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The big Sinterklaas presentation Presenters: Anneloes and Henk Sinterklaas.

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1 The big Sinterklaas presentation Presenters: Anneloes and Henk Sinterklaas

2 Sinterklaas… Why Sinterklaas is not the same as Santa Claus Sinterklaas in Holland (traditions) Rules of the game The songs!!! Overview presentation

3 Born in 3rd century in Turkey He obeyed Jesus' words to "sell what you own and give the money to the poor" known for his generosity to those in need, his love for children, and his concern for sailors and ships Was thrown in prison by Roman emperor because of his faith Sinterklaas

4 Bishop in Myra He died December 6, AD 343 Day of death is a day of celebration, that is why the 5th of December we celebrated Sinterklaas, the eve before! Sinterklaas

5 His bones transferred to Southern Italy Dutch made a mistake, thought it was Spain ►that’s why he comes from Spain At that moment Spain was occupied by the Mores, that’s why he has black helpers Sinterklaas

6 Tradition of Sinterklaas was brought to America by the Dutch Pilgrim Fathers Americans ruined the tradition and changed his image and made an ugly guy. Santa Claus is trying to push Jesus out of Christmas Sinterklaas & Santa Claus

7 So what we should do with this ugly imitation of the REAL Sinterklaas… Sinterklaas & Santa Claus Thou art our real sinterklaas, thou art worthy to be celebrated on the 5th of December

8 In the medieval times Sinterklaas was already celebrated at schools. Children received food and presents Sinterklaas is the patron of Amsterdam Since 1845 Sinterklaas has his public appearance and visits the homes of people Sinterklaas in Holland

9 Sinterklaas arrives every year The whole villages welcomes him He comes by steam boat and by his white horse He has plenty of black Piets Sinterklaas in Holland

10 Children sing songs before the chimney and place their shoes or klompen before it Black Piet throws presents down the chimney On the eve itself Sinterklaas rides with his horse over the roofs and visits the houses In his book everything is written and children are asked whether they have behaved ‘sweet’ They have to sit at his lap (dirty old man!) Sinterklaas in Holland

11 When Sinterklaas is out of reach (Angola is too far for this old men), but when the Piets are around, one has to make presents for the others It is very important that this goes according to the century old traditions…. Sinterklaas in Holland

12 Draw lots Buy a present for that person Make a ‘surprise’ ► something funny for and about that person Write a poem for the person and since Sinterklaas is involved it should be written on his behalf Poem has the format of a letter Rules of the game

13 Characteristics of the poem: Madrid, 5 December 2005 Dear … [poem of at least 4 verses / stanzas] From Sint and his Piets Rules of the game

14 Presents are anonymous, so hide everything! Be creative, everything can happen and everything is allowed as long it contributes to the real Sinterklaas feeling (judged by the father of the family or organising committee) Rules of the game

15 Daar wordt aan de deur geklopt, hard geklopt, zacht geklopt. Daar wordt aan de deur geklopt. Wie zou dat zijn? Wees maar gerust mijn kind. Ik ben een goede vrind. Ook al ben ik zwart als roet, 'k Meen het toch goed. The songs There is knocking on the door, Loud knocking, soft knocking. There is knocking on the door. Who would that be? Do not freak out my child. I am a good old friend. Even I am black as soot, I mean it good.

16 The songs Zie de maan schijnt door de bomen. Makkers staakt uw wild geraas. 't Heerlijk avondje is gekomen, Avondje van Sinterklaas. Vol verwachting klopt ons hart, Wie de koek krijgt, wie de gart. Vol verwachting klopt ons hart, Wie de koek krijgt, wie de gart. Bright December moon is beaming boys and girls now stop your play for tonight's the wondrous evening eve of good St. Nicholas's day full excitement beats our heart, Who the cake gets, who the rod. full excitement beats our heart, Who the cake gets, who the rod.

17 The songs Zie ginds komt de stoomboot uit Spanje weer aan. Hij brengt ons Sint-Nicolaas ik zie hem al staan. Hoe huppelt zijn paardje het dek op en neer, hoe waaien de wimpels al heen en al weer. Look there is the steamer from the Spainy lands it brings us Saint Nicholas he's waving his hands his horse is a-prancing on deek up and down the hamers are waving in village and town

18 The songs Hoor de wind waait door de bomen, Hier in huis zelfs waait de wind. Zou de goede Sint wel komen, Nu het weer zo vreselijk is? Ja hij rijdt door donk’re nachten Op zijn paardje o zo snel Als hij wist hoe wij hem wachten, Ja gewis dan kwam hij wel. Hear the wind over rooftops humming in the chimney hear it blow will Saint Nicholas still be coming through the storms and through the snow Yes he comes though storms be beating on his horse so strong and fast if he hears our heart a-beating surely he would not ride past

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