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Sherlock Helms and the Kidnapping in the Ruin A Photo Story by Jan Grauer and Jurek Preker.

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1 Sherlock Helms and the Kidnapping in the Ruin A Photo Story by Jan Grauer and Jurek Preker

2 On a sunny Friday, Sophie is on her way home from school…

3 HELP!!! Aaarrrrggghhhh!!! Suddenly…

4 The kidnapper is taking Sophie into the ruin next to the school.

5 In a dark corner in the ruin…

6 In the afternoon, Mrs. Worry, Sophies mother, is calling the famous detective Sherlock Helms. What happened, Mrs. Worry? My daughter didnt come home from school today, and I dont know what happened to her. Im sure we can help. Can I come to you now? Yes, you can. But please hurry up! Im so desperate!

7 At the Worrys house… Normally Sophie comes home at one oclock, but not today… OK, I have to go to her school with my assistant Dr. Woodsen.

8 At school… Look, theres a teacher. Lets ask her about Sophie.

9 Have you seen Sophie Worry? We think that someone kidnapped her. Sophie Worry… Yes, I saw her in the German lesson in the morning. But I dont know where she is now.

10 Do you know where Sophie Worrys classroom is? Yes, I do. Her classroom has got the number 102.

11 Hmmm… She isnt here in the room. Lets go to the schoolyard. Maybe shes there.

12 Helms and Woodsen are entering the schoolyard…

13 Look, theres a schoolbag. Hmm… It says Sophies name on the bag.

14 Her schoolbag is here, so she must be somewhere in the school! Or she is not inside the school building but outside. The only question is: Where?

15 Ahh, in the classroom there was a poster about the ruin. Maybe shes in there.

16 Oh, its dark here! A good place to hide a girl… Inside the ruin…

17 Helms and Woodsen are searching the dark parts of the ruin…

18 Look! Theres a light. Maybe Sophie is there! Lets check! Then…

19 Hey, Im Sherlock Helms, and youre under arrest! What!? Under arrest? But why? Because you kidnapped Sophie Worry!

20 No, no! Theres no kidnapping! Were making a photo story for a project: Sophie is playing the victim… … Im the photographer… … and Im the kidnapper.

21 Hello Mrs. Worry! We found Sophie! She was only playing a role in a photo story. There was no real kidnapping! Oh, thats great news! Im so relieved! Im coming to the school right now! After that…

22 A few minutes later… Helms and Woodsen have successfully solved another case. Its a happy ending for Sophie and her mother.

23 Cast Sherlock HelmsJurek Preker Dr. WoodsenJan Grauer SophieLaura Emig Mrs. WorryAnnika Berz TeachersNina Schermuksnies Matthias May KidnapperTim Seifert PhotographerSören Göhlmann

24 Vocabulary (to) kidnap so.jdn. entführen kidnapperEntführer kidnappingEntführung cornerEcke famousberühmt desperateverzweifelt (school)yard(Schul-)Hof school buildingSchulgebäude victimOpfer photographerFotograph

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