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Advisory Council for Aviation Research and Innovation in Europe Horizon 2020.

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1 Advisory Council for Aviation Research and Innovation in Europe Horizon 2020

2 5a) Status Horizon 2020 Status in Council Working Group  Specific Programme close to agreement: Discussions on Comitology  RfPs agreed  Budgets still unclear Status ACARE regarding H2020  Implementation paper in preparation, at early stages with many discussions  E.g. ACARE Paper or ACARE MG paper  Scope Status at commission  Strategic Programming Paper now being drafted  Policy document including topics and as a basis for the WP Status at European Parliament  Voted on amendments mid december  RfP: 70% funding + 20% overhead  Different budget distribution – Transport – 1.4 BEuro

3 4 configurations (3+1)  The total number of committees/configurations is proposed to go from 21 to 4 for Horizon 2020, namely 1 for horizontal aspects and overall coordination, 1 for the 'Excellent Science' pillar, 1 for the 'Industrial Leadership' pillar and 1 for the 'Societal Challenges' pillar.  The main focus of the work of these configurations will be on the work programmes. 3 Commissie voorstel


5 RWG proposal

6 ACARE Paper on H2020  H2020 needed to bring Flightpath 2050 towards realisation  Build on current experience and SRIA  Continue existing instruments  CS 2 needed to further de-risk and demonstrate CS1 technologies  Needing 1.8 BEuro  SESAR building block for reaching a seamless Air Transport System  ATM research and large scale demonstration needing 1 BEuro  Research to be focused on “beyond SESAR” phase  SESAR deployment outside scope of H2020  Extension of SESAR is preferred above new JU  If scope would be widened an FP7 like approach is preferred to establish workprogrammes, even for ATM  L1 and L2 need to be continued, each with a 0.6 BEuro budget  Need for budget for infrastructure ~ 0.1 BEuro  CSAs to continue CONSENSUS / DISCUSSION

7 5b) Klankbordgroepen – Twee issues  Aansluiting / invloed van luchtvaart stakeholders op overheidsstandpunten thema Transport in Brussel  Invloed op andere thema’s relevant voor luchtvaart

8 Mogelijke NL-structuur in H2020 (noot: nog in ontwikkeling) Programma Comité Transport Configuratie NL EUWI wetenschappelijke content Klankbordgroep Transport NL PC leden overleg Rail Automotive Maritiem Logistiek Luchtvaart industrie 15.11.12 Assessment GKL op basis interne EZ discussies/notas HTSM MRO Water Chemie NL gedelegeerden EZ en I&MI&M gedelegeerde transport NL gedelegeerden EZ en I&M+experts NL gedelegeerden EZ en I&M Logistiek Roadmaps Luchtvaart operatie Platform AAT Topsector Platform

9 RWG proposal




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