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initial training : Social Fund periodic training : FCBO Training.

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2 initial training : Social Fund periodic training : FCBO Training

3 Initial training

4 9 weeks of initial training: 2 weeks theoretical training 7 weeks practical training Some parts not included: DE licence Ticketing system evolution of this training system ?

5 Challenges Shortage of drivers: Shorten 9 weeks training? Include DE licence for coach drivers? Include ticketing system for bus drivers? Review the role of simulator in initial training? Include e-learning (CBT programs) for theoretical parts of the initial training? Alternative ways of providing initial training in company training (development of a general format) Evening schools Pre-training for low educated/qualified candidates

6 Periodic training

7 Challenges to avoid threshold in 2015 or offer solution develop quality system for trainers practical training programs !!! development of future training programs

8 Future training programs

9 Health 50% of causes for hospitalisation of drivers are...




13  Ergonomics (2012)  Healthy lifestyle (2013?) experiences?

14 Aggression Verdachte die buscontroleur doodsloeg: 'Ik heb spijt. Dit heb ik niet gewild.' Dit weekend weer twee keer agressie op openbaar vervoer Geweld op het openbaar vervoer blijft toenemen Agressie op de bus blijft zorgwekkend

15 Agression How to prevent it? How to react when it occurs? How to defend yourself?

16 Fire

17 Fire prevention Fire detection Evacuation Fire fighting

18 Passenger rights

19 Specific training program  passenger rights

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