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StudyBuddy issues Updated 20 feb 2012 1. Bugs Cookies management Ask question o Title length and question text at least 3 words o allow repeated question.

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1 StudyBuddy issues Updated 20 feb 2012 1

2 Bugs Cookies management Ask question o Title length and question text at least 3 words o allow repeated question (sometimes click submit twice) Respond to questions o Voting up and down is laggy and not updated o Comment standardize set to 10 characters min Guest o click ask/ upload image -> direct to register/login page(instead of showing error msg). after successful signup/login, direct back to the last page the guest was on. Resources o Remove 'upload content' link for non-admin o Option to delete each resource for admin (a cross beside download button, visible only to admin ) For filter bars, options, resources, 'S3 & S4' always go together. never just S3 alone. Users o sign up form can choose student/parent/tutor. edit profile doesn't after submit/save, direct to the user profile page (Pop up : "Your profile has been saved",user click ok ) o tutor form should show tutor form! (now showing student form) Change the options for NIE, highest qualification and subjects don't show 'Package A or B' and paypal (this is for phase 2) Emails: set to sent from '' Cannot delete answer (after delete, the answer is still there) Question edited, but still the same on the homepage Badge name not updated though admin changed badge name Scrolling on error message doesn't work - scrolls on the page behind the error message instead 2

3 Formatting issues Alert messages o Security token?? what does it mean? o remove the trace messages and shorten the alert message to pinpoint the issue for the user. o error messages when email not verified, duplicate email acct, DOB empty, or key in wrong format and for deleted user IE8: left side bar missing right side bar missing when browsing resources, tutors, profile page, badges Tutor listing layout is misaligned (tutors overlap) Tutors: picture should display the tutor's profile picture. if unavailable, show default SB avatar Question page - pls follow original mock up o no number above star and difficulty bar (cannot vote on the question itself, only on answers) o font size should be bigger for number of answers and number of views standardize look of filter bar (level/subj/chpt/difficulty) in homepage, ask, resources etc and newest/popular/verified in homepage. Pls follow the original UI design. standardize look of tag (e.g. in Question) to the same as those in the tag cloud on homepage font type priority: Helvetica, arial,... increase font size of question text to same size as tag text search function display recent activities: remove timecount and use the 'question' to hyperlink to the question Change resource file size to 'xxx KB' (rounded down to whole number) Resources: spelling error: 'Notes and Mindmaps' user profile: for list of questions and answers, remove leftmost 'xx votes' because no voting on questions server time ICT means what? set to sg time formating of resend validation link box on user profile for unvalidated user accounts fb plugin size to be taller, to show two rows of complete profile and names, width to be align with the rest of the elements ( see slide ) 3

4 Missing/enhancement features Editable WYSIWYG consultants' page Footer o links to FB, twitter, no RSS o static pages for About, Terms, Feedback how to add static pages and embed google Forms (eg feedback or referral) FB notifications for activity on questions or users following Tutors: Filter tutors by level and subject asked by 'xxx' -> username is clickable and links to user profile click on user's photo to go to user profile (in question and recent activity) verified tab: show latest verfied question first when click on resource file, start download set 'Singapore' to be the first on the list of countries in user profile form set cloud tag to be the top 10 most viewed tags export/filter emails of users Meta tag for homepage : Stuck at a difficult question? Looking for notes and guides? Help is here! Post your question to Studybuddy (as text or attach an image).Studybuddy is a revision companion to all Primary (PSLE), Secondary (O Level and N Level), and JC students (A Level) in Singapore. We specialise in Maths and Sciences (Physics / Chemistry / Biology), but feel free to ask any question and help to answer each other's questions! Knowledge is multipled when shared. All the best everyone ! 4

5 Bugs 5

6 Cookies management We always see this error 'invalid security token' when we browse the website. It's very critical. Surfing halfway, will suddenly give us this error. Your cookies management is not good. Invalid security token. You need to reload this page in browser and try submitting this form again error code: 0 file: /var/www/html/ line: 781 Trace: #0 /var/www/html/ validateToken(StudyBuddy\Registry) #1 /var/www/html/ __construct(StudyBuddy\Registry) #2 /var/www/html/ main() #3 /var/www/html/ __construct(StudyBuddy\Registry) Why do we see this ? Can we have more clearer error page? What does this error page mean ? What is the user supposed to do ? Reloading the page will clear this error ? 6 NOT DONE

7 Text Requirements Title can be empty If there's an image, this can be empty if there's no image, minimum 3 words Tag can be null ( empty ) 7 NOT DONE

8 Repeated question (due to clicking twice on submit) should be allowed instead of showing this error message. 8 NOT DONE

9 Voting up and down is not working 9 NOT DONE

10 conflicting instruction on character length (16 characters in comment box but alert is 10 characters). >> set to 10 characters minimum. Text : Constructive comments of minimum 10 characters please :) 10 NOT DONE

11 When guest click on 'Ask' tab, should direct to the Register or Login page: 11 NOT DONE

12 As guest, should not allow upload image. Should go to the prompt to: login or sign up. 12 NOT DONE

13 For "members only" Zones, remove the following Just show the following : 13 NOT DONE

14 Remove upload content for Non-admin Only admin can see the Upload button 14 NOT DONE

15 ADMIN function : how to delete resources 15 NOT DONE

16 Should be S3&S4 16 NOT DONE

17 User Profile sign up form: can choose student/parent/tutor o after registration, direct to user profile page edit profile > Remove the option to select user type (Student/parent/tutor) o user type selection at sign up is permanent 17 NOT DONE

18 Fix this. Remove this page, after saving, BRING THEm directly to profile page. 18 NOT DONE

19 When registered as tutor, and go into 'edit profile', the form is not the tutor form (it is a student or parent form). 19 NOT DONE

20 NIE Cert: Yes, No Highest Qualification: O level, N level, Diploma, Degree, Masters, PhD Tutor > Edit Profile > Pls change the following options 20 NOT DONE

21 Maths Change the subjects in the order above (pls ignore the difference in colours and column width - just see the text), and add 1 column (on the right most) with the heading 'S4' A Maths Physics Chem Bio S4 Geog History Literature 21 NOT DONE

22 change the email to 22 NOT DONE

23 answer is deleted but still appears. try to delete again, but error msg appears. 23 NOT DONE

24 question edited, but still shows the same on homepage 24 NOT DONE

25 sine this question has 2 answers but on main page only shows 1 answer. 25 NOT DONE

26 CANNOT earn the same badge repeatedly Name of badge is not updated though admin has changed the name. Should be 'People's Choice'. 26 NOT DONE

27 Scrolling on an error message is actually scrolling on the page. Unable to scroll the error message to try again or cancel. 27 NOT DONE

28 Formatting issues 28

29 Registration Error. Change to: Remove all this "Trace": ERROR TEXT : 29 NOT DONE

30 just signed up as new user and clicks on 'ask' tab. change error message to: ERROR TEXT : 30 NOT DONE

31 Scenario : After keying in date of birth wrong One time, then key in correctly 31 NOT DONE

32 Error message for deleted user. change to: Your account has been deleted. Pls contact the administrator at ERROR TEXT : 32 NOT DONE

33 1. Error message should change to 'Pls fill in your birthday'. 2. When registered as tutor, and go into 'edit profile', the form is not the tutor form (it is a student or parent form). 33 NOT DONE

34 PC IE8, Left buttons missing Look at this Alignment 34 NOT DONE

35 When click on user profile, the right bar showing recent activities and tutor listing disappears. 35 NOT DONE

36 Right bar missing when viewing badges 36 NOT DONE

37 tutor listing - Layout Fail. Page number Missing. show 10 per page 37 NOT DONE

38 Tutor's picture is not updated from profile. If no profile picture, show a default Studybuddy picture ( will be supplied ) if fb connected, show fb profile picture. if user upload a photo, SHOW user uploaded photo 38 NOT DONE

39 Question Page Remove the 0. Pls refer to the original mock. For each question, the number of answers and views font size should be bigger. Pls refer to the original mock. Add in user name. Should be "answered by... " SEE NEXT PAGE FOR ORIGINAL MOCK 39 NOT DONE


41 Filter Bar in Homepage and Ask a question is wrong (ugly). 41 NOT DONE

42 this is ugly. use the following style. 42 NOT DONE

43 Make this tag looks like this 43 NOT DONE

44 Font type select,input,button,textarea { font: 99% arial, helvetica, clean, sans-serif; } Priority :Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif 44 NOT DONE

45 Increase the font size of the question text to the same as the tags text. Below tags, put 'Separate tags with comma' The white text should be: 1. Please separate tags with commas. 2. Do ask questions which is answerable. 3. Do separate symbols with spaces. 45 NOT DONE

46 REMOVE 49 minutes and 11 seconds ago. Hyperlink "question" to the question 46 NOT DONE

47 Search Function -this grey box is misaligned. "questions matching" should be in dark grey -Font in Search box : White 47 NOT DONE

48 resources size indicator. No need 10 decimals, and not kb just put all as Kb, 0 decimals Can the line dont eat into the orange bar? Any counter to show how many downloads ? ( visible only to admin ) 48 NOT DONE

49 Spelling error: should be 'Notes and Mindmaps' 49 NOT DONE

50 Remove the leftmost '0 votes' grid. There's no voting for question. 50 NOT DONE

51 FIX THIS. Text : Your account has not been validated. Please click on the link which has been sent to "Resend validation link" This should be in the white box, and not outside. 51 NOT DONE

52 SERVER TIME asked February 9, 2012 9:07 am ICT Is this +8 in the timezone? 52 NOT DONE

53 Missing/enhancement features 53

54 Consultants' page Requirement : WYSIWYG Editor for this page Can we create more pages ? 54 NOT DONE

55 We do not have RSS FEEDS. remove the rss icons, link twitter to : link facebook to : OPEN IN NEW TAB 55 NOT DONE

56 WYSIWYG editors for following pages Reduce the font size by 1 © 2012 Terms of Use. Help. Feedback Clicking on goes to About us Terms of use : a page for Terms of use Help : a page for Help Feedback : A page with a form, Fields : Name, Email, Suggestion/Feedback Send form to 56 NOT DONE

57 user name should be clickable (no underline) and link to view user profile in a new tab 57 NOT DONE

58 Verified tab > should show the latest verified question first (on top) 58 NOT DONE

59 When click on title, download the file 59 NOT DONE

60 set 'Singapore' to be first on the list. 60 NOT DONE

61 fb plugin box 61 NOT DONE

62 End 62

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