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Renewable Energy in Morocco

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1 Renewable Energy in Morocco
Stuttgart, 13th November 2010

2 Huge Solar and Wind Potential
Renewable Energy in Morocco Huge Solar and Wind Potential

3 The legal and institutional Reforms
Renewable Energy in Morocco The 3 laws have been passed in 2010…. Liberalization the energy sector (production, access to the grid…) Creating of a dedicated -Conduct the overall solar 2000 MW project (design, choice of operators, implementation, management ,etc....) Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency (ADEREE) Creating of a dedicated agency supported by theState of Morocco (Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy) -Conduct the overall solar 2000 MW project (design, choice of operators, implementation, management,etc....) education

4 Morocco as Regional Energy Platform
Renewable Energy in Morocco Morocco as Regional Energy Platform Since 1997 Morocco is connected to Spain via the strait of Gibraltar 2 lines 400 KV of 26 km long Transit capacity : 1400 MW Project of 3rd line 400 KV The network with Algeria is operating since 1988 Oujda-Ghazaouet : 46 km long - capacity of 200 MW Oujda-Tlemcen : 67 Km long -capacity of 3rd connection of 400 KV is in process bringing the total transfer capacity to 1200 MW 4

5 Wind projects Tanger 140 MW Torres 50MW The diversification process of the energy bouquet has already started with 280 MW . . . Jbel Khalladi 120 MW Lafarge 30MW Haouma 50 MW Essaouira 60 MW Taza 150 MW (2015) Tarfaya 300 MW Bab El ouad 50 MW Laayoune 200 MW The objective is to build a capacity of 1000 MW by 2012

6 Solar projects Renewable Energy in Morocco SITE OF AÏN BÉNI MATHAR
DNI: 2290kWh/m²/year Capacity : 400 MW Surface : 2000 hectares Generation : 835 GWh / yr SITE OF SEBKHATE TAH DNI: 2140kWh/m²/year Capacity : 500 MW Surface : 2500 hectares Generation : 1040GWh / yr SITE OF OUARZAZATE DNI: 2635kWh/m²/year Capacity : 500 MW Surface : 2500 hectares Generation : 1150 GWh / yr THESE ARE THE SITES OUARZAZATE IS ALREADY UNDERWAY WITH MORE THAN 200 APPLICATION ALREADY SUBMITTED IT HAS BEEN LAUNCHED BY THE KING ON NOVEMBER SITE OF BOUJDOUR DNI: 2642kWh/m²/year Capacity : 100 MW Surface : 500 hectares Generation : 230 GWh / yr SITE OF FOUM AL OUAD DNI: 2628kWh/m²/year Capacity : 500 MW Surface : 2500 hectares Generation : 1150GWh / yr

7 Project Timetable Renewable Energy in Morocco 2 November 2009
5 October 2010 End 2010 3Q 2011 2015 2019 Announcement of Moroccan Solar Project Launch of Tenders 1st site entering into service Entering into service of all sites Pre-selection of candidates for Ouarzzazate construction Starts

8 A public-private partnership approach
Renewable Energy in Morocco The implementation of all projects will be done through… Partnerships with national and international operators Choice of developers based on competition and with open technologies options (PV, CSP, ...etc) Diversified funding mechanisms

9 The Moroccan energy mix by 2020
The part of installed capacity of renewable energy will represent 42% of total electric installed capacity by 2020

10 Renewable Energy in Morocco DESERTEC Morocco strategic location, huge solar potential and Concrete National Energy Strategy Nareva Holding, joined the Desertec Industrial Initiative DII in march 2010 Driss Benhima, CEO of Royal Air Maroc, is a member of the International Advisory Board of DII that will support it in the implementation of the ‘Desertec’ initiative First Solar pilot project in Morocco of 500 MW is announced THERE HAS BEEN A LOT OF DISCUSSION AND REPORTING OF MOROCCO BEING HOSTING THE FIRST SITE WE HAVE SOLAR RESOURCES, INFRASTRUCTURE, The Desertec Industrial Initiative, which aims to produce solar-electricity for Europe in northern Africa, plans to build a pilot-project in Morocco, Handelsblatt reported, citing Paul van Son, who heads the initiative. The project will examine various power generation systems including solar thermal and photovoltaic plants as well as wind turbines and could generate 500 to 1,000 megawatts, the newspaper reported.

11 Germany’s involvement
Renewable Energy in Morocco Germany’s involvement Wind Energy: KFW provides financial support to Tangier and Essaouira parks (50 millions Euros loan for each) Hydraulic Energy: Financial support for the construction of Tanafnit, El Borj et Tilougguit plants and for renovation of 20 others (137 millions Euros). (Cooperation for Development) Solar Energy: Rural electrification through the installation individual solar kits (PERG) : 5,1 millions Euros of subsidies and 10,0 millions Euros loans. (Cooperation for Development) Total subsidies and loans: 252,1 millions Euros Energy and Environment is one of three of axis German cooperation 131 million euros

12 Conclusion Huge Potential of clean energy sources
Renewable Energy in Morocco Conclusion Huge Potential of clean energy sources Strategic geographical location Favourable business environment Legal, regulatory and institutional reforms to promote the sector Commitment to strengthening the international cooperation

13 Renewable Energy in Morocco Thank you

14 Thermo-solar project Beni Mathar

15 Thermo-solar project Beni Mathar
Site : Ain Beni Mathar (86 km au Sud d’Oujda) Capacity : 472 MW (20 MW Solar) Size : 20 Ha Date of Production : 2010 Contribution : 8.5 % of National consumption Project owner : National Electricity Office (ONE) Cost : 452 millions euros BAD millions ONE 100 Millions World environment Fund 36.6 millions

16 Tangier wind Park I

17 Tangier I Wind Park 140 MW Capacity : 140 MW
Engine : 165 Gamesa 850 kW Production : 526 GWh/year Average Annual wind speed (40 m) : 9 m/s Feasibility Project : ADEREE Project : National Electricity Office (ONE) Date production : 2010 Cost : 250 Millions Euro ICO, a Spanish fund, 100 millions BEI 80 million KFW 50 million ONE 20 million THS IS A TECHNICAL SHEET OF THE MAJOR WIND PARK IN AFRICA YOU CAN SEE ALL PARTIES INVOLVED IN THE PROJECT


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