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Logistieke concepten College 5 (hoofdstuk 11 en 14 Ronald H. Ballou)

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2 Logistieke concepten College 5 (hoofdstuk 11 en 14 Ronald H. Ballou)

3 Supply scheduling decisions Purchasing scheduling decisions Network Planning Process

4 SUPPLY SCHEDULING Meeting demand: supply just when needed production (MRP) inventory replenishment (JIT)

5 Just in Time (I) Japanese production philosophy: –juiste producten, juiste tijdstip, juiste plaats, juiste kwaliteit, juiste hoeveelheid Inventory reduction –“voorraad is smeermiddel van knelpunten” Production: small size and zero defects Relation with supplier

6 Just in Time (II) KAN card: produce a standard quantity BAN card: bring a standard quantity KANBAN control on department level Demand approach, i.s.o. hierarchical approach

7 Just in Time (III)

8 Just in Time (IV) Concern level: Hierarchical approach Quartile planning with horizon of 4 month: purchase orders to suppliers Capacity control (long horizon) Assemblage schedule with adequate mix of models (aabbaabbbaa)

9 Material requirements planning (MRP I) demand forecasting from end-products planning the production of parts and materials bill of materials

10 Bill of materials

11 Schedule MRP I bruto behoefte orders onderweg voorzien voorraad verloop netto behoefte geplande ontvangst geplande beschikbaar geplande orderuitgifte

12 Voorbeeld MRP I

13 Problems MRP I demand uncertainty lead time uncertainty safety stock Manufacturing Resources Planning (MRP II) –koppelt planning en besturing –koppelt afdelingen

14 Position MRP I/II

15 Supply Chain Management Optimise the integral chain Integration of information Value Adding Logistics: –functies die thuishoren in material management (assemblage, verpakken) verplaatsen naar de distributie keten Information technology

16 PURCHASING selecting and qualifying suppliers contracting comparing price, quality and service evaluating the received values quality of ‘your’ end-products

17 Purchase strategies purchase and percentage of sales value –productie onderneming –handelsbedrijf price reduction to all suppliers relation: more efficient production purchage on world wide web

18 NETWORK PLANNING where are the demand points ? where are the warehouses ? where are the source points? Good network brings savings

19 Data for network planning products in the product line locations –materiaal, productie, opslag en services. costs customer service level capacity

20 Data sources and encoding Sources Business planning documents Reports Logistic research Published information Encoding Product coding Geocoding

21 From data to information Product grouping Sales aggregation –geografische clusters –relatie cluster en verkoop concentratie

22 Design the network Chart, compass and ruler techniques Simulation models Heuristic models Optimization models –regel van Camp

23 Opdracht 3: besturing Casus: “de internet super” Geef in een presentatie (per groep) een advies over een besturingssysteem

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