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1 Berlin 18 July 2006 Jacomine Nortier Margreet Dorleijn

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1 1 Berlin 18 July 2006 Jacomine Nortier ( Margreet Dorleijn (

2 2 Amsterdam and Utrecht:

3 3 Statistics Amsterdam and Utrecht Amsterdam: Appr. 1 million inhab. Non-Western: 291,500 (=28,5%) 67,000 Moroccan (=6,6%) 49,000 Turks (=4,8%) Utrecht: 285,000 inhab. Non-Western: 57,000 (=20,7%) 24,000 Moroccan (=8.7%) 12,500 Turkish (= 4.5%)

4 4 S: Ik ben Abd err a h man, ik ben z eventien jaar oud, ik z it op de I am Abderrahman, I am seventeen year old, I sit on the Majellamavo, ik kom uit I r ak, we z ijn met z’ n acht en thui s.Dat wa s ‘t. (name of school) I come from Iraq, we are with eight at home That was it. I: Ha ha eh zeg es even – ’t moet wel – kom jij echt uit Irak? Ha ha tell me- it has to- come you really from Iraq? S: Nee No I: Nee, daarom. Waar kom jij vandaan? No, therefore. Where do you come from? S: Uit Turkije. From Turkey. I: Uit Turkije? Maar ben jij hier geboren of in Turkije? From Turkey? But are you here born or in Turkey? S: Ja, hier geboren. Yes, here born.

5 5 May 6 th 2002: Pim Fortuyn (Rotterdam!!) killed: he was the voice of the white Dutch ‘anti-immigrants- movement’. Became a hero after his death. 2 weeks later: elections. Nov 2 nd, 2004: Theo van Gogh killed by Moroccan muslim fundamentalist Mohammed B. Discussion about ‘freedom of speech’. Mohammed B: member of ‘Hofstadgroep’: Moroccan fundamentalists who planned assaults. At the same time: problems with Moroccans, mainly teenage boys. Consequences for society: strong polarisation; immigrant = muslim = dangerous. Particularly Moroccans.

6 6 Not one single development Different dynamics: Inter- and intraethnic interaction Interaction with indigenous urban dialects Language attitudes and vitality Different linguistic features in Moroccan Flavoured Dutch Local politics etcetera

7 7 Examples of ‘tussentaal’ with grammatical elements from Arabic: Ik zag laatst wahed chickie (I saw recently a chickie/girl) Duk mensen zijn (…) Those people are (…) Nta jij zegt (…) You you say (…)

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