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Advisory Council for Aviation Research and Innovation in Europe Horizon 2020.

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1 Advisory Council for Aviation Research and Innovation in Europe Horizon 2020

2 5a) Status Horizon 2020 Status in Council Working Group  Specific Programme close to agreement: Discussions on Comitology  RfPs agreed  Budgets still unclear Status ACARE regarding H2020  Implementation paper in preparation, at early stages with many discussions  E.g. ACARE Paper or ACARE MG paper  Scope Status at commission  Strategic Programming Paper now being drafted  Policy document including topics and as a basis for the WP Status at European Parliament  Voted on amendments mid december  RfP: 70% funding + 20% overhead  Different budget distribution – Transport – 1.4 BEuro

3 4 configurations (3+1)  The total number of committees/configurations is proposed to go from 21 to 4 for Horizon 2020, namely 1 for horizontal aspects and overall coordination, 1 for the 'Excellent Science' pillar, 1 for the 'Industrial Leadership' pillar and 1 for the 'Societal Challenges' pillar.  The main focus of the work of these configurations will be on the work programmes. 3 Commissie voorstel


5 RWG proposal

6 ACARE Paper on H2020  H2020 needed to bring Flightpath 2050 towards realisation  Build on current experience and SRIA  Continue existing instruments  CS 2 needed to further de-risk and demonstrate CS1 technologies  Needing 1.8 BEuro  SESAR building block for reaching a seamless Air Transport System  ATM research and large scale demonstration needing 1 BEuro  Research to be focused on “beyond SESAR” phase  SESAR deployment outside scope of H2020  Extension of SESAR is preferred above new JU  If scope would be widened an FP7 like approach is preferred to establish workprogrammes, even for ATM  L1 and L2 need to be continued, each with a 0.6 BEuro budget  Need for budget for infrastructure ~ 0.1 BEuro  CSAs to continue CONSENSUS / DISCUSSION

7 5b) Klankbordgroepen – Twee issues  Aansluiting / invloed van luchtvaart stakeholders op overheidsstandpunten thema Transport in Brussel  Invloed op andere thema’s relevant voor luchtvaart

8 Mogelijke NL-structuur in H2020 (noot: nog in ontwikkeling) Programma Comité Transport Configuratie NL EUWI wetenschappelijke content Klankbordgroep Transport NL PC leden overleg Rail Automotive Maritiem Logistiek Luchtvaart industrie Assessment GKL op basis interne EZ discussies/notas HTSM MRO Water Chemie NL gedelegeerden EZ en I&MI&M gedelegeerde transport NL gedelegeerden EZ en I&M+experts NL gedelegeerden EZ en I&M Logistiek Roadmaps Luchtvaart operatie Platform AAT Topsector Platform

9 RWG proposal




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