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Government Systems From Monarchy to Totalitarianism.

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2 Government Systems From Monarchy to Totalitarianism

3 Why Do We Need Government? Regulate human contacts Protect the natural rights of citizens Create rules and laws Health, safety and welfare

4 Beginnings of Government 4000 B.C.- Sumerians were the first people to set up a formal government 3500 B.C.- Egyptian pharaohs ruled as gods 2000 B.C.- King Hammurabi created laws to govern the worlds first empire

5 One person is the ruler for his/her natural life Position determined by heredity Power gradually diminished as middle class influence increased 20 th century power mostly symbolic Monarchy

6 Democracy Began in ancient Greece All citizens participate in running the state Emphasis on the equality of its people Laws imposed by the majority

7 Socialism Government ownership of property Cooperation instead of competition All people share in the goods and services

8 Communism All citizens share ownership in goods and production Property and goods are distributed equally Everyone works for the common good

9 Totalitarianism Small group of individuals or tyrant controls every facet of citizens lives Emphasis on a classless society Attempts to create a perfect society No dissent of any kind is allowed

10 The End

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