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Creek tribe.

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1 Creek tribe

2 Geography Original residence: -Georgia -Alabama -Florida
-North Carolina Today: 2 tribes -Oklahoma (1800’s) -Original homeland -Scattered

3 Society Traditional lifestyle Men: hunter (deer, game, fish), warrior
Women: child care, cooking, farming (corn, beans, squash) Both gender: storytelling, art, medicine Trading (jargon) Basic unit: village Families Miko: cheif (male) Tribal council: decision making

4 Home Settled villages with one square
Single-family houses: plaster and rivercane walls with thatched roofs Circular buildings: ceremonies „Ball field” Palisades: walls

5 Without walls With walls

6 Clothes Men: breechcloths, leather leggings
Women: deerskin or woven fiber skirts and mantles Both: moccasins Warriors: complex tribal tattoos, bright red face


8 Warriors

9 Interesting facts Other name is Muskogee Afvcketv: stickball
Cradleboards Dishes: cornbread, soups Traditional legends and fairy tales

10 Thank you for your attention!

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