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Institutional Repositories Workshop Universiteit Maastricht 4 October 2006.

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1 Institutional Repositories Workshop Universiteit Maastricht 4 October 2006

2 Agenda Morning Nereus EO: “Economists Online” NEEO: “Network of European Economists Online” EO interoperability EO requirements Proposed solution for DSpace users: DISpace@ULB DISpace@ULB - interoperable with NEEO, … DISpace@ULB – DISpace1.0

3 Agenda Afternoon Overview of the various aspects of an IR implementation and its integration into the institution’s research environment 6 topics: Choosing an IR software Metadata and complex objects Submission workflow and versioning User-friendly submission interfaces Towards a European standardization through the DRIVER project ? Bridging “publication” repositories with “data” repositories

4 Nereus – IR software Nereus InstitutionIR software Tilburg University (NL)ARNO Universiteit Maastricht (NL)ARNO University of Warwick (UK)Digital Commons (Proquest) University College London (UK)Digitool (ExLibris) (from Eprints) Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (B)DSpace Sciences Po (F)DSpace Université Libre de Bruxelles (B)DSpace Carlos III de Madrid (ES)DSpace Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (NL)DSpace/Hybrid University College Dublin (IRL)DSpace? (from Fedora) London School of Economics (UK)Eprints (going to Fedora?) Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration (A)Epub University of Oxford (UK)Fedora Charles University CERGE-EI (CZ)OLIB (Fretwell Downing) German National Library of Economics (D)OPUS Université Toulouse 1 Sciences Sociales (F)ORI

5 Participants – IR software InstitutionIR software Tilburg University (NL)ARNO Universiteit Maastricht (NL)ARNO Carlos III University of Madrid SPAIN (ES)DSpace Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (NL)DSpace Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (B)DSpace Universiteit Antwerpen (B)DSpace Universiteit Gent (B)DSpace Universiteit Hasselt (B)DSpace Université Libre de Bruxelles (B)DSpace University of Cambridge (UK)DSpace London School of Economics (UK)EPrints CNRS (F)HAL KNAW (NL)KNAW software Charles University in Prague, CERGE (CZ)OLIB Vrije Universiteit Brussel (B)VUBIS software

6 Institutional Repositories WorkshopNereusEONEEO

7 The Nereus network 16 partners -- 9 countries

8 The Nereus mission A network of libraries and institutions serving the economics community Institutions with high-rankings in economics Serving our clients by: –increasing visibility of their research –building added value services Serving the network by: –focussing on cost-efficiency and innovation –developing concrete products –maximising on knowledge-exchange structures

9 Comprehensive index of electronic resources in economics Make economics and social sciences datasets more easily accessible Participation in JISC funded project : VERSIONS Feed the Sherpa/Romeo database with self- archiving and copyright policies of publishers Institutional repositories: –EO –NEEO Current Nereus activities

10 Online access to the academic output of leading economists Outcome: –Search the publications of some of Europe’s excellent economists –Dynamic publications list per participating author, with full text links to final articles and open access content Figures: –Participating institutions: 6 –Authors: 70 –Bib. references: 7000 –Open access FT: 2700 Available at __EO

11 Extend EO to all Nereus partners: –16 institutions / 500 authors –+ current academic output Increase quality of existing EO services, through: –Use of MPEG21/DIDL as metadata exchange format –Automated metadata enrichment New services: –Usage statistics –FT searching –Multilinguality –Integration with CKB –Version signposting tool –RSS feeds –… Obtain funding from EC through eContentPlus programme NEEO

12 Institutional Repositories Workshop Implementing an institutional repository

13 Aspects of IR implementation Project plan Implementation plan Technical installation and developments Copyright issues Interoperability considerations (metadata schemes, OAI, SRU) Testing (including research community) Added-value services Communication plan Awareness raising: authorities, research community, libraries Making research community interested in the concept of Open Access Business plan

14 Aspects of IR implementation Integrating an IR in a university research environment Seamless upload of documents to IR from desktop publishing tools Making central IR system live together with central Research Management System Making central IR system live together with the several local researcher initiatives Institutional bibliography as opposed to institutional repository

15 Aspects of IR implementation Submission workflow Metadata validation Self-archiving + verification of (part of?) metadata by library Archiving done by library Scientific value Should submitted items be validated by faculty? How do you organise this? Should deletions from IR be checked by faculty?

16 Aspects of IR implementation IR functionalities Authentication of submitters Unambiguous identification of (co-)authors Institutional / national DAI Collection structure of an IR Per faculty? Per department? Multi-institution Maintaining a bibliography Not just deposit, but also edit and delete Classification of documents Discipline-based ontologies “funding body” ontologies Integrate authority lists / files Ingest from external resources Offline Online Automated enhancement of metadata Versioning, relationships, accessibility of: Object files of an item Different items De-duplication of items Intra-IR Inter-IR

17 Aspects of IR implementation Content dissemination Integration of publications list into researcher’s CVs Export toolkit (reference format, filters on document types, filters on metadata fields, sort, output format (XML, CSV, HTML,…) ) Integration into PBMS (EndNote, RefWorks, BibTex,…) Integrate into web pages (researcher, department, university bibliography,…) Integrate into library portal Automated propagation of metadata to: discipline-based repositories Google(s) Overlay journals

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