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1 Sigurd Skogestad Department of Chemical Engineering Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) Trondheim.

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1 1 Sigurd Skogestad Department of Chemical Engineering Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) Trondheim

2 2 Sigurd Skogestad 1955: Born in Flekkefjord, Norway 1978: MS ( in chemical engineering at NTNU 1979-1983: Worked at Norsk Hydro co. (process simulation) 1987: PhD from Caltech (supervisor: Manfred Morari) 1987-present: Professor of chemical engineering at NTNU 1999-2009: Head of Department 160 journal publications Book: Multivariable Feedback Control (Wiley 1996; 2005) –1989: Ted Peterson Best Paper Award by the CAST division of AIChE –1990: George S. Axelby Outstanding Paper Award by the Control System Society of IEEE –1992: O. Hugo Schuck Best Paper Award by the American Automatic Control Council –2006: Best paper award for paper published in 2004 in Computers and chemical engineering. –2011: Process Automation Hall of Fame (US)

3 3 Trondheim, Norway Rio

4 4 Trondheim Oslo UK NORWAY DENMARK GERMANY North Sea SWEDEN Arctic circle

5 5 NTNU, Trondheim

6 6 Research Sigurd Skogestad 1.Truls Larsson, Studies on plantwide control, Aug. 2000. (Aker Kværner, Stavanger) 2.Eva-Katrine Hilmen, Separation of azeotropic mixtures, Des. 2000. (ABB, Oslo) 3.Ivar J. Halvorsen; Minimum energy requirements in distillation,May 2001. (SINTEF) 4.Marius S. Govatsmark, Integrated optimization and control, Sept. 2003. (Statoil, Haugesund) 5.Audun Faanes, Controllability analysis and control structures, Sept. 2003. (Statoil, Trondheim) 6.Hilde K. Engelien, Process integration for distillation columns, March 2004. (Aker Kværner) 7.Stathis Skouras, Heteroazeotropic batch distillation, May 2004. (Statoil, Trondheim) 8.Vidar Alstad, Studies on selection of controlled variables, June 2005. (Yara, Porsgrunn) 9.Espen Storkaas, Control solutions to avoid slug flow in pipeline-riser systems, June 2005. (ABB, Oslo) 10.Antonio C.B. Araujo, Studies on plantwide control, Jan. 2007. (Un. Campina Grande, Brazil) 11.Tore Lid, Data reconciliation and optimal operation of refinery processes, June 2007 (Statoil, Bergen) 12.Federico Zenith, Control of fuel cells, June 2007 (SINTEF, Trondheim) 13.Jørgen B. Jensen, Optimal operation of refrigeration cycles, May 2008 (ABB, Oslo) 14.Heidi Sivertsen, Stabilization of desired flow regimes (no slug), Dec. 2008 (Statoil, Stjørdal) 15.Elvira Aske, Plantwide control systems with focus on max throughput, Mar 2009 (Statoil, Trondheim) 16.Jens P. Strandberg, Optimal operation of dividing wall columns, June 2011 (Aker Solutions, Oslo) 17.Johannes Jäschke, Invariants for optimal operation of process systems, June 2011 (postdoc, NTNU) Current research: Plantwide control. Applications: LNG, GTL, CO2 Continue work on distillation and anti-slug flow control Reduced-complexity control (self-optimizing control): off-line and analytical solutions to optimal control (incl. explicit MPC & explicit RTO) Graduated PhDs since 2000

7 7 Current Ph.D. students 1.Håkon Dahl-Olsen (, NTNU, 2006), Optimal operation of chemical processes 2.Deeptanshu Dwivedi (MS India) Integrated distillation (Gassmaks/BEEDIST) 3.Magnus Glosli Jacobsen (, NTNU, 2007), Optimal operation and control of LNG processes 4.Maryam Ghadrdan (MS Iran) Integrated distillation (Gassmaks/BEEDIST) 5.Mehdi Panahi (MS. Iran) Optimal operation of CO2 and Fischer Tropsch plants (Gassmaks) 6.Ramprasad Yelchuru (MS Singapore) Optimal operation of integrated plants (Gassmaks) 7.Esmaeil Jahanshahi (MS Petroluem Univ. of Iran) Control of offshore production systems for oil and gas (financed by Siemens) + 3 new starting summer 2011

8 8 More info / / PhD STUDENTSPhD thesesPhD theses PublicationsPublicationsPublications Sigurd home page (newer publications)Sigurd home page Process control groupProcess control GroupProcess control Group

9 9 Workshop schedule, all days 7-8AM : Breakfast 8-10AM: Workshop (2h) 10-10:30AM: Coffee break 10:30-12:30PM: Workshop (2h) 12:30 - 4PM: Lunch and Free time 4 – 4:30: Coffee 4:30-6:30PM: Workshop (2h)

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