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Track info 23-3-2009 TU/e 1 Master of Applied Physics Physical Instrumentation/Medical Physics Track (specialisatie): Ontwikkeling van fysische meetmethoden.

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1 Track info 23-3-2009 TU/e 1 Master of Applied Physics Physical Instrumentation/Medical Physics Track (specialisatie): Ontwikkeling van fysische meetmethoden en -instrumenten voor laboratoria, industrie en biomedische toepassingen

2 Track info 23-3-2009 TU/e 2 Physical Instrumentation/Medical Physics TPM Transport in Permeable Media MBx Molecular Biosensors for medical diagnostics Medical Physics (Klinische Fysica)

3 Track info 23-3-2009 TU/e 3 TPM Transport in Permeable Media Meettechniek (vooral op NMR/MRI gebaseerd) Vocht- en ionentransport in permeabele media, inclusief diffusie-processen op microscopische en macroscopische schaal

4 Track info 23-3-2009 TU/e 4 Permeabele Media Biologische of bio-compatibele weefsels (Kunstmatige) membranen, coatings Poreuze materialen Bouwmaterialen Geologische gesteenten, zand, klei Kool, hout, gel Chemische reactoren

5 Track info 23-3-2009 TU/e 5 moisture mechanical stress fracture + ions firefreezingdrying boilingcrystallization phase transition crystal parameters permeability hygric expansion

6 Track info 23-3-2009 TU/e 6 EPMA SEM Invloed magnetische verontreinigingen (vooral Fe) Korte T 2, snel NMR signaalverval

7 Track info 23-3-2009 TU/e 7 NMR/MRI scanners 1.5 Tesla 4.7 Tesla 0.7 Tesla

8 Track info 23-3-2009 TU/e 8 Relaxatie en diffusie: porie-structuur

9 Track info 23-3-2009 TU/e 9 Verdeling vocht over poriën in mortel

10 Track info 23-3-2009 TU/e 10 Cryoporometry + NMR relaxation 0.1 1 10 -30 -20 -10 0 10 T 2 (ms) T (°C) pore radius large pores small pores

11 Track info 23-3-2009 TU/e 11 Schade door zout-kristallisatie (Na 2 CO 3 ) r crystal Θ PRL 94, 075503 (2005) pore bulk

12 Track info 23-3-2009 TU/e 12 Dun laagje verf Paint ~ 200 µm ~ 100 µm Top view Side view Evaporation NMR visible NMR invisible Sensitive region Cover glass

13 Track info 23-3-2009 TU/e 13 High resolution MRI of coatings Hardening Evaporation & shrinkage Mobility decrease due to cross-linking yields a faster NMR signal decay field gradient 36 T/m depth resolution  6 μm

14 Track info 23-3-2009 TU/e 14 High resolution MRI of coatings (x - x 0 ) 2 [μm 2 ] (t - t 0 ) [h] Air Argon curing process is limited by oxygen diffusion oxygen density at the surfacefront position APL 86, 134105 (2005)

15 Track info 23-3-2009 TU/e 15 Medical Physics / Klinische Fysica Vakgebied waar de natuurkundige samen met medische specialisten in een ziekenhuis werkt aan de patiëntenzorg Stage- en afstudeerplaatsen binnen ziekenhuizen en de medische industrie

16 Track info 23-3-2009 TU/e 16 Diffusie- en relaxatie-gewogen hersenscans diffusieT2T2 T.g.v. een infarct is de structuur van het weefsel veranderd

17 Track info 23-3-2009 TU/e 17 Fiber tracking tibialis anterior muscle

18 Track info 23-3-2009 TU/e 18 Fiber tracking resultaten

19 Track info 23-3-2009 TU/e 19 Diffusie gewogen NMR/MRI 0 months 3 months Neonate with brain injury fiber tracking results Rat hippocampus verification of brain damage model

20 Track info 23-3-2009 TU/e 20 Stage- en afstudeerprojecten theorie modelvorming constructie tests meten interpreteren Klaas Kopinga (TPM/KF) Pieter Wijn (KF) Leo Pel (TPM) Henk Huinink (TPM) Informatie:

21 Molecular Biosensors for medical diagnostics (MBx) Research on new sensor principles for the in vitro detection of both concentration and function of molecules in biological samples proteins are messengers in biological systems  biomarkers give insight in health / disease 10 -12 -10 -15 M (!) requires new detection schemes with low background probe molecular binding strength - relates to affinity - key to biological function

22 use biological recognition toolbox of physics signal Biosensors: a system challenge immuno-assay with or without labels Research topics: - optical and magnetic detection techniques - particle manipulation with magnetic fields microfluidic flow Group investigates magnetic particle labels: low biological background and possibility for particle manipulation probing affinities in biochemical systems

23 example: on-chip manipulation and characterization of magnetic particles - properties of superparamagnetic particles from Brownian motion in a magnetic potential well van Ommering et al APL 89 (2006) 142511 optical particle tracking magnetic potential particle distributions  magnetic susceptibility current wire

24 Microscope Magnetic system Sample Holder Force up to  100 pN Force uniform within 2% over 150  m x 150  m Setup for pulling (home build, external magnet) 30 example: affinity probing by magnetic forces

25 Experiments on model system: Anti-Biotin - biotinylated-BSA FmFm constant force quantification work in progress protein antibody from immune system

26 MBx students usually: - work at the interface of physics and biochemistry - apply sensitive optical detection techniques - develop and realize ideas to manipulate magnetic particles - develop quantitative models to describe biochemical processes For information:dr. Leo van IJzendoorn (N-laag f 1.06) dr. ir. Arthur de Jong (N-laag f 1.04)

27 Track info 23-3-2009 TU/e 27 PROFIELVAKKEN blokE 3F190Clinical MRIWijnE+F3 3F200Medical physicsWijn*3 3F210Safety and risk analysisVan KleffensE+F3 3F220Radiation protection and radiation dosimetry HuyskensE+F3 3F230Measuring and monitoring of vital functions WijnA+B3 3F240NMR/MRIKopinga/StrijkersB+C3 3F250Transport in porous mediaPelE+F3 3S100Magnetism and Magnetic MaterialsSwagtenA+B3 3S300Spintronics and nanomagnetismKoopmansE+F3 3S250Molecular PhotophysicsJanssen/MeskersA+B3

28 Track info 23-3-2009 TU/e 28 PROFIELVAKKEN blokE 3S170Introduction NanotechnologyKoenraadA+B3 3S190Biosensors for medical diagnosticsVan IJzendoornE+F3 8H010New developments in fluorescence microscopy on living tissues SlaafB+C3 8N010Physiological NMRNicolayD3 8S070Clinical ChemistryVaderA+B3 8S080Protein engineeringMerkxB+C3 8W090Cardiovascular fluid mechanicsVan de VosseD3 8W120Cell mechanicsBouten?3 8W150Multifluid dynamicsVan de VosseE+F3

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