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Dirk Valgaeren Benelux Area Manager

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1 Dirk Valgaeren Benelux Area Manager
Update on PTC Benelux Dirk Valgaeren Benelux Area Manager

2 I want to start by thanking …
You as a customer Pro/User Group Our guest speakers Sjoerd Ferwerda, Martin Kalter, Reinier Ott and Michael Campbell All partners & sponsors © 2006 PTC

3 Thanks also from Jim Heppelmann
© 2006 PTC

4 Agenda Benelux customer support model Benelux is doing great
Major focus points moving forward © 2006 PTC

5 PTC Benelux Support model – 20 people and growing
Benelux Area Dirk Valgaeren VAR Support Elliot Clarke David Davidson Mark Porter Sylvain Dick Technical Presales Stephan Monsieur Rudy Slegers Wilfred van Ballegooi Mathcad Tom Behrens Helen Dijkman Jan Jurjen Zwaard Maintenance Christian Bruckhaus Michael Bahn Arbortext Paul Eijpe Ingrid Van Gilst Rob Indermauer Marketing & Sales Support Lies Feyen Nicolas Volte Order Administration Christien Guerreiro Legal John Ward © 2006 PTC

6 VAR & Partner support model - 54 people and growing
Arbortext office Netherlands VARs GPO: 9 people HEC: 8 people Belgium VARs Savaco: 25 people Ares: 3 people Spring: 3 people Service partners Innotiv: 3 people Atos Origin: 3 people HEC Innotiv Spekan NL Matcad office PTC NL GPO PTC BeLux Savaco B Atos Origin L Spring Lux Ares Belgium © 2006 PTC

7 Benelux is doing great thanks to you
High adoption rate of Wildfire 3 and new technologies Total revenue grew YoY with more than 32% Total new customers grew YoY with 42%; current total +650 Channel partners added 7 new people and FY07 forecast is 10 Both SAVACO and GPO received PTC awards © 2006 PTC

8 Major focus points Start communication around our new products - Arbortext, Mathcad, Itedo More in-depth involvement in your PDP as trusted guide Communication on Benelux customer successes More involved in customer satisfaction Continue to grow the support organization both by PTC and our partners The products are great, PTC and the partner community are investing and we look forward towards an even more intense partnership with you ! © 2006 PTC

9 Have a great day and enjoy the event !
Dirk Valgaeren

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