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Municipality of Nedre Eiker – view from east to west.

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1 Municipality of Nedre Eiker – view from east to west

2 Municipality of Nedre Eiker – view from west to east

3 Nedre Eiker - a municipality in Europe Nedre Eiker

4 Nedre Eiker - a member of ”The region of Oslo”

5 Municipality of Nedre Eiker Nedre Eiker municipality is located near the river called Drammenselva Nedre Eiker is located 45 minutes west of Oslo by car/train (ca 60km) Nedre Eiker is one of 21 municipalities in Buskerud county. ”BC” has a population of 250.000 Nedre Eiker is neighbour to Drammen city (with a population of 60.000) The region of Drammen has a population of 160.0000 Norway has a population of 4,7 million – Oslo has a population of 450.000

6 Municipality of Nedre Eiker Number of employees 1500 (1136 man-labour year) Balanced budget 112 mill. E (900 mill. NOK) Investment 12,5 mill. E (100 mill NOK) 6 primary schools and 4 secondary schools (2971 pupils) 7 municipal kindergardens and 6 private kindergardens (1034 children) Library/sports 2 Nursing homes/living areas

7 Nedre Eiker The objects of municipalities in Norway are: Kindergarden (1-5 year) Education (6 – 16 year) primary and secondary school Health and Social Welfare (small children – nursing home – home care – social care – m. medical officer – mental health care – child welfare) Water supply/drain (infrastructure)/refuse collection and disposal Road (municipal roads) Tax collector Town plan/Building control - and act/planning/contact with business and industry Fire services section Cultural affairs Municipal properties (buildings – school – kindergarden – city hall – nursing home – engineering installation)

8 Buskerud storsenter - Krokstad Center development

9 Pictures from Nedre Eiker


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