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The Royal Family of Norway

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1 The Royal Family of Norway
By: Kristine

2 The Royal Familytree

3 King Harald 5. Born: 21. February in 1937 i Skaugum in Oslo but moved to Sweden, so to Usa. when it was w.w 2. Son of King Olav 5. ( and Krownprinsess Martha( ), Became King in 1991 Interessts: sports, his boat, hunting, fishing.

4 Queen Sonja Born: 4th July 1937 Grew up in Vindern in Oslo.
Daughter of Dagny ( ) and Karl August Haraldsen ( ) Interesst: Fashion, sports, art and culture Married to King Harald 5. In 1968 Became queen in 1991

5 Crownprince Haakon Magnus.
Son of King Harald 5. and Queen Sonja. Born in 1973. Grew up in Skaugum in Asker, Oslo Went to ordinary school and kindergarden Interessts: skiing, sports, paragliding, likes art and culture. Loves movies, music and teathre. Married to Mette marit, krownprinsess of Norway. They have a child, Ingrid Alexandra. Our future queen some day.

6 Crownprinsess Mette-Marit
Born 19th August 1973 in Kristiansand. Daughter of Svein Høiby and Marit Tjesshem. Married Haakon Magnus in 2001 Loves art, culture and music. Mother to Prinsess Ingrid Alexandra, born in January 2004,and she also have a child from a previous relationship, Marius.

7 Prinsess Ingrid Alexandra
Daughter of krownprince Haakon Magnus and krownprinsess Mette-Marit . Born 21 January 2004. Someday the queen of Norway.

8 Prinsess Martha Louise
Born 22 September 1971, she grew up in Skaugum in Asker. She is King Harald 5. And Queen Sonjas oldest child. She is engaged to Ari Behn. They have 2 daughters, Maud Angelicha Behn (29. April 2003) and Leah Isadora Behn(8.April 2005) Interressts: Art, culture and horses

9 Martha Louise, Ari Behn, Maud Angelicha and Leah isadora

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