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Tactical Media Erik Kluitenberg. Tactical Media. Politiek in de nieuwe media landschap. – ‘take the square’ vs. Electronic isolation. – Yes-Man – discussie:

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1 Tactical Media Erik Kluitenberg

2 Tactical Media. Politiek in de nieuwe media landschap. – ‘take the square’ vs. Electronic isolation. – Yes-Man – discussie: Rol amateurs, Affective labour. No definition, no strateg and lack of permanence. – Tactical vs. Strategic.

3 Archive ‘Tactical Media has always existed in an uncomfortable space between a fluidity of practice that by nature resisted or outright refused to be named, and the recogintion that it is constantly saddled with designations by those who are uncomfortable with unnamed concepts’ (24). ‘The archive and its construction, at their core, monumentalise objects and events, and naturalise the mythologisation of actions that are purpose and interest driven’. (25)

4 Culture Jamming.



7 ‘What has happened is the greatest work of art there has ever been’ (Stockhausen). – Sublime. – ‘Stockhausen’s remarks seemed to reflect the fact that he found himself, as an artist, powerless to respond to the breakdown of the symbolic order, hence his acknowledgement of the superior power of this event’ (27). Activisme voor en na 9/11.

8 Culture Jamming. Naomi Klein – Substance vs. Symbols. – Klein: ‘Maybe the image wars are coming to a close’ (28). – ‘Culture jammers could cynically be described as an outer-edge and wholly unpaid research and developnent department for the global marketing industry’ (30).

9 Culture Jamming. Symbolen zijn de enige weg voor media activisten. ‘Breaking out of the consumer mindscape takes a fundamental shift of perspective, an epiphany, after which everything is seen with new eyes’. (31) Andere kunstprojecten: – Chance 2000

10 The spectre of affective labour ‘In short, we can distinguish three types of immaterial labor that drive the service sector at the top of the informational economy. The first is involved in an industrial production that has been informationalized and has incorporated communication technologies in a way that transforms the industrial production process itself. Manufacturing is regarded as a service and the material labor of the production of durable goods mixes with and tends toward immaterial labor. Second is the immaterial labor of analytical and symbolic tasks, which itself breaks down into creative and intelligent manipulation on one hand and routine symbolic tasks on the other. Finally, a third type of immaterial labor involves the production and manipulation of affects and requires (virtual or actual) human contact and proximity. These are the three types of labor that drive the postmodernization or informationalization of the global economy’. (Michael Hardt)

11 Affective labour ‘By biopower I understand the potential of affective labor. Biopower is the power of the creation of life; it is the production of collective subjectivities, sociality, and society itself. The focus on affects and the networks of the production of affects reveals these processes of social constitution. What is created in the networks of affective labor is a form-of-life.’ (Hardt).

12 Pic. Samuli Schielke


14 Media Squares ‘The overlaying of physical public space with novel kinds of technical protocols and their wireless network capacities engenders the intensified hybridisation of embodied social spaces.’ 43 ‘This space of opportunity became evident in the excessive mediation of het ‘movements of the squares: …’

15 Media Squares Twitter revolution? – ‘It seems then that there was a dialectic of events online and beyond the screen that ulitmately produced this remarkable protest.’ (44) – ‘And Tahrir protesters were constantly aware of the potential and the danger of being seen or remaining hidden. At night panicked voices described what they feared others couldn’t or wouldn’t see. (45)

16 Media Squares Maar ook transgressie. – ‘There is an air of intense excitement that pervades the photographs and video’s of the revolution, a seemingly transgressive type of ecstasy’ (45). – ‘The moment of reconnection to what is most sacred is embodied on the streets and squares and is simultaneouslyu shared with a network of billions. This ecstatic experience is truly a jouissance.’ (46).

17 Alain Badiou Gebeurtenis – moment waarop de normale ordening van de wereld ophoudt te bestaan, en waarop de waarheid geopenbaard wordt. – Gebeurtenis Spartacus. ‘Wij zijn allen slaven’. Marx – ‘Proletariers aller landen, verenigt U’. Emancipatie staat centraal voor Badiou. ‘when it comes to liberty, equality and emanicipation, we owe everything to popular riots’.



20 Badiou over Egypte – ‘The event is the abrupt creation not of a new reality, but of a myriad of new possibilities. None of them is the repetition of what is already known’. Iemand verbrandt zich in Tunesie en zet hele proces op gang. – Maxime: ‘We, the sons of workers and peasants, are stronger than the criminals’. – Mensen worden een eenheid. ‘In the wake of an event, the people comprises those who know how to resolve the problems posed by the event’. – Mensen nemen het recht in handen, verenigen zich en maken stap na stap een nieuw wereld mogelijk.

21 Badiou Democratie is niet het doel, maar de revolutionaire beweging.’ ‘Communism’ means here: the creation in common of the collective destiny.’ ‘The Tunisian and the Egyptian people are telling us: raise up, construct the public site of movement communism, and defend it by all possible means while inventing the successive steps of our action - such is the reality of the popular politics of emancipation. ’


23 Deleuze/Guattari/Massumi – Rol affecten. – Narcisme (Egypte/alterglobalisme) of geloof in de leidende figuur (Iran) kan nooit voldoende zijn.

24 Badiou’s lezing van Arabische revolutie. – revolts-the-universal-reach-of-popular-uprisings/ revolts-the-universal-reach-of-popular-uprisings/ – The Rebirth of History: Times of Riots and Uprisings

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