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Workshop Quest4D May LTV-slib: Modelling of mud dynamics

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1 Workshop Quest4D May 14 2009 LTV-slib: Modelling of mud dynamics
Joris Vanlede (WL) Thijs van Kessel (Deltares) Marieke Eleveld (IVM) Daphne van der Wal (NIOO)

2 Managerial Questions LTV slib (Long Term Vision – Mud transport)
Effects of maintenance dredging Harbour maintenance: mostly mud Maintenance dredging of fairway and sills: mostly sand Effects of capital dredging Harbour extension (e.g. Deurgancdok) Fairway deepening and widening Effects on mud dynamics Turbidity Siltation rates Sediment composition of tidal mud flats Mud balance

3 Model vs. Measurements Measurements: Process-based model:
Knowledge of present condition System knowledge Process-based model: Based on a physical description of processes (e.g. 3D mixing) Quantify effects (e.g. fairway deepening, sea level rise,…) Model output available “always” and “everywhere” (<-> monitoring)

4 Past activities 2006: 2007: 2008: Literature survey Data-analysis
Calculation of 14 days 2007: Model improvements Calculation of 3 months 2008: Improvements in 3D hydrodynamics Calculation of 1 year (seasonal dynamics) Model application : 2nd fairway deepening

5 Hydrodynamics Year 2006 BC from ZUNO 2006 model Resolution
WS: 100m Upstream: 30m 1 million cells in 5 layers 27 days CPU time for 1 yr. (x13) 2 TB of HD results

6 Hydrodynamics: conclusions
Calculation of 1 year of 3D hydrodynamics with measurements as boundary conditions. Seasonal influence is modeled explicitly. Most important difference model - measurement is M4 phase in boundary condition (action 2009).

7 Remote sensing data SPM in upper part water column (IVM)
Silt content of mud flats (NIOO)

8 IVM: SPM in de waterkolom

9 NIOO: Mud content mud flats
Mud content from radar images (SAR) Seasonal variation in mud content

10 Seasonal dynamics Seasonal dynamics is present, but not sufficiently
Seasonal variation of settling velocity ws or erosion parameter crit Boundary conditions are already seasonally variable

11 Import/export at Vlissingen
Gross kton/day Net Gross export of 37 MT/yr Gross import of 35 MT/yr Model: Net export of 2 MT/yr Van Alphen (1990): 0.6 MT/yr net import Van Maldegem & Vroom (1995): 0.1 +/- 0.2 MT/yr net import

12 Validation at Antwerp Boei Boerenschans

13 Validation at Antwerp (2)
Peak missing Bottom concentration too low

14 ETM: Estuarine Turbidity Maximum
Neap tide Spring tide

15 Validation Remote Sensing Data

16 Validation Remote Sensing Data

17 Application: 2nd fairway deepening
1997 – 1998 7.5 m³ capital dredging works Deepening of naturally occuring sills

18 Application: 2nd fairway deepening

19 Conclusions Mud transport model is operational and is compared to measurements (in-situ & remote sensing) Points of attention: Seasonal dynamics Estuarine circulation M4 phase 2nd fairway deepening had little effect on SPM concentrations

20 Plans 2009 Further application of the model
Effect opening of DGD on SPM and siltation rates around Antwerp. Effect of dumping of dredged material around Terneuzen harbor Development of a Zeebrugge detail model Inter-comparison between mud transport models of BMM and WL Analysis of effects 2nd fairway deepening on siltation in harbors

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