (Kentucky Occupational Skills Standards Assessment) Industry Certificates June 2012 4

5 Kentucky performs many similar processes and functions that Florida has highlighted. Top Six Kentucky wants to share our Top Six recommendations that states should consider developing and implementing. June 20125

6 Beginning in 1999, Kentucky contracts with a Third Party Vendor for Quality Control activities. Kentuckys Third Party Vendor: Replicates, independently, psychometric calculations of primary assessment vendor. Produces validity and reliability findings in official reports. Conducts research in areas of interest for Kentucky Board of Education and Kentucky General Assembly. Makes recommendations on solutions to Kentucky psychometric and data issues. June 20126

7 Make data cleanup and review a year-round theme and focus for the state and local districts and schools. Meet once a year with all District Assessment Coordinators in a central location to perform Quality Assurance of test results. Purpose – Identify statewide systemic data problems that must be corrected before public release (NCLB-ESEA Waiver/K-PREP release). Focus is on changes that impact multiple schools and districts. Culminating activity for the Year-long Focus on Data Accuracy Provide data quality control materials to guide local work. June 20127

8 Communicate routinely and frequently. Weekly e-mail communication to District Assessment Coordinators (DAC) Ad hoc Special DAC e-mails on high priority issues Organize DAC Advisory Group. (monthly web meeting) Listen and advise. Many DACs wear multiple hats. Implement the good ideas received. Hold regional face-to-face and web-based training. Preview training to DAC Advisory Group to improve it. Vendors are involved. Be available for support. Phone and e-mail Be the friend, not the enemy. We are all in this together! June 20128

9 Contract for an independent test security audit at state, district and school levels. Expect surprises. Consider the cost to implement. Prioritize improvements. Pick low hanging fruit first. Seek guidance beyond mark erasure analysis. Plan for disaster recovery. June 20129

10 Have process to receive and act on testing allegations. Multiple state government units are involved with allegations (EPSB, OEA, KDE). Intentional vs. accidental behavior Test item breach Cost to correct WEB, Social Media, Cell/Smart phones General Assembly legislation proposed affecting district and school staff. Current – Teaching Certificate Future discussion - Misdemeanor Consider length of time to investigate, issue conclusion or ruling, hearing, and appeal procedures June 201210

11 Include an emphasis on Quality Assurance and Test Security. Have a transition plan in place to securely move test items and data from one vendor to another. Effort required of exiting vendor Effort required of new vendor Remember cost is always underestimated. June 201211

12 Websites @KyDeptofEd Kentucky Department of Education June 201212

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