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An introduction to the Dutch National Research Group.

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1 An introduction to the Dutch National Research Group

2 Agenda Vision, Mission and Strategy Organization National Workshop Series Informatie lidmaatschap 20-11-20132

3 Vision The Netherlands offers a unique environment for catalyzing world-class project management research, enabling researchers to make a lasting and sustained contribution to the world’s project management community. 22-10-20133Introductie

4 Mission The Dutch National Research Group has been created to help realize this vision through the active support of Dutch-based research to drive practice in project management. 4

5 Strategy Fulfill its mission through: -thought leadership, project management support for researchers and practitioners, and -the promotion of cutting edge, rigorous and relevant research through: industry engagement, publications, events, funding and special projects.

6 Organization 22-10-2013Introductie6 Matthijs Schilder (teamleider) Paul van Leeuwen Rob Evers Henk-Jan Hasnoot Bert Luppens Beverly Pasian (Voorzitter DNRG) Harm Meijer (vice voorzitter en communicatie) Liselore Havermans (teamleider Publicaties) Anne Keegan (team Liselore) Jan Postema (teamleaider Events) Steven Nijhuis (MT) Matthijs Schilder (Teamleider Bedrijfsleven) René Hombergen (MT) Rob Evers (Team Industry) Bert Luppens (Team Bedrijfsleven) Liselore Havermans (teamleider) Anne Keegan Steven Nijhuis Rob Evers Albert Ponsteen Jan Willem Tromp Sergey Filippov Alfons van Marrewijk Jan Postema (teamleider) Marina Bosman Liselore Havermans Anne Keegan Richard de Goede Pim Hinrich Thuy-Vy Nguyen Karel de Bakker Alfons van Marrewijk Harm Meijer Administratie IPMA-NL In bewerking Onderzoeksprojecten TNO, KWD, SME EVENTS DNRG Management Team PublicationsINDUSTRY ENGAGEMENT Communication MembershipResearch Projects

7 Progress to date  Management team settled  Agreement on focus: Human Factors  Projectie content organized  Column, 8 pages of content, special issue  National Congress stream  WC: pgm cmte, CFP, content ‘types’; special IJPM issue

8 Next steps

9 NATIONAL WORKSHOP SERIES Building on UK model 8 sites (uni and industry partnership) HF sub-themes Directly supports WC content and contribution to IJPM

10 Core themes Leadership Commitment Trust Burn-out Wellbeing Attitude Willingness 22-10-2013Introductie10 Acceptance Creativity Ethics Encouragement and support Credibility

11 11

12 Workshop 1 Leadership Workshop 4 Attitude Willingness Acceptance Workshop 7 Leadership Nurture Workshop 2 Commitment Trust Workshop 3 Burn-out Well-being Workshop 5 Creativity Workshop 6 Ethic Workshop 8 Credibility Overview “Human Factors” National Workshop Series Outcome results for WC 2014 > Themes “Human Factors” Rationale Activities Interest Priorities Statement/Report IPMA NC IPMA Parade World Congress Proces HU RUG TU-Twente UVA EUR OU VU Participants Industrie TU-Delft

13 Output NWS  New insights  Publications focusing on practice  Papers gericht op (nieuw) onderzoek 13

14 Output Wereldcongres  Theme: Innovation through dialogue  Focus on Human factor in project management  Publications for: Project managers and researchers  International Journal of Project Management  Special issue 22-10-2013Introductie14

15 Next steps…  2014 DNRG Global Summit  2014 World Congress  Special projects: Small-Medium Enterprises (A.Moussault, Rodney Turner), KWD, TNO  Launch of Global Centre for Human Factor Research 22-10-2013Introductie15

16 Research process 22-10-2013Introductie16 Network meetings Presentations and Discussions Illustrations, Clarifications, Applications Insights and implications Insights and implications World of theory New perspectives and approaches World of practice Current issues and emerging practice

17 Explore the human factors of project management Call DNRG today

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