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There is more to Experience Welcome to the world of JVH.

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1 There is more to Experience Welcome to the world of JVH

2 Facts 600 employees Active in whole industrial column National and international offices Market leader in The Netherlands Shareholders: ABN AMRO, NPM Capital

3 Location Dutch offices Products Gaming & entertainment Utilization Headquarters

4 Abroad England Germany Hungary Czech Greece

5 Organization ProductsCateringCasinoNew

6 Casinos 33 casinos en amusement arcades 300 employees “Jack’s Casino” formula Unique locations: - Van de Valk, Gilze Rijen - Pathé Schouwburgplein, Rotterdam - Grote Markt, Groningen

7 Products Solely Dutch gambling game development Independent development and production 130 employees (50 R&D) Productive capacity 10,000 machines/year Subsidiaries/partners in 3 European countries Own strong brands Distributor Photo Play

8 Target Classic Games Target new Games Target Concepts Target Finance Game Design Technology New target groups New platforms Interactive Help think Product vision F F

9 Catering industry utilization Market leader with over 50 year experience National coverage with regional knowledge Decentralized national covering service and specialization 200 employees Over 3,000 catering locations Additional services: Finance, real estate, light- and sound, WiFi

10 New projects Focus on: Better serving current markets Enter new markets Attract new player groups Apply new technologies Examples: Wjoy Photo Play mobile

11 JVH gaming products B.V. Kraaivenstraat 13, 5048 AB Tilburg P.O. Box 5103, 5004 EC Tilburg The Netherlands Phone: (+31) (0)13 595 3299 Fax: (+31) (0)13 595 3201

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