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Kapil Mohan Sharma DMG - QA

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1 Kapil Mohan Sharma DMG - QA
QA Process

2 Agenda Test Planning Regression

3 Test Planning - Agenda What is QA and QC
What we do here at Interra QA or QC ? Bug life cycle. Cost of a bug “Throw it over the wall” Different Types of testing Software Test Plan example – “Baton Content Corrector” Test plan

4 Regression - Agenda What is Regression Regression Implementation
Regression Example

5 What is QA / QC QA – are we making the product right.
QA is related with process It is pro-active approach It is monitoring of the SDLC using different tools like reviews, Audits etc. QC – have we made the product right. QC is testing the product against the requirement/ specs It is reactive approach

6 QA or QC In general we do QC however there are some elements of QA that we employ

7 What is Bug Life Cycle

8 Cost of Bug What is a Bug (or Defect or Error)?
Any undesired behavior is a bug Any deviation from specs / requirement is a bug Any behavior which is “not written / mentioned” in specs is a bug Cost of bug is difficult to calculate: Cost of having QA team(s) Cost of having Application engineers Cost of losing face in front of end user

9 “Throw it over the wall”
What is a throw it over the wall ? "Throw it over the wall" is a business slang for completing your part of a project and then passing it off to the next group without testing or without sufficient testing.

10 Different Types of Testing
Unit Testing Integration Testing System or Functional Testing Regression Testing Performance Testing Installation And the list goes on...

11 Software Test Plan Example
Let us have a look at the 'high level' – generic contents of the “Baton Content Corrector” test plan.

12 Regression – What is Regression testing
In short regression testing is a type of testing to make sure that the changes or fixes done in the software does not break same part or any other part of the software. Regression can be employed at various levels / components of a software. Regression implementation can be manual or automated. It is highly desirable to have regression automated. Different tool(s) / language can be used to implement regression

13 Regression - Example Regression is implemented at various components of DMG products Different Regression implementation(s) in Baton: Checker Application or 'back - end' regression implemented using 'python' language GUI or 'front – end' regression implemented using 'Selenium' tool Different tools / languages can be used to implement a single regression flow. Baton's 'back - end' regression implemented using 'python' and PHP language.

14 Regression - Example Look out

15 Queries ???

16 Thank you.

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