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14 June 2011 Integrating biogas in the regional gas grid.

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1 14 June 2011 Integrating biogas in the regional gas grid

2 14 June 2011 Renewable gases Renewable Biomass Gasification Anaerobic digestion Direct use Upgrading Natural gas grid Biomethane Biogas Bio Synthetic Gas Dedicated grid Cleaning

3 14 June 2011 1 2 3 Three current feed-in projects 1.De Marke, Hengelo (Gld) 2.Schoteroog, Haarlem 3.HVC, Middenmeer

4 14 June 2011 De Marke, Hengelo (Gld) Specifications Parties involved:Wageningen UR Livestock Research, GreenChoice Source:Manure (cows) Upgrading:Gas washing Max. flow:14 m 3 /hr Location:Hengelo (Gld) Gas pressure:100 mbar

5 14 June 2011 Schoteroog, Haarlem Specifications Parties involved:Essent, Gas Treatment Services, NV Afvalzorg, Hoogheemraadschap Rijnland en Gemeente Haarlem Source:Landfill and waste water treatment plant Upgrading :GPP® - cryogene technique Max. flow:300 m 3 /hr – 1000 m 3 /hr Location:Haarlem Gas pressure:4 bar

6 14 June 2011 HVC, Middenmeer Specifications Parties involved:HVC, DHV Source:Compostable waste Upgrading:Gas washing Max. flow:1000 m 3 /hr Location:Middenmeer Gas pressure:8 bar

7 14 June 2011 Pattern of gas demand Example for an 8 bar grid

8 14 June 2011 Optimal location choice Location & opportunities –Feed in location: Highway or Dirt Road –Optimal solution; costs –Central Upgrade Unit –Injection 40 Bar? –Demand vs. Production

9 14 June 2011 Feed-in station Monitoring: Chemical composition Pressure Volume flow Including: Filter Safety valves Data communication

10 14 June 2011 Biogas in the natural gas grid

11 14 June 2011 Biogas grids

12 To help create a better society in the regions in which we operate and to contribute to social and economic growth.

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