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Table of Contents Section Slide # Who is LRA 2 TouchPoint Manager TM 4

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0 QPR Prepared for QPR January 2011

1 Table of Contents Section Slide # Who is LRA 2 TouchPoint Manager TM 4
Web Site Navigation 7 Property Reports 10 MAP Overview 19 Submitting the MAP 36 MAP Approvers 37 Completing the MAP 40

2 Who is LRA? Customer Experience Management (CEM) Consulting & Research Firm Headquartered in Horsham, PA (Philadelphia Metropolitan Area) 20+ years in the business of building and executing brand assurance programs 130 full-time, brand-immersed Consultants on 5 continents conduct over 12,000 site visits a year Proprietary Quality Assurance program interface: TouchPoint Manager™

3 QPR Program Development
LRA Consultants and various QPR stakeholders have collaborated to cultivate a QPR that measures property performance on a variety of aspects of the QPR brand. DESIGN IMPLEMENT MEASURE REFINE LRA QPR ASSESS Project Kickoff Implementation Strategy Alignment Brand Documentation Review Brand Standards Review, Development, and Refinement Evaluation Framework and Protocol Logistical Specifications Technology Requirements (e.g., Reporting) Consultant “Brand Team” Selection Technology Build “Brand Team” Training Client Data Upload Program Beta Testing and Revision if applicable Client Peak Performance Program Training Consultant Scheduling Program Launch QPR Data Collection Property and Corporate Real-time Reporting Ongoing Performance Review, Data Mining, and Analysis Ongoing LRA Consultation Ongoing Property-level Management Action Plan Ongoing LRA Consultant Training Variable Program Review and Recommendations

4 TouchPoint Manager™ (TpM)

5 TpM: A Complete Customer Solution
LRA's TouchPoint Manager (TpM) is a comprehensive management tool that helps businesses manage how their people interact with customers and adhere to their brand standards. TpM is not just another reporting suite. TpM manages all aspects of your ongoing QPR initiatives in an integrated environment that facilitates communication and accountability among your key stakeholders. TpM fully supports the information and tools needed to enhance the execution of your brand’s objectives from the boardroom to the field. YOUR BRAND ARCHITECTURE Property Reports Waiver Management Management Action Plan(MAP) Self-Assessment Dynamic Reporting 5

6 PC Requirements Access to Internet
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 7+ Adobe Acrobat Reader available by visiting Adobe Flash Viewer The web site is best viewed using the Internet Explorer browser in a 1024 X 768 or greater resolution. 6

7 QPR Web Site Navigation

8 QPR Website: Homepage Layout
You have successfully navigated to the LRA/QPR homepage. Quick Property Finder Users who have access to multiple properties can enter a property code or name to access the property as an alternative to using the drop down list. Property drop down list GM - defaulted to single property All other users – select a property (limited as per user rights) **If a property has been visited more than once, there will be a separate tab for each site visit with the date of visit displayed. 8

9 Introduction to QPR Using the LRA / QPR system:
The GM should analyze the Property Reports to understand deficiencies & strengths of their operation and; Use the Management Action Plan (MAP) to document action plans/corrective actions and obtain approval from QPR Corporate office. 9

10 Property Reports

11 Property Reports The following reports are available (for each visit performed): QPR Dashboard A graphical representation with detailed scoring for the property. Summary Detail Report The Summary Detail Report displays scoring at the Sub-Section level (listed by Section). Detail Report The Detail Report displays ALL standards for the property (listed by Section and then Sub-Section). Narrative Report A descriptive report detailing service interactions. Image Report A catalog of relevant photographs taken during your evaluation. 11

12 Property Reports: QPR Dashboard

13 Property Reports: Country Inns Example

14 Property Reports: Summary Detail Report

15 Property Reports: Detail Report

16 Property Reports: Narrative Report

17 Property Reports: Image Report

18 Management Action Plan (MAP)

19 Management Action Plan: Overview
The Management Action Plan (MAP) is a tool used to document and track resolutions for standards marked non-compliant during an audit. Workflow: The GM will receive a Published from LRA Worldwide when the reports are available on the QPR website. The MAP is generated when the report is Published. If the GM neglects to submit the MAP within the designated time frame, a Tickler is sent to the GM as a reminder. When the MAP is submitted to the MAP Approver, a Submitted is sent to the MAP Approver; the GM is not authorized to make any further changes while the MAP Approver is reviewing the MAP . If the MAP Approver Denies the MAP , a Denied is sent to the GM and the status of the MAP is set back to Pending. The GM must then make the revisions/improvements suggested before re-submitting the MAP to the MAP Approver If the MAP Approver Approves the MAP , an Approved is sent to the GM. In Approved status the MAP Approver can use the Re-open feature to reset the MAP status as Pending. In Approved status the GM can mark the MAP Completed, a Completed is sent to all stakeholders and the MAP is locked as Read Only. In Completed status the MAP Approver can use the Re-open feature to reset the MAP status as Pending. 19

20 Management Action Plan: Overview
The MAP permission levels are as follows: Pending Submitted Approved Denied Completed GM All functionality available Limited Functionality available: Can add comments Can add attachments Can use highlighter Can check ‘Completed’ box Read-Only MAP Approver Can Re-Open Corporate 20

21 Management Action Plan: Fields/Columns
The following default columns are displayed on the Management Action Plan grid: In addition, by clicking on the ‘Customize Columns’ buttons you can customize the MAP grid to your personal preference. Standard Completed Consecutive Occurance (CO) Comments Project Owner Action Due Date Once the grid is configured, the user's preference is maintained until it is changed again. 21

22 Management Action Plan: The MAP Grid
Use the keyword search tool to search by Standard # or a specific word. Click on ‘Customize Columns’ to add/remove custom columns from the grid. The grid displays 50 standards per page at a time. Click on ‘Show All’ to view all standards or use the ‘Page’ up/down arrows to view another page. MAP 22

23 Management Action Plan: The MAP Grid
All users can enter a general comment regarding the MAP (unrelated to a specific standard).This general comment will be visible on the PDF report. Click on the Click to Edit link to open the comment box. Enter the comment and click on the Save button, then you can click on the Click to Hide link to hide the comment box. To spell-check a comment, click on (below the comment box). If there is a misspelling, the misspelled word will be underlined in red. Left click on the misspelled word and choose from the options provided. Users have the ability to edit/delete their own comments

24 Completing the MAP: Create Project Owner(s)
The GM creates a list of Project Owners who will be accountable for the Corrective action(s). MAP If desired, in ‘Submitted’ status the MAP Approver can Add/Edit/Delete Project Owners submitted by the GM. 24

25 Completing the MAP: Create Project Owner(s)
Enter the Project Owner’s details and click Save. Use the New/Delete feature to Add/Delete Project Owners. The Project Owner data entry table is unique to each property and is saved for future use. 25

26 Completing the MAP: Assign a Project Owner
Click on the drop down and select a Project Owner. Project Owners are displayed by their department with name in parenthesis. MAP Once a Project Owner is assigned to an item, attempting to delete the Project Owner will prompt a warning message. If the user deletes the Project Owner, then they will be permanently deleted. All items that were associated with the Project Owner will be highlighted in green color and will need reassignment. 26

27 Completing the MAP: Assign an Action
List of actions Clean Cleaning is required to resolve the issue. Hire A hire or termination is required. Implement Process Implement standard operating procedures. Purchase Fixed assets/capital items (e.g., furniture/carpet) need to be purchased. Repair Fixed assets/capital items (e.g., furniture/carpet) need to be repaired. Replace Fixed assets/capital items (e.g., furniture/carpet) need to be changed. Train A training activity that is required to resolve the issue. PIP* A standard that has a PIP assigned already. This is for Radisson Only. 27

28 Completing the MAP: Assign an Action
Select an Action that is required to correct/prevent a re-occurrence (to view the LRA consultant’s comments, use the Custom Columns button to select Standard # as a Custom Column setting). MAP Select an Action Item from the drop down. Clean Hire Implement Process Purchase If desired, in Submitted status the MAP Approver can change the Action items submitted by the GM. 28

29 Completing the MAP: Assign a Due Date
The system assigns a default due date for every standard. A corrective action should be identified and the issue resolved by this date. The GM can change the default date using the calendar function. There is an automatic countdown function that displays the number of days until due and the number of days past due for each standard. All standards past due are marked in red color. MAP 29

30 Completing the MAP: Add Comments/Attachments
The GM, MAP Approver and Corporate users can use the Comments feature to communicate and suggest revisions / improvements on the MAP. The Comments field displays a count, click on the count to add comments/attachments to the desired standard. If the user hovers the cursor below the comment count, the first 140 characters of the last comment are visible. MAP 30

31 Completing the MAP: Add Comments/Attachments
Enter a brief comment and click Save. If required, attach photographs/documents to each non-compliant line item. Click Add Attachment to select the file(s) and click Save A comment/attachment is locked once saved; only users who made the comment can edit or delete the comment/attachment. Comments/attachments are displayed as a trail and are visible for ALL users. If the user needs to add more than one attachment, then all the required attachments must be selected concurrently; selecting only one attachment and attempting to attach another later will replace the former. 31

32 Completing the MAP: Use of Highlighters
If desired, use the Enable Highlighter function to draw attention to any standards. 32

33 Completing the MAP: Mark an Item as Complete
Use the Completed field to checkmark the status as each standard(s) are corrected. The progress bar graphic above the MAP grid provides the number of completed checkboxes checked (as a percentage). When the GM checkmarks the Completed checkbox the due date calculation stops and the line item displays the date the checkbox was checked. MAP Click on the box when you have corrected a non-compliant item 33

34 Completing the MAP: Sorting a column
Click on any column heading to sort. All columns can be sorted ascending or descending (one at a time) MAP 34

35 Completing the MAP: Printing the MAP
The GM can Print/Save a PDF version of the MAP. MAP Click here to download a printer friendly version of the MAP. 35

36 Completing the MAP: Submit the MAP
Once the corrective actions are completed, change the status from Pending to Submitted. An is automatically sent to the MAP Approver alerting him/her to review the MAP. MAP Please review your MAP carefully prior to submitting. If a MAP is marked as Submitted, the GM cannot make further changes to the MAP, the GM can only add comments/attachments and use the highlighter. If the GM needs to make additional changes, the MAP Approver should Deny the MAP to reset the status back to Pending (please contact your MAP Approver directly). The MAP cannot be submitted if there are items that do not have Project Owners, Action or Due Date. 36

37 The MAP Approver’s Role
Once the MAP is Submitted, the MAP Approver can: Approve the MAP Approve the MAP as it is. Approve the MAP with changes. Deny the MAP If required, the MAP Approver can Add/Change the Project Owners, Actions or Due Dates. Use the Comments/Add Attachment feature to recommend improvements that need to be incorporated in the MAP . The MAP Approver can also use the Enable Highlighter function to draw attention to any standards in the MAP that the GM needs to focus. 37

38 Action taken by MAP Approver: MAP - Denied
Select Denied from the drop down list. If the MAP Approver denies the MAP, the status will again default to Pending and the system generates an automatic to the GM. The MAP Approver can use the highlighter or enter a General Comment when denying the MAP so that the GM is aware of the reason the MAP was denied. MAP If the MAP is accidently Denied by the MAP Approver , the GM should re-submit the MAP. 38

39 Action taken by MAP Approver: MAP - Approved
Select Approved from the drop down list. ONCE the MAP Approver selects this option the status on the MAP will change to Approved and the system generates an automatic to the GM. MAP 39

40 Action taken by GM: Completing the MAP
Once the MAP is in Approved status the GM has two steps to perform to make the MAP Complete. The GM checks the Completed check box as each MAP line item(Standard) is completed. Once the GM has confirmed each Standard, they must change the Status from Approved to Complete *If a line item is not completed(not checked), but the entire MAP is Complete, the completed date of the MAP acts as the line item completed date. MAP 40

41 For questions regarding LRA services and technology please contact:
LRA Worldwide, Inc. 300 Welsh Road, Building 1, Suite 200 Horsham, PA  USA

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